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PC's Adventures in Pictures

Discussion in 'Ride Reports - Epic Rides' started by PC-Rider, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. PC-Rider

    PC-Rider venturer

    Feb 28, 2009
    Souff Jersee
    PC's Adventures in Pictures

    [[[Where PC's been MAP LINKS AT BOTTOM OF THIS POST]]]

    This is my first thread.

    I wanted a place to post the pictures I take while I am out riding.

    I guess first of all I should say that PC stands for Pacific Coast.
    The Honda variety.
    Also known as a PC800.

    Here is mine.

    And the back.

    I love the trunk.
    I call it my Little Red Truck.
    With that and the GIVI you can put a lot of stuff in there.

    Most of my riding is done through the Garden State Tag-O-Rama and the South Jersey TOR.

    I got my motorcycle license June 13, 2008.
    It was a Friday too.

    The pictures above were taken when I brought the bike home July 2, 2008.
    It had 38,808 miles on it and now I have just over 50,000.
    I am the 5th owner and it appeared to be well taken care of.

    I guess that is enough back story for now.
    I'll post stuff as I go along.

    What the initials PC do not stand for:
    politically correct
    personal computer
    photo chop (even though that could be the case, as you wiil see :lol3 )

    PC..... [​IMG]
    38,808 miles on 7/2/2008 when I purchased it as the fifth owner.
    55,555 miles on 5/10/2010
    56,618 miles the Odometer/Speedometer stopped ticking
    60,553 miles on 8/22/2010 I put on my first set of tires, Dunlop, making 21,745 miles on the tires that came with the bike.
    62,555 miles on 1/29/2011 I put in the new Odometer/Speedometer.
    New front brakes 9/29/2011
    76,555 miles on 7/27/2012 new tires, Dunlop. Making 16,000 miles for second set of tires.
    90,079 miles on 11/19/2013 new Micheline tires. Making 13,524 miles for third set of tires.
    90,079 miles on 11/19/2013 new Rear Breaks. Not sure if old ones are original or not, but I would assume so.
    91,003 miles on 1/18/2014 when I picked up Triumph.
    92,435miles on 1/1/2015. Making 1,432 miles in 2014. :cry poor thing pretty much sits in the garage now.
    TT..... [​IMG]
    12 miles - put down payment 1/4/2014, 6 of the 12 miles are my test ride ! :D
    12 miles - Picked bike up 1/18/2014, Friday. Put 150 miles on that day.
    7,961 miles on 10/4/2014 new tires, Pirelli Angel GT. I would have ridden more had it not been for the flat that occurred at 5,895 on 9/15/2014. I doubt I would have made it to 10,000 miles though. Probably could have ridden to 8,000. I replaced the Shinko replacement tire from this incident and am keeping it as a backup as it is not the correct size and only has 2,066 miles on it.
    8,281 miles on 1/1/2015, 8,281 miles for the year 2014. :cry Would have preferred more, but the winters were bad this year. I guess adding up the TT+PC miles I go 9,713 miles of riding in for 2014. :clap



    -------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------

    I have added a map just in case anyone wants to check these places out.
    They are listed alphabetically by the first word.
    Locations on the map will be at the end of the post with an @ after it.
    Nothing fancy with the names. If it says "Ben Franklin @" look under "B".
    Stops from 2009 thru 2011 have just an @ sign after them.
    Stops from 2012 and afterwards will have the last two digits from the year after them like @12 is from stops made in 2012.

    It appears my map info has gotten too big to keep in the signature line and I have too many stops for one map.
    So here are the links for my maps.

    [[[MAP LINKS]]]

    Where PC's been from 2009-2011

    Where PC's been from 2012-
  2. zadok

    zadok Long timer

    Jul 8, 2007
    Western Australia
    Welcome, PC. The bike looks very similar to the DN that Honda brought out recently. It basically has the same motor.
  3. vermin

    vermin unrepentant thinner

    Jan 20, 2007
    Son on a bike like that you are bound for glory one way or another. Giddy Up go there ain't no place a PC cain't go.
  4. deerchser

    deerchser Bowhunting on a bike

    Mar 31, 2008
    Arlington, WA
    Welcome, looks like a comfy ride to me, enjoy it. Now go get it dirty
  5. advtenn

    advtenn Long timer

    Mar 30, 2009
    East TN.
    :lurk I love the PC !
  6. GB

    GB . Administrator Super Moderator Super Supporter

    Aug 16, 2002
    Hey.. when the PC came out, I thought it was such a cool and practical bike... yours looks like it's in great shape! Let's see more of your PC adventures.. :thumb
  7. PC-Rider

    PC-Rider venturer

    Feb 28, 2009
    Souff Jersee
    Oh I've gotten her pretty dirty since I have had her. :D

    This tag I got back on May 12, 2009 down a dirt road out in our beloved Pine Barrens here in New Jersey.

    Packed dirt for the most part, but some loose sand here and there.

    Several miles at around 15-20 mph to get back here. :loco

    Then there was the day I went to this old tag and got stuck.

    I had it buried so far in the sand it stood up on it's own.
    At 650 pounds that is pretty hard to do. :lol3

    I took the wrong way in and I went up the back of the hill and got stuck there.
    4 times actually.
    I sure wish I had taken a picture. :eyes
    My only concern at the time was getting out of there.

    So as you can see, I am not afraid to venture out to too many places.

    I was out today at around 25 degrees.
    The roads were dry (for the most part).
    Ice and snow are my only limits.
    Snow only because I am on street tires.
    Ice because I am not totally insane. :rofl


    State Tag #225 Carranza Road Bridge
    State Tag #86 Apple Pie Hill Fire Tower

    Carranza Road Bridge @
    Apple Pie Hill Fire Tower @
  8. PC-Rider

    PC-Rider venturer

    Feb 28, 2009
    Souff Jersee
    Hello Vermin,

    I am honored that you would respond to my thread.

    I have read your two trip threads here.
    Great stuff ! :thumb

    I often think about you when I get to a situation that is questionable and I think "If Cack can make it, I can too.".
  9. riderddonald

    riderddonald Lost rider

    Nov 19, 2007
    SE Ohio
    Hey PC Rider. My brother inlaw has a black PC. He's had it since the mid 90's and he loves it. When he got it all of our kids were little and they called it the Bat Bike. He's also talked two of his friends into getting them.
  10. PC-Rider

    PC-Rider venturer

    Feb 28, 2009
    Souff Jersee
    I didn't realize the DN had the same motor.
    I love not having to do any valve adjustments too !
    Just gas it up and go. :ricky
    And check the oil once in a while.

    The DN however has hardly any carrying capacity from what I read.
    I'm not sure they even have any carrying cases for it.

    The PC800 has a lot of room. :thumb
  11. PC-Rider

    PC-Rider venturer

    Feb 28, 2009
    Souff Jersee
    Very comfortable.

    I'm no expert of course, but to me it rides very nice.
  12. PC-Rider

    PC-Rider venturer

    Feb 28, 2009
    Souff Jersee
    The fire tower in the picture is on Apple Pie Hill in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.
    Apple Pie Hill is the second highest point in Southern New Jersey at a whopping 209 feet. :lol3

    I'll bet when you think of New Jersey you don't think of trees do you?
    But here is a view from the top.

    And it looks like this from all four sides of the tower. :eyes

    The Pine Barrens / Pinelands cover 1.1 million acres.
    As you ride through the area all you see for the most part are Pitch Pine and Post Oak trees.
    There is a lot more around of course, but you have to look for it.

    Here is a view down from the tower to my bike.

    Ahhhhhh !!!!!!! New Jersey !!!
    That's more like it ! :lol3
  13. PC-Rider

    PC-Rider venturer

    Feb 28, 2009
    Souff Jersee
    As you will notice I have this tendency to ride to old tags placed in the Tag-O-Rama games here in New Jersey.
    I do this mostly to get more practice riding by going to different places all the time.
    I also enjoy sight seeing like this.
    Riding to interesting places and finding out about the history of those places.
    And New Jersey is great in this respect.
    It was settled quite early in American history and it has been a hot bed of invention and creativity over the years.

    The same day I went to Apple Pie Hill I did some other old tags that were on dirt/sand roads.

    Here is an all Recycled Plastic Bridge designed by Rutgers.

    Here is Rutgers "Final Technical Report" about the project. (Has been removed.)
    Here is some other information I found to replace it.

    This bridge crosses the Mullica River in the Wharton State Forest section of the Pine Barrens.

    There are many pretty scenic areas in New Jersey believe it or not.
    And not all are down here in the Pine Barrens.

    Down the river from this spot there was an Iron Furnace built in 1765 at what is called Atsion.
    The name Atsion is said to come from Atsionk or Atsayonk, meaning "Indians nearby."
    Here is what is left of one of the furnace buildings.

    I am guessing this is not the smelting furnace chimney.
    Those were usually a lot bigger in size and next to the river or a sluce.
    When looking at the chimney in this direction the river is off to the left.

    However, this was one of the first Iron Furnaces in New Jersey, so it is possible that this was their smelting furnace.

    Here is looking at the floor of the old mill towards the chimney.

    Here is the port into the chimney.

    There are not too many native rocks in Southern New Jersey.
    I call it a big sand bar.
    These rocks look like the bog iron ore rocks that they smelted to get the iron out of.
    Here is some more info on this area here and here.

    As with most of the furnaces built in the Pinelands this one also provided iron materials for the Colonial Army during the Revolution.

    Here is a more typical iron furnace from another park in New Jersey.

    While we are here at Atsion I might as well show you the mansion built here in 1826 by the owner Samuel Richards as a summer home.

    This building was in very poor shape for years.
    They are currently restoring it.
    Looks pretty nice now.


    State Tag #61 Plastic Bridge
    State Tag #232 Atsion Mill
    SJT 33 Atsion Mansion

    Recycled Plastic Bridge @
    Atsion Iron Furnace Chimney @
    Atsion Mansion @
  14. PC-Rider

    PC-Rider venturer

    Feb 28, 2009
    Souff Jersee
    I want to explain my avatar.

    The first tag I ever GOT was that bridge with the brown railings I posted earlier.
    I had a tag in mind that I really wanted to do.
    I composed it in my head over and over.
    Even I was surprised at how well it turned out.



    I cracked up every time I looked at it for about a month afterwards.

    I have this liking for roadside oddities for some reason.
    I guess because they are different and unique and show some of the character of those who made them and those who use them.

    Here is a composition from when I took that picture.


    Mr. Bill's is a little restaurant that I pass twice a week going to church on Sunday morning and Wednesday night.
    One of the young ladies from church worked there and I gave her an 8X10 framed copy to give to the owner.
    He loved it.
    He even hung it up on the wall in his eatery.

    I made a postcard for him as he did not have a decent picture to provide for advertising.
    Here it is.


    I went there about 3 times trying to get the lighting right.
    The problem was that the sun goes behind the statue and not in front of it so I kept getting shadows on the face and there were trees to the right that cast shadows on the whole statue later in the day.
    I don't know what the lighting conditions were the first time.
    I just thanked God for a good photo.
    I only took 6 or 7 pictures and that one turned out great.

    This statue is known as a Muffler Man.
    The style is called a "Halfwit" !
    Imagine that ! :lol3

    Here is some information on Muffler Men from Roadside America.

    They were designed to hold mufflers or anything else you could stick in there to make a unique roadside sign.
    I love these things.
    There are several more in the state and I tagged another one and three more have been tagged by other people.
    Some of those you will see later. :D

    Check out the YouTube "Tour of the Shore" video on Mr. Bill's web site.


    State Tag #226 Half Wit

    Mufler Man Halfwit @
    Mr. Bill's @
  15. BOBaloo22

    BOBaloo22 Tony & Catnis

    Aug 21, 2009
    Orangeburgville, Va
    Hey PC, good job on the first thread. I still haven't done one yet but soon. Love the bike one of my favorites. Keep the pics coming, Bob
  16. PC-Rider

    PC-Rider venturer

    Feb 28, 2009
    Souff Jersee
    Here is a typical ride for me when I have time on a weekend.

    I did a little work on the pictures for clarity when needed, but these are pretty much straight from the camera.

    My wife and I got the Garden State Tag-O-Rama tag yesterday so I had to place a new one.
    My wife normally goes with me except when it is really cold out.
    I took this picture on my way out.



    Our church also had their Men's Breakfast this morning so I went to that first. :dg
    It was on the way to where I wanted to go anyway.

    I then rode by where my son started working in December because I had never seen the place before, and it was on my way also.


    The tag I wanted to place was in Wildwood, NJ.
    On mapquest it is 72 miles and 1 hour 20 minutes.
    That is using highway toll roads.
    I like back roads personally.
    Plus I really don't like riding a bike at 65.
    I don't have that much experience yet and the speed bothers me.
    Plus I am too cheap to pay for tolls. :D

    So on my ride down I drove by one of my previous tags called Menz Restaurant.


    When I tagged this the parking lot was full and I could not get a good picture of this boat in their parking lot.

    I used this fellow for the tag.
    He was the owner.


    And of course I had to have him ride my bike too.
    I'll post that one later some time.
    (quick notes: He is supposed to be sitting in a rocking chair smoking a cigar and he only had on leg.)

    On to Wildwood.
    Here is the boardwalk in winter time.


    That is why I come down here to do tags in the winter.
    There is noooooo one around. :thumb
    That is the Convention Center on the right.

    Here is the Atlantic Ocean.


    OK, it's mostly beach.
    The dark blue strip in the middle is the ocean. :eyes
    A wide beach is a good thing.
    You can fit more people and umbrellas on it. :rofl
    Wildwood has the widest beach in New Jersey (from what I hear).

    Here is the tag I placed.


    As I stated earlier, I love this kind of stuff.
    There is all kinds of interesting things on the roof.
    Here is a sea captain riding a lobster which is over the entrance.



    Here is a giant lobster on the corner of the building.


    I liked this shot but didn't post it for the tag because the name is plain as day.


    I know you can see the sign in the tag shot but it is more of a challenge. :wink:

    And here is some more stuff on the side of the building.


    Pretty creative ! :thumb

    After getting those pictures I headed for home ------- the loooooong way. :ricky

    I avoided the Garden State Parkway.


    Not bad at all this time of year.
    In the summer this is packed with cars.
    Especially on Friday afternoon.
    I was using the two lane road to the left (Route 9).

    I saw this on my travels and I thought it would be good for a future tag.


    It is a courthouse, but I am not sure which town at the moment.
    I will look that all up later if I decide to use it as a tag.

    Further up Rt.9 is Somers Mansion in Somers Point.


    Another place I want to use as a future tag.
    I took the picture so I can decide where to place my bike.
    Route 9 is a busy road any time of year but is almost impossible during the summer.
    I know what this building is because I have been through here before and I was looking for it.
    I will have to place the bike off to the left in a parking lot because there is no room anywhere near the house that is safe.
    There is a blind bridge to the right and a traffic circle to the left and I am on a side road/driveway, but I think the other angle would be easier and nicer. I guess I'll find out at some point, :dunno in Somers Point !

    I passed this and I could picture it as a good future night tag.


    With MAC'S and the Lobster lit up in red is should work out pretty nice. :thumb

    Here is one of the places I was looking for as another future tag.


    If you look closely that is a traffic circle.
    Not so unusual in New Jersey.
    But this one has four graves in it. :eek1
    Here is the sign telling who is buried there.


    Kind of sad when you think about it!
    I've got one worse than this I will share at some point.

    I was on my way to Sin City of the East, Atlantic City.
    I had seen this lighthouse on Bing Maps and I thought it would make a good tag too.


    The only problem is this is a major road into AC at 55mph and the shoulder isn't that wide. :eyes
    I think I will forgo using this as a tag for safeties sake.

    As I pulled onto the island I was looking for a memorial I had seen before.
    I found it but there was no place to stop.
    Behind the memorial I saw this.


    The Knife & Fork Inn.
    Pretty interesting looking building.
    I think I will use it some time. :D

    What I really went into AC for was a recent tag placed by one of our generous northern taggers.


    He had his bike up on the sidewalk here and took a picture from across the street.
    I was doing good not to get run over.
    Traffic was terrible.
    I was able to wedge my bike onto a yellow curb area in between two trucks also parked on the yellow curb.
    The truck in front of me was sticking out into the left lane (a one way street) and I did good just to get this shot.

    Here is the sign on the roof.


    Their website says they have a handkerchief used by Frank Sinatra to wipe the sweat off his face.
    I didn't go in to find out. :eyes

    On my way back out I found a place to stop and get a picture of that memorial I mentioned earlier.


    I really wanted to go across the street and find out what it is for, but there is no place to park anywhere.
    I also did not want to leave my bike alone in this area. :eek1
    I don't know if I will ever get to use this as a tag, but these situations have never stopped us before. :evil

    So where was I ?
    Oh yeah, I was on my way home. :rofl
    I saw this building and it caught my eye.


    Here is a close-up of one of the signs on top.


    I haven't had time to look this up, but I was wondering if this used to be a Studebaker Dealership. :dunno

    This would make a great tag also.

    I had to stop for gas because I didn't think I would make it home.
    I had gone 137 miles up to this point, and it was another 40 to get home.
    With a 4.2 gallon tank and no fuel reserve I didn't want to take any chances.
    I had filled up in the morning with 3.8 gallons.
    Here I only put in 2.7 gallons. :clap
    I needed to go to the bathroom anyway. :jive

    So you see why it is difficult to post my rides as I take them. :lol3
    I'll try to keep things shorter and be more informative as to what you are looking at.
    Like that Memorial in AC. I have no clue what it is for. :dunno YET!


    State Tag #516 Schellengers

    Menz Restaurant @
    Schellenger's Restaurant @
    Somers Mansion @
    Mac's Restaurant @
    Jeremiah Leeds Grave @
    Atlantic City Lighthouse Sign @
    Knife & Fork Inn @
    White House Sub Shop @
    Atlantic City Memorial @ (changed to) Liberty In Distress @
    Studebaker Dealership @
  17. PC-Rider

    PC-Rider venturer

    Feb 28, 2009
    Souff Jersee
    Oh wait,
    I forgot one of my pictures !!! :lol3


    Ok, I can sleep now.

    This is one of those Auto Parts Art Sculptures found around here in Southern New Jersey.

    I thought this one was gone but it was covered with vines in the summer.
    There were other statues here and those are gone now.
    I haven't seen them anywhere else.
    More on these things later too. :D

    I rode by this on the last leg of my journey home.

    Auto Parts Art - Guardian of the Fence @
  18. PC-Rider

    PC-Rider venturer

    Feb 28, 2009
    Souff Jersee
    My Wildwood tag is still sitting down there waiting for some brave soul to go get it.
    I had posted a sort of pre-clue stating the tag would be a wild one.
    Someone posted the trailer for "The Wild One" staring Marlon Brando.
    I of course got the idea to make my own version.


    I learned how to make animated pictures a little while ago and I have done several just to keep the humor going. :D
  19. PC-Rider

    PC-Rider venturer

    Feb 28, 2009
    Souff Jersee
    So the state tag is stuck in Wildwood.
    The Southern Tag was gotten yesterday after being out there for a week.
    The new Southern Tag was placed in our beloved city of CAMDEN !

    If you have never heard of Camden, New Jersey you are not missing much.
    It is listed as the worst city in America.
    Here is Wikipedia's take on Camden.

    2,333 violent crimes per 100,000 people. :eek1
    The national average is 455. :huh

    So my wife & I rode to Camden today to get the tag.
    Camden was a really nice city at one time but has fallen on hard times.
    It is directly across the river from Philadelphia.

    Here was our view going in.

    Doesn't look to bad does it?
    That whitish building to the left you see is City Hall.

    Actually before this we stopped at a previous tag in Camden.

    Just a nice stone house that is totally out of place in this city.
    Across the street is this park.

    Notice the "No Alcoholic Beverages" on the sign.
    With that I found this in the driveway.


    I don't know why the gate was shut.
    The person who placed the tag used this statue of Christopher Columbus that is in the park as a clue.

    With the gates closed I was not going to take my bike in there to get a picture of it in front of the statue.
    I could have ridden up the sidewalk but I wasn't in the mood to get any tickets.

    Poor Chris.
    Looks like he has had a hard life there in Camden.

    His face is pretty much gone and his left arm is missing. :eek1
    And the statue was renovated in 1998. :eyes

    Here is the wording on the base of the statue.

    OK, on to the tag.
    The tag was located at the "Triple A" Camden Riversharks stadium at Campbell's Field just to the right of the towers at the entrance.

    Here was the tag.

    Just ride up on the sidewalk and hope no police ride by.
    None did. :bow
    Here is a view of the entrance to the ball park.

    And a picture of the plaque in front of the Campbell Kids.

    Here is a view from their backs.

    The building with the tower is the old RCA Building.

    Campbell's Soup actually had a canning factory not far from here too.
    Here is some history.

    Right behind the stadium is the Ben Franklin Bridge.
    An awesome site when sitting at a night game.
    I have been to two games at this field and enjoyed both of them.

    Going past this bridge you get into one of the areas that has given Camden it's reputation.
    I rode under the bridge and down a little ways and turned around before I got to the houses down the street.
    A lady pulled up next to me and asked if I was lost and needed directions.
    I said no, I was just turning around to get back to the Riverfront and she said that's good babie because you do not want to go any further down this road.
    :eek1 :eek1 :eek1 :eek1 :eek1
    WOW, a local telling me to stay out of the area. :bow :bow :bow
    NOW I KNOW !!! :eyes :eyes :eyes

    The Riverfront area has been built up for tourism.

    That is one big propeller.
    Here it is next to a bus for comparison.

    This propeller is part of the Merchant Marine Memorial.
    Around this memorial you have a park, and a marina (in front of the ship in this photo) and the Battleship USS New Jersey.

    You can tour the Battleship. It's pretty amazing to go on. :thumb
    16" guns. WOW !

    The Adventure Aquarium was also put here off to the right of the front view of the propeller.
    The Battleship is off to the left.

    Time to get out of here.
    I tried to get some pictures on the way out but I did not dare stop on the streets and take pictures.
    You never know can happen and our trip so far was very uneventful and I wanted to keep it that way.
    I did get this one picture however because there was no one around.

    That was my Camden Adventure for the day.

    SJT 106 & 150 Ben Franklin Bridge
    SJT 151 Stone House in Camden
    SJT 154 Campbell Kids
    State Tag #360 USS New Jersey

    Camden Stone House @
    Farnham Park @
    Christopher Columbus Statue at Farnham Park @
    Campbell's Field @
    Campbell Kids @
    RCA Building, Camden @
    Ben Franklin Bridge @
    Camden Waterfront Propeller @
    USS New Jersey Battleship @
  20. PC-Rider

    PC-Rider venturer

    Feb 28, 2009
    Souff Jersee
    I had to post a new tag for the Southern TOR.
    I ran home and picked up my wife and we rode into the woods for a tag that has nice roads leading to it.
    Well, nice for South Jersey anyway.
    Two lanes and some curves here and there. :lol3

    Here is what I tagged.

    Green Bank United Methodist Church.
    This church is out in the middle of nowhere.
    As far as population goes anyway.

    Here is the view you will see on their website.

    While I was there I was looking for several graves to use as clues.
    I found Nicholas Sooy who built this building between 1823 and 1830.

    But I could not find the grave of the original owner of the property Samuel Driver.
    Samuel Driver built a house here around 1740 next to the Mullica River.
    He died in 1748.
    While I was there a gentleman came up walking his dog.
    I asked him if he knew where Samuel Driver was buried and he led me here. (Beneath the red flowers on the left.)

    At the base of this cedar tree is this marker.

    The gentleman I was talking to turned out to be the Mayor of Green Bank, NJ. :eyes
    He lived next door and had lived here all his life.
    I asked about the original house and he said it was the section closest to us and it was incorporated in the current building structure that included 3 additions and several other building projects over the years.
    Nice history lesson. :thumb
    I wish I had had time to learn more, but I wanted to get out of the woods before it got too dark.

    I found these little wood grave markers in a section that seemed to be dedicated to children.

    Such a sad site to see this.

    So we pulled out and headed home.
    We passed this place that I have in mind for a future tag.

    The Mullica River is pretty wide here, but it is not very deep.
    There is a narrow channel running through it that boats can go through, but if you go out of the channel you will run aground.
    Especially at low tide.

    The road we took in was pretty nice as far as being somewhat curvy, but the pavement was pretty rough.
    The Mayor told us of another road to take out of there.

    It was nice, but it was straight as an arrow for the most part.
    This part was going through a stand of cedar trees.
    I also think this way was longer and it was a lot less interesting once we got onto the 4 lane road to home.

    So until next time.
    Keep :rickying!

    SJT 155 Green Bank UMC

    Green Bank United Methodist Church @