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    May 20, 2020
    45660920-01D5-4BAA-86A1-8AD1D94ACF44.jpeg 5F1DF6E0-78FB-46D6-BA88-2ABB510F707E.jpeg 63DE4070-EE01-4FE3-A609-77A71C1BF215.jpeg 39C4F26E-8359-4883-909D-3CFE74838AB3.jpeg F3829D07-62A8-4BEE-8016-D17E50D87EA4.jpeg 98C61B44-543A-4F56-8D61-634D6ABE93C8.jpeg 1395296D-A747-40B1-8FF9-4AF4DEA7812E.jpeg 4C06C364-5874-4974-AEA7-192BA881A0C2.jpeg 29B541B6-27EF-4067-8374-B352D3995B8D.jpeg B054D1FF-A8DC-45F9-86F5-1F3984E3C3E6.jpeg So I installed the Happy Trails Teton 10.5’s today on my 15 Vstrom 1000. As far as ordering, shipping, product received, and installation...A++ for these guys. Super easy to install. I’ll report on functionality, durability, and what not as they get put to the test. Wife and I are going to be leaving after Memorial Day for a lap of the CONUS so this was a step in preparation for that. I’m considering wrapping the outer face of the racks with weather seal to dampen the metal to metal clatter that I can only imagine on a washboard fire road. Has anybody done this or have other suggestions? They mount with around a 1/16-1/8 gap between the boxes and racks...