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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Chopperman, Jul 26, 2002.

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    Sep 17, 2001
    I love to mess with utilities and stuff. Panicwares pop up stopper is a fave as is zonealarm.

    here's one for you cheap mofos.

    I started using this sucker about a week ago.

    See, I have this mail address that I have used for about 10 years now. So it gets spammed pretty heavily. And I keep it mostly because I am sentimental about it.

    Well I stepped away from it for 2 weeks. Came back and there was 300+ messages, only 10 or so were actually messages from friends and relatives.


    So I went looking for a plug in for eudora. nothing I liked. Then I was thinking I would have to write one. But I'm thinkin...nah there *has* to be something out there that does the trick.

    this little nasty fired up, allowed me to import my email settings from eudora, then it scampered off and nabbed the headers to all the emails. I went through and designated most for the black list (many were already black listed because it checks spamcop) which sets the bounce bit. I designate the others as friends.

    then I tell it to process the mail and it goes through and takes all the bad mails and forges a server bounce message ("this user does not exist") which I know wont do much good in the near term as most of those return headers are bogus. but it makes me feel good. and then deletes the bad emails. for those 300+ messages it took about an hour to process the whole lot from install to last delete. over 56k modem.

    sorry it only works on pop3 email, so hotmail etc is SOL.

    it's free right now, but he does take donations.
    If I'm stillusing it by the middle of august, I'm gonna donate to this feller like a good shareware user.