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Phillys Big Trip (Alaska to Chile or is that Argentina)

Discussion in 'Ride Reports - Epic Rides' started by dean10, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. dean10

    dean10 Been here awhile

    Jun 15, 2012
    Accommodations and Distances Part 3

    Washington USA

    Day 51 Penticton to Seattle 506km
    • Hotel Hotel Hostel USD 30.66 EUR 23.17 per night

    Day 52 Seattle 0km

    Day 53 Seattle to Forks 266km
    • Hoh Humm Ranch USD 45.00 EUR 34.00 per night

    Oregon USA

    Day 54 Forks to Seaside 345km
    • Seaside International Hostel USD 29.91 EUR 22.60 per night

    Day 55 Seaside to Reedsport 342km
    • Best Budget Inn USD 32.00 EUR 24.18 per night

    California USA

    Day 56 Reedsport to Eureka 400km
    • Royal Inn 40 USD EUR 30.22 per night

    Day 57 Eureka to San Francisco 489km
    • America Best Value Inn Mill Valley Free Slept on floor

    Day 58 San Francisco to Montara 112km
    • HI Point Montara USD 26.50 USD EUR 20.02 per night

    Day 59 Montara to Cambria 361km
    • Bridge Street Inn USD 31.08 EUR 23.48 per night

    Day 60 Cambria to Brea LA 442km
    • Stayed with my good friend Richard

    Day 61 Brea LA 0km

    Day 62 Brea LA 0km

    Nevada USA

    Day 63 Brea LA to Las Vegas 416km
    • Days Inn USD 26.87 EUR 20.30 per night

    Day 64 Las Vegas 0km

    Day 65 Las Vegas 0km

    Arizona USA

    Day 66 Las Vegas to Seligman 344km
    • Romney Motel USD 40.00 EUR 30.22 per night


    Day 67 Seligman to Winslow 393km
    • Delta Motel 40.00 EUR 30.22 per night

    New Mexico USA

    Day 68 Winslow to Gallup 265km
    • Roadrunner Motel 35 USD EUR 26.45 per night


    Day 69 Gallup to Santa Rosa 491km
    • Silver Moon Motel USD 33.04 EUR 24.97 per night

    Texas USA

    Day 70 Santa Rosa to Amarillo 316km
    • Relax Inn USD 34.50 EUR 26.07 per night

    Oklahoma USA

    Day 71 Amarillo to Elk City 274km
    • Route 66 Inn USD 45.00 EUR 34.00 per night

    Day 72 Elk City to Claremore 435km
    • Elms Motel USD 35.00 EUR 26.45 per night

    Missouri USA

    Day 73 Claremore to Rolla 515km
    • Bestway Inn USD 36.60 EUR 27.65 per night

    Illinois and Indiana USA

    Day 74 Rolla to Indianapolis 565km
    • Indie Speedway Camping USD 16.67 EUR 12.59 per night



    Day 75 Indianapolis 25km


    Day 76 Indianapolis 0km

  2. dean10

    dean10 Been here awhile

    Jun 15, 2012
    Accommodations and Distances Part 4

    Illinois USA

    Day 77 Indianapolis to Chicago 297km
    • Chicago Getaway Hostel USD 37.25 EUR 28.15 per night

    Day 78 Chicago 0km

    Day 79 Chicago 0km

    Michigan USA

    Day 80 Chicago to Flint 434km
    • Motel 6 USD 43.00 EUR 32.49 per night

    Ontario Canada

    Day 81 Flint to Niagara Falls 443km
    • Backpacker International CAD 25.00 EUR 17.80 per night

    Day 82 Niagara Falls 0km

    New York State and Pennsylvania USA

    Day 83 Niagara Falls to Lock Haven 458km
    • Lock Haven Motel USD 57.77 EUR 43.65 per night

    Maryland and Washington DC USA

    Day 84 Lock Haven to Washington DC 336km
    • DC Lofty USD 40.45 EUR 30.56 per night

    Day 85 Washington DC 0km

    Virginia USA

    Day 86 Washington DC to Waynesboro 293km
    • Budget Motel USD 38.00 EUR 28.71 per night

    Tennessee USA

    Day 87 Waynesboro to Roanoke 262km
    • Travellodge Troutville

    North Carolina USA

    Day 88 Roanoke to Asheville 485km
    • Bon Paul and Sharky’s Hostel USD 25.00 EUR 18.89 per night

    Day 89 Asheville to Robbinsville 205km
    • Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge USD 32.87 EUR 24.84 per night

    Tennessee and Georgia USA

    Day 90 Robbinsville to Atlanta 418km
    • Atlanta International Hostel USD 25.00 EUR 18.89 per night

    Day 91 Atlanta 0km

    Tennessee USA

    Day 92 Atlanta to Nashville 478km
    • Stayed with my good friend Supriya

    Day 93 Nashville 0km

    Day 94 Nashville 0km

    Day 95 Nashville 0km

    Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee USA

    Day 96 Nashville to Memphis 428km
    • Real Value Inn USD 34.73 EUR 26.24 per night

    Day 97 Memphis to Tupelo 204km
    • Town House Motel USD 45.00 EUR 34.00 per night

    Day 98 Tupelo to Jackson 297km
    • Motel 6 USD 41.81 EUR 31.59 per night

    Louisiana USA

    Day 99 Jackson to New Orleans 459km
    • India House Hostel USD 20.00 EUR 15.11 per night

    Day 100 New Orleans 0km​
  3. dean10

    dean10 Been here awhile

    Jun 15, 2012
    Accommodations and Distances Part 5

    Texas USA

    Day 101 New Orleans to Houston 614km
    • Stayed with my good friends John and Angela

    Day 102 Houston 71km

    Day 103 Houston 0km

    Day 104 Houston 0km

    Day 105 Houston 0km


    Day 106 Houston to Den Haag 0km
    • Back home for a while

    Texas USA

    Day 107 Den Haag to Houston 29km

    Day 108 Houston 0km
    • Stayed with my good friends John and Angela

    Day 109 Houston 42km

    Day 110 Houston 0km

    Day 111 Houston to Austin 253km
    • HI Austin USD 25.30 EUR 19.12 per night

    Day 112 Austin to Mathis 472km
    • Lakeside Inn & Suites USD 77.72 EUR 58.73 per night

    Day 113 Mathis to Brownsville 353km
    • Motel 6 USD 45.92 EUR 34.70


    Day 114 Brownsville to Ciudad Victoria 338km
    • Hotel Maria Jose MXN 390.00 EUR 23.17 per night

    Day 115 Ciudad Victoria to Ciudad Valles 333km
    • Hotel Pina MXN 221.00 EUR 13.14 per night

    Day 116 Ciudad Valles to Molango 242km
    • Hotel Huapango MXN 250.00 EUR 14.87 per night

    Day 117 Molango to Apicazo 265km
    • Lucero Hotel MXN 165.00 EUR 9.81 per night


    Day 118 Apicazo to Oaxaca 394km
    • Hostal Los Girasoles MXN 300.00 EUR 17.84 per night

    Day 119 Oaxaca to Santo Domingo Zanatepec 361km
    • Hotel San Rafael MXN 250.00 EUR 14.87 per night


    Day 120 Santo Domingo Zanatepec to San Cristobal de las Casas 234km
    • Posada Isabel MXN 200.00 EUR 11.81 per night


    Day 121 San Cristobal de las Casas to Huehuetenango 265km
    • Hotel Oro Verde GTQ 100.00 EUR 9.86 per night


    Day 122 Huehuetenango to Antigua 231km
    • Antigua Spanish Academy GTQ 102.86 EUR 10.14 per night



    Day 123 Antigua 0km

    Day 124 Antigua 0km


    Day 125 Antigua 0km

    Day 126 Antigua 0km


    Day 127 Antigua 0km


    Day 128 Antigua 0km

    Day 129 Antigua 0km

    Day 130 Antigua 0km

    Day 131 Antigua 0km

  4. dean10

    dean10 Been here awhile

    Jun 15, 2012
    Accommodations and Distances Part 6


    Day 132 Antigua to Copan Ruinas 271km
    • Viavia HNL 240.00 EUR 9.53 per night

    Day 133 Copan Ruinas 0km

    Day 134 Copan Ruinas to Gracias 158km
    • Casa D Mia Hotel HNL 325.00 EUR 12.91 per night

    Day 135 Gracias to Los Naranjos 237km
    • D & D Brewery HNL 150.00 EUR 5.96 per night

    Day 136 Los Naranjos 0km

    Day 137 Los Naranjos to Danli 302km
    • La Esperanza Hotel HNL 150.00 EUR 5.96 per night


    Day 138 Danli to Leon 390km
    • Viavia NIO 165.00 EUR 5.37 per night

    Day 139 Leon 0km

    Day 140 Leon 0km

    Day 141 Leon 0km

    Day 142 Leon 0km

    Day 143 Leon 0km

    Day 144 Leon to Granada 238km
    • Hotel el Rinconito NIO 120.00 EUR 3.85 per night

    Day 145 Granada 0km

    Day 146 Granada to Balgue 109km
    • Finca Magdalena NIO 141.00 EUR 4.52


    Day 147 Balgue 0km


    Day 148 Balgue to San Juan Del Sur 87km
    • Hostal Ola Italiana NIO 241.00 EUR 7.75


    Costa Rica

    Day 149 Juan Del Sur to Arenal 265km
    • Hotel Aurora CRC 8,000.00 EUR 12.34 per night



    Day 150 Arenal to Turrialba 393km
    • Hostel Casa de Lis CRC 5,000.00 EUR 7.71 per night

    Day 151 Turrialba to Palmar Norte 323km
    • Wah Lok Cabinas CRC 6,000.00 EUR 9.25 per night



    Day 152 Palmar Norte to Boquete 190km
    • Pension Topas USD 12.00 EUR 9.30 per night





    Day 153 Boquete to Chitre 320km
    • Hotel Karla USD 20.00 EUR 15.59 per night

    Day 154 Chitre to Panama City 265km
    • Panama House USD 16.50 EUR 12.69 per night


    Day 155 Panama City 0km

    Day 156 Panama City 51km

    Day 157 Panama City to Carti Airport 110km

    Day 158 Stahlratte 0km
    • Boat Stahlratte USD 50.00 EUR 38.28 per night


    Day 159 Stahlratte 0km




    Day 160 Stahlratte 0km


    Day 161 Stahlratte 0km​
  5. Gunnar108

    Gunnar108 Adventurer

    Feb 23, 2014
    Sarasota, FL
    Damn. Keep it up!

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  6. dean10

    dean10 Been here awhile

    Jun 15, 2012
    Hi Alex Nearly there about another 100 days to add :-)
  7. dean10

    dean10 Been here awhile

    Jun 15, 2012
    Accommodations and Distances Part 7


    Day 162 Stahlratte to Cartagena 0km
    • Amber Hostel COP 25,000.00 EUR 10.68 per night

    Day 163 Cartagena 5km

    Day 164 Cartagena 0km

    Day 165 Cartagena to Carceres 387km
    • El Oasis COP 15,000.00 EUR 6.39 per night

    Day 166 Carceres to Medellin 258km
    • Geo hostel COP 25,000.00 EUR 10.68 per night

    Day 167 Medellin 0km

    Day 168 Medellin to Cali 486km
    • Casa Blanca COP 22,000.00 EUR 9.29 per night

    Day 169 Cali 0km

    Day 170 Cali to Pasto 389km
    • Hotel Don Saul COP 70,000.00 EUR 29.96 per night


    Day 171 Pasto to Ibarra 240km
    • Hostel El Dorado USD 10.00 EUR 7.55 per night

    Day 172 Ibarra to Quito 139km
    • Casa Bambu USD 7.00 EUR 5.30 per night

    Day 173 Quito 0km

    Day 174 Quito to Macas 360km
    • Hotel Nivel 5 USD 16.00 EUR 12.10 per night

    Day 175 Macas to Cuenca 223km
    • Bauhaus Hostel USD 10.00 EUR 7.55 per night


    Day 176 Cuenca to Canoas de Punta Sal 325km
    • Waltako PEN 25.00 EUR 7.42 per night





    Day 177 Canoas de Punta Sal 0km


    Day 178 Canoas de Punta Sal to Huanchaco 644km
    • Chimu Beach Hostel PEN 15.00 EUR 4.45 per night



    Day 179 Huanchaco to Barranca 393km
    • Leos Hostel PEN 22.00 EUR 6.52 per night

    Day 180 Barranca to Lima 214km
    • Barranco Backpackers Inn PEN 25.00 EUR 7.41 per night

    Day 181 Lima 0km

    Day 182 Lima to Huacachina 295km
    • Desert Nights PEN 13.50 EUR 3.99 per night

    Day 183 Huacachina to Puquio 308km
    • Hostel Real PEN 25.00 EUR 5.91 per night

    Day 184 Puquio to Abancay 313km
    • Oziwasi Hotel PEN 30.00 EUR 8.87 per night


    Day 185 Abancay to Cusco 195km
    • Estrellita Hostel PEN 20.00 EUR 5.91 per night


    Day 186 Cusco to Machu Picchu (Bus/Train) 0km
    • The Tayta Hostel PEN 30.00 EUR 8.87 per night

    Day 187 Machu Picchu 0km

    Day 188 Machu Picchu to Cusco (Bus/Train) 0km
    • Estrellita Hostel PEN 25.00 EUR 7.41 per night


    Day 189 Cusco 0km


    Day 190 Cusco to Puno 391km
    • Hotel Arequipa PEN 20.00 EUR 5.91 per night

    Day 191 Puno to Arequipa 317km
    • Samana Wasi Hostel PEN 25.00 EUR 7.41 per night


    Day 192 Arequipa 6km


    Day 193 Arequipa to Arica 425km
    • Sunny Days Hostels CLP 9,000.00 EUR 14.27 per night

    Day 194 Arica to Iquique 342km
    • Altazor Flight Park Camping CLP 4,000.00 EUR 6.34 per night



    Day 195 Iquique to Antofagasta 469km
    • Hostel Norte CLP 10,000.00 EUR 15.86 per night

    Day 196 Antofagasta to Bana Salido 606km
    • Wild Camping on the beach




    Day 197 Bana Salido to La Serena 352km
    • El Punto Hostel CLP 16,000.00 EUR 25.38 per night

    Day 198 La Serena to Valparaiso 491km
    • Villa Kunterbunt CLP 10,000.00 per night


    Day 199 Valparaiso 0km


    Day 200 Valparaiso to Santiago 130km
    • Moai Viajero Hostel CLP 8,000.00 EUR 12.73 per night


    Day 201 Santiago 0km

    Day 202 Santiago to Pichilemu 218km
    • Pichilemu Surf Hostel (Boathouse) CLP 9,000.00 EUR 14.27 per night





    Day 203 Pichilemu to Chillan 379km
    • Canada Hostel CLP 8,000.00 EUR 12.73 per night

    Day 204 Chillan to Villarrica 437km
    • La Torre Suiza CLP 10,000.00 EUR 15.86 per night

    Day 205 Villarrica to Futrono 288km
    • Hospedaje Futronhue CLP 9,000.00 EUR 14.27 per night
  8. dean10

    dean10 Been here awhile

    Jun 15, 2012
    Accommodations and Distances Part 8


    Day 206 Futrono to San Carlos de Bariloche 357km
    • HI Marco Polo Hostel ARS 120.00 EUR 18.07 per night

    Day 207 San Carlos de Bariloche to Gobernador Costa 457km
    • Gobernator Costa Municipal Camping ARS 10.00 EUR 1.50 per night

    Day 208 Gobernador Costa to Pico Truncado 576km
    • El Lider Workshop Daniel let us stay for free

    Day 209 Pico Truncado to Puerto Santa Cruz 515km
    • Puerto Santa Cruz Municipal Camping free

    Day 210 Puerto to Santa Cruz to El Calafate 504km
    • Los Dos Pinos Camping ARS 30.00 EUR 4.47 per night

    Day 211 El Calafate 153km


    Day 212 El Calafate to Puerto Natales 368km
    • Lili Patagonicos Hostel CLP 8,000.00 EUR 12.73 per night


    Day 213 Puerto Natales to Punta Arenas 248km
    • Hostel Fitzroy CLP 8,000.00 EUR 12.73 per night


    Day 214 Punta Arenas to Cerro Sombrero 235km
    • Hostel Primavera CLP 10,000.00 EUR 15.86 per night





    Day 215 Cerro Sombrero to Rio Grande 247km
    • Ruta 40 B&B ARS 125.00 EUR 18.32 per night




    Day 216 Rio Grande to Ushuaia 220km
    • Free Style Hostel ARS 100.00 EUR 14.76 per night



    Day 217 Ushuaia 0km

    Day 218 Ushuaia 0km

    Day 219 Ushuaia to Rio Grande 268km
    • Ruta 40 B&B ARS 125.00 EUR 18.32 per night



    Day 220 Rio Grande to Cerro Sombrero 219km
    • Hostel Primavera CLP 10,000.00 EUR 15.86 per night





    Day 221 Cerro Sombrero to Puerto Santa Cruz 431km
    • Puerto Santa Cruz Municipal Camping ARS 30.00 EUR 4.47 per night


    Day 222 Puerto Santa Cruz to Rada Tilly 573km
    • Rada Tilly Municipal Campsite ARS 27.00 EUR 4.04 per night

    Day 223 Rada Tilly to Trelew 390km
    • La Agora hostel ARS 90.00 EUR 13.47 per night

    Day 224 Trelew to Balneario El Condor 534km
    • Camping Ina Lauquen ARS 35.00 EUR 5.21 per night

    Day 225 Balneario El Condor to Sierra de la Ventana 428km
    • Camping Lourdes ARS 30.00 EUR 4.47 per night


    Day 226 Sierra de la Ventana to Azul 265km
    • La Posta ARS 30.00 EUR 4.47 per night



    Day 227 Azul 0km





    Day 228 Azul to Buenos Aires 334km
    • Dakarmotos ARS 70.00 EUR 13.44 per night


    Day 229 Buenos Aires 0km

    Day 230 Buenos Aires 0km

    Day 231 Buenos Aires 0km

    Day 232 Buenos Aires 0km


    Day 233 Buenos Aires 0km​
  9. dean10

    dean10 Been here awhile

    Jun 15, 2012
    Accommodations and Distances Part 9

    Day 234 Buenos Aires to Rio Cuarto 599km
    • Rio Cuarto Municipal Camping ARS 21.00 EUR 3.17 per night

    Day 235 Rio Cuarto to Cordoba 449km
    • Le Grand Hostel ARS 60.00 EUR 9.05 per night

    Day 236 Cordoba 0km

    Day 237 Cordoba to Tafi Del Valle 621km
    • HI Nomade ARS 85.00 EUR 12.81 per night

    Day 238 Tafi Del Valle 0km

    Day 239 Tafi Del Valle to Cafayate 124km
    • HI Ruta 40 Hostel ARS 75.00 EUR 11.31 per night

    Day 240 Cafayate to Salta 192km
    • Hotel Residential Balcarce ARS 80.00 EUR 12.06 per night

    Day 241 Salta to Purmamanca 432km
    • Hostel? ARS 50.00 EUR 7.54 per night

    Day 242 Purmamanca to Los Pirpintos 642km
    • Comedor San Cayetano ARS 50.00 EUR 7.54 per night

    Day 243 Los Pirpintos to Resistencia 355km
    • Hotel Alfil ARS 130.00 EUR 19.60 per night


    Day 244 Resistencia to Asuncion 335km
    • Black Cat Hostel PYG 45,000.00 EUR 8.73 per night

    Brazil and Argentina

    Day 245 Asuncion to Puerto Iguazu 370km
    • Hosteria Mola ARS 120.00 EUR 18.21 per night

    Day 246 Puerto Iguazu 0km
    Day 247 Puerto Iguazu 0km


    Day 248 Puerto Iguazu to Cascavel 181km
    • Hotel Real BRL 55.00 EUR 21.32 per night

    Day 249 Cascavel to Ourinhos 529km
    • Hotel Comercial Ourinhos BRL 25.00 EUR 9.86 per night

    Day 250 Ourinhos to Taubate 519km
    • Hotel Ideal BRL 36.00 EUR 14.20 per night

    Day 251 Taubate to Rio de Janeiro 319km
    • Ipanema Beach House BRL 60.00 EUR 23.66 per night


    Day 252 Rio de Janeiro 0km

    Day 253 Rio de Janeiro 0km

    Day 254 Rio de Janeiro 0km

    Day 255 Rio de Janeiro to Trindade 286km
    • Kaissara Hostel BRL 35.00 EUR 13.64 per night



    Day 256 Trindade 0km

    Day 257 Trindade to Sao Paulo 312km
    • Jake & Andre via Tent space on Advrider free



    Day 258 Sao Paulo to Curitiba 469km
    • HI Hostel Roma BRL 38.00 EUR 14.69 per night

    Day 259 Curitiba 0km

    Day 260 Curitiba to Blumenau 215km
    • Pousada Brigite Hostel BRL 50.00 EUR 19.33 per night



    Day 261 Blumenau to Barra da Lagoa 313km
    • HI Barra da Lagoa Hostel BRL 37.00 EUR 14.39 per night


    Day 262 Barra da Lagoa 0km

    Day 263 Barra da Lagoa 0km

    Day 264 Barra da Lagoa 0km

    Day 265 Barra da Lagoa to Laguna 287km
    • Hotel Laguna Praia BRL 30.00 EUR 11.59 per night

    Day 266 Laguna to Urubici 206km
    • Pousada Prof Verto BRL 50.00 EUR 19.16 per night




    Day 267 Urubici to Torres 268km
    • Pousada D.J Oliveira BRL 40.00 EUR 15.52 per night

    Day 268 Torres to Porto Alegre 212km
    • Eco Hostel Porto Alegre BRL 40.00 EUR 15.52 per night


    Day 269 Porto Alegre 0km

    Day 270 Porto Alegre to Cassino 421km
    • Cassio Camping BRL 12.00 EUR 4.62 per night


    Day 271 Cassino to Punta del Diablo 293km
    • El Diablo Tranquilo UYU 285.00 EUR 11.71 per night


    Day 272 Punta del Diablo 0km

    Day 273 Punta del Diablo to Punta del Este 229km
    • B&B Punta Hostel UYU 266.00 EUR 10.93 per night

    Day 274 Punta del Este to Montevideo 154km
    • Ukelele Hostel UYU 300.00 EUR 12.32 per night


    Day 275 Montevideo 0km

    Day 276 Montevideo 0km

    Day 277 Montevideo to Colonia Del Sacramento 182km
    • La Cachimba UYU 300.00 EUR 12.32 per night

    Day 278 Colonia Del Sacramento 0km


    Day 279 Colonia Del Sacramento to Buenos Aires 22km
    • Dakarmotos ARS 70.00 EUR 13.44 per night


    Day 280 Buenos Aires 36km


    Day 281 Buenos Aires 0km


    Day 282 Buenos Aires 0km






    Day 283 Buenos Aires to Istanbul 0km

    Day 284 Istanbul 0km


    Day 285 Istanbul to Den Haag 0km

    Day 286 Amsterdam to Den Haag 46km

  10. dean10

    dean10 Been here awhile

    Jun 15, 2012
    Buenos Aires to Den Haag via Istanbul Friday, 12 April 2013 to Sunday, 14 April 2013 Day 283 to Day 285

    It is 30 October 2017 and its about time I finished this story before I forget entirely and I did commit to completing this so I really should bring this blog home :-)


    I woke up to horrendous screaming sound outside which went on for a while but then it stopped as quickly as it had started so I rolled over and tried to get some more sleep as I did not have to be anywhere until my plane left at 2300 this evening.

    I woke up again and I saw Negrita the cat out of the corner of my eye eating from her bowl and it look like she had a bit of red wire caught on her tale that she may need some help removing.


    It turned out the screaming I heard earlier was Negrita she had been attacked by something and somehow got her tail caught in something, which had stripped her tail down to bone, which looked to me like a strip of red wire! It was if like someone had taken some wire strippers to the end her tale! YUK!


    Javier and Sandra took of that morning to take Negrita to the vet and I spent the morning sorting my kit. I had decided to dump a lot of kit and I should be travelling light but as mentioned before I am a hoarder and I find it difficult to throw stuff away or leave anything so of course I brought back loads of crap that was neither any use nor ornament.

    My plane this evening was not until 2300 so in theory I did not have to be at the airport until 2100 so I had loads of time to kill but as you know I am paranoid about being late so I was itching to leave.

    Javier and Sandra had returned from the Vet and we ordered lunch to be delivered which is a tradition here at Moto Dakar and I had ordered my last Lomito sandwich and with all the folks who were staying at Moto Dakar we had lunch in the back yard.


    Talking to Adam and he tells me has more than 6,000 e-books that he had downloaded (illegally!) from the Internet and would I like a copy. It’s the end of my trip but hey why not you can never get enough reading material for my Kindle so a huge data transfer was the next exercise for the day.S

    This seemed to take for ever and I was getting nervous as I needed to get to the airport (I still had loads of time spare but my being late paranoia of missing my plane was setting in) I Finally uploaded 6,469 books so plenty of reading material for the coming years!

    Said goodbye to everyone then headed to the station it is about 2PM so way to early but I wanted to get moving.

    I got the local train to Buenos Aires Central, as I knew I could get an airport bus from there. That was the theory!

    Got to the main station of Buenos Aires and as I walked outside it was total chaos. It is normally very busy outside the station but today it was bedlam traffic in total gridlock and loads of folks on the street. Something is happening here but as yet I have no idea what it is. I make my way to the bus station treading my way through the stationery traffic I get there and I head for the ticket office and in my best Spanish I ask “one ticket to the airport por favour”. I get some response, which I could not comprehend or maybe I could, but my brain just didn’t want to accept the answer. It turned out all the main roads around Buenos Aires were being blocked and there was a huge general strike taking place. This explained the gridlock I had witnessed outside but it did not answer the question on how on earth am I going to get to the airport with all main roads being blocked in that direction and no one knew when the roads would be clear.

    It was suggested I get a taxi cab as they may be able to find a route not using the main routes and I could get to the airport that way and there was to be no buses running anytime soon or today.

    So I headed back into the gridlock traffic with this new plan in mind but the rest of the folks at the bus station where also using this plan and the traffic was not moving outside and very few taxis to be seen and they had the monopoly currently so this could be an expensive endeavour even if I could find an available taxi.

    I went to a large hotel opposite the station and there was free taxi there I had a chat with the driver about getting to the airport he said it was possible but will take a long time I had been joined by another English Guy who was also desperate to get to the airport and we did a deal as there was no other real options and we trickled into the gridlock traffic travelling at a snails pace as the traffic was going nowhere fast. We passed the bus station and we picked up two more passenger two girls who also needed to catch a plane and we set of in the direction of the airport avoiding the main roads but as was everyone else we were not getting anywhere fast.

    It was fun trip chatting to my fellow passengers playing games and generally killing time as the taxi crawled through the traffic to the airport.

    I cannot remember the names of my fellow passengers but a pleasant company they were all a bit more stressed than I was as there planes were a lot earlier than mine.

    We got to the airport at about 2100 my fellow passengers said goodbye rushed of to catch their planes after splitting the bill and I walked casually to the check in as I was bang on time for mine (Smug smile and happy that my paranoia about being late for train/bus/plane had kicked in as if I had left later with the view that nothing would go wrong I would have missed my plane)

    Plane left Buenos Aires at 2300 so time for a McDonalds for my diner and then to the plane. We landed in Sao Paulo Brazil at 0200 to pick up more passengers and then on to Istanbul Turkey I am slowly heading in the direction of home well sort of.

    Arrived in Istanbul Turkey at 2135 in the evening I have no idea what time it is in my body and my flight for Amsterdam does not leave until 0820 the following day so consider heading into Istanbul for the night or getting a Hotel here at the Airport for the night but I did not like either options so find a bench and crash for a kip and then spend the rest of the evening roaming the airport watching the clock slowly move towards my departure time.

    A short flight to Amsterdam arriving at 1100 and I was back in the Netherlands. Good flight thanks to Turkish Airlines reasonable price it was cold compared to Argentina and I got the train back to The Hague and I presumed the position on my leather couch reflecting not only on this chaotic trip back from Argentina but also on the last year and what I had done. Wow :-)
  11. dean10

    dean10 Been here awhile

    Jun 15, 2012
    And here comes Philly! he's got...........

    Some people are on the pitch! They think it's all over!
  12. dean10

    dean10 Been here awhile

    Jun 15, 2012
    Amsterdam to Pick up Daisy Tuesday, 23 April 2013 Day 286


    I had put Daisy on the plane on the 9th April and I was worried, as I had not heard anything of her whereabouts so I called the Freight forwarder at Schiphol.

    Daisy it seems was there and had arrived over the weekend and I needed to pick her up ASAP or I will incur a daily storage fee.

    I am bit pissed of with this response as I had expected them to call me when she arrived and it was just fortunate that I rang them rather than waiting.

    So I called my old man and asked if he could give me a lift to Schiphol tomorrow as I expected we would need to drive around a lot to get through the hoops needed to get Daisy landed officially the Netherlands


    First port of call was to the Dutch freight forwarder Menzies they want EUR 81.29 for their part and they were located at Schiphol Rijk on the far side of the airport so fortunate for me that I have a driver (My old man).

    Fill in the paperwork pay the fee and then it’s off to customs. They are located in the airport itself so we drive there and join the row of Japanese tourist queuing to get their VAT back. Fill in the forms a share relevant paper work with customs no charges just paper filling exercise.

    Back to Schiphol Rijk to collect Daisy. If you remember when I left Daisy at Buenos Aires airport I had great day with the loaders strapping Daisy to the palate shrink wrapping her and doing all that was need to get her prepared to get ready and free access everywhere were we working. In contrast in the Netherland we were unpleasantly told to get the f$%£ out of the warehouse and our goods will be delivered at a particular door so we made our way to that door and waited. A grumpy guy with a forklift dumped Daisy on the loading bay still on the palette and without saying anything left us.

    So Daisy was back all we needed to do was get her of the palette and fortunately I had brought some tools and there was two of us so quite an easy job.

    Whilst we were getting Daisy of the palette I noticed that one of the pannier and the Top Box had been damaged. When they had strapped down Daisy the panniers where to close to the bike so they had dented them. So I went of to find somebody in the warehouse to report this again told we not allowed in! However after explaining what we wanted told to go back to the door and they would send someone over (right set of miserable bastards)

    "" ""

    My old man and me finished getting Daisy of the Palette and dumping all the rubbish we felt like leaving everything we did not need lying around there as the folks had been so unpleasant but we tidied up and left it as we found it do not want to make it worse for future folks passing through here :-) Eventually a security guard showed up about the damage he took some picture and we filled in a damage report and finally I was on my way.


    First very slowly to the nearest petrol station as there was no air pressure in the tyres as they had been let down as part of loading process, and I needed to fill up with petrol.


    Said Thanks and goodbye to my old man for helping me out with and then a nice drive back to the Hague on Daisy strange to be riding Europe as it been nearly a year ago when I set of to Zeebrugge to send Daisy to the other side of the world with 3,018 km on the odometer. I arrived back in The Hague with 69,914 km on the clock :-)


    Not quite as shiney as a year previously :-)


    Its 4 and half years later when I am writing this and Daisy is still going strong with 127,500km on the clock looking forward to our next trip together :-)

    So how much did it cost to get Daisy back to The Hague from Buenos Aires?

    Dakar Moto Fee 100 USD

    Freight British Airways 10,700 ARS

    Menzies Fee 81.29 EUR

    So what is that in real money? About 1,800 EUR

    However do you remember I made a saving of USD 500 by trading on the unofficial blue market from USD to ARS and remember those dents in the panniers and top box I eventually got EUR 1,160 damages cost back from British Airways so in short I think I broke even on the shipping :-)


    Daisy today still going strong today with 127,000 km on the clock still using the damaged panniers just hammered the dents out :-)

    Daisy's Milestones

    10,000km Canada between Russell and Saskatoon

    20,000km Canada between Whistler and Vancouver

    30,000km United States of America between Waynesboro and Troutville

    40,000km Costa Rica between Arenal and Turrialba

    50,000km Chile between Valparaiso and Santiago

    60,000km Argentina between Cordoba and Tafi del Vale

    70,000km Norway

    80,000km United Kingdom

    90,000km Ireland

    100.000km Netherlands

    110,000km Northern Ireland

    120,000km United Kingdom

    130,000km ???? who knows :-)
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