Pannier Packing

Discussion in 'Trip Planning' started by hgwilliam, Nov 2, 2015.

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    I've got Happy Trails, and they have their own packing cubes and bags that fit perfectly
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    I decided what I wanted in my panniers and had a guy on here @corrado113 make the bags for the configuration I wanted.

    he did a FABULOUS job, and they worked the way I had intended.

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    +1, his stuff is COOL.

    His tool-tube bags also make a great item to put a toothbrush and meds and toiletries in. All his stuff rocks.
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    He made my upper crash bar bags, does really nice work and can make anything someone could want out of cordura.
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    Good advice - I use lists. I also camp in bear country, so I have one "stinky" pannier, and one that doesn't stink. In the stinky is everything I cook with including food and utensils and stove, but also deodorant and anything else that a bear could mistake for a meal. This one gets hung in a tree or put in a bear box. The other is with me....

    And not even a granola bar in my tank bag or jacket, as those are in the tent with me.
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    My Jesse can has a 'hipped" cover. There is a springy wire divider allowing large stuff like a rainsuit to be stored in the cover for easy access. But this divider does not hold small items very well, like a roll of duct tape. Seeing me pack for a trip, the spouse grabbed a cuppla light weight "cookie cooling racks" that fit perfectly side to side but were a few inches short of length. This worked out even better as the lid can be opened and the rack slid for/aft to allow small items to be fished out quickly w/o having to remove the dividers. Thus, essential items that would normally tend to filter down to the bottom of the cases will remain easily accessible. These things fit so well that I have never felt the need to cut something different like the side of a plastic milk crate to get the light weight mesh to replace these simple wire racks/dividers. Stored/packed in these 'hip roofs' are my elect vest, tow strap, smallish med kit, duct tape, puncture kit, and stuff that I might like to have at hand for critical moments that doesn't need to be in my tank bag. I note in previous posts that some riders like little plastic boxes. I cannot stand 'wasted space' and prefer soft bags whenever possible. My Jesse cans are so cavernous and new to me that I usually have them half empty for a trip. I assume that my crap will expand to fill the space soon enough. Modular packing is the way to go if possible. For example, everything needed for a tire repair should be in one bag. Even if it means duplicating a few things found elsewhere on the bike. I hate having to unpack half the bike to collect all the tools needed for a puncture repair. Therefore, the patch kit has its own small bottle of bug deterrent, hand cleaner w/towel, and flashlight so I don't have to fish out those items from the tank bag and/or elsewhere.
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    Egg Zackery!