Picking my next GSA 1150 or single cam hexhead

Discussion in 'GS Boxers' started by steelerd, Jun 28, 2020.

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    Jun 28, 2015
    Hey everyone hope we are all well decided it might be time to sell the Yamaha RD250C aircooled which if I do will lead me back onto a GSA way sooner than I was thinking of. Just a bit of a weigh up whether to part with it so thought I'd do my research now anyway.

    Previous GSA was a 2014 1200 TE which I loved riding but had some grief with it thanks to a main dealer screwing up. Which was a shame as it's still one of my all time favourite bikes to ride that I've owned.

    After that I had a Vstrom 1000xt then a F800GS adventure bike wise.

    Current ride is a 67' Norton 650ss an a few other classics.

    Been having a bit of a think between a single spark GSA 1150 from a cost and affordabilty point of view + I still love the looks of them or a 2007 GSA single cam 1200 maybe the 08 MU with esa if I could stretch to one.

    I'd love a twin cammer but alas with being redundant the budget wont stretch to that or another water cooled bike.

    I was wondering has anyone gone to a single cam gsa or a 2002 1150GSA from the later bikes.

    If so how are you getting on with them I like the idea of steering clear of the servo assist bikes if I can an the 1150 seems like a good idea with regards to ease of servicing still reading up on the hexhead 1200's.

    Anything to watch out for on the 07' 1200's am I right in saying the 06 are servo assist?

    On the 1150's how are they fairing now age wise still good? At what miles does the clutch need doing on them ? :)

    Thanks in advance an look forward to hearing everyone's opinions.