Panama to Colombia next week

Discussion in 'Americas' started by JuddS, Oct 24, 2020.

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    May 28, 2019
    Its always been a bucket list for me to take stahlrat from panama to colombia, but nothing in life seems to be too sure these days.

    I hear that costs rica to panama vis land is open and i plan to ride it in the next few weeks then make my way to colombia.

    Does anyone know if i can simply show up someplace im panama and grab a same day boat to colombia? I tend to travel without much planning, but dont want to spend a week in some port waiting for a ship.

    I guess i csm also ship bike and fly. But can i do thst same day also without a plan???
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    If you find any boat at all it will be a wonder . The Stahlratte was stuck in Mexico or Cuba a few weeks ago and they were hard up for funds to repgroup for returning to the Panama traffic this link says they arrived back in Panama and will get you updated .

    At any rate for their service there always appears to be a long lead time registration required and if you were the only passenger at all it would not be worth their effort.A small private sailboat would be a very risky proposition.
    Your fall back option is indeed air freight which used to be simple and quick to arrange if you just showed up at the TOCUMEN International Airport outside of Panama City, and IF the borders are open now . Various reports here on advrider have appeared in the past describing the Tocumen process for customs clearance at both ends . All in all air freight and personal passage total cost seems ( in the past) was reasonable compared to the struggles involved with a small boats.
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    check the corona site, last week Colombia was getting a spike, maybe someone on the ground can give some directions/