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Pictures of "It's not 4 sale", I'm going to restore this bike one day!

Discussion in 'Photos' started by MedicAndy, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. MedicAndy

    MedicAndy It's not always easy being me!

    Oct 5, 2015
    Raleigh, NC, US
    We all have heard "It's not for Sale, I'm going to restore it one day"! The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear "It's not for Sale" is usually an older muscle or collector car. However, every now and then it is a motorcycle that catches my eyes.

    Well, I have one of those bikes sitting in my barn! I was going to part this bike, a 1997 Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport, out to sell her of in pieces...., However, a gentlemen out of Australia "Steve" contacted me after seeing the "mostly complete bike or parts for sale", add for this 1100 Sport online, and he stated: "I hate seeing bikes stripped for parts, because as soon as just one thing is removed and sold, it ceases being a motorcycle and starts being just a pile of bits... I have seen too many bikes stripped and now they are irrevocably lost. I was a motorcycle journalist for 25 years, so I get a bit philosophical about what some call "Heritage rape"!

    I thought about Steve's comments, and reconsidered my wanting of parting this bike out. However, I'm way too busy right now to take on another project, but I'm sure that this bike will make a great restoration project in a couple of years from now, so I'm going to place this bike into long-term storage, so that she can see the open roads again one day.

    So show me your neglected, currently unloved, or needing a restoration bike. And tell me why or what it is that makes you hold onto this ride, and what your future plans for this bike will be?

    This is what this 1997 1100 Sport looked like the first time when I saw, bought, and loaded her up to take her home. The pictures are very misleading.... this bike looks like a good rider quality bike, but it's far from it. She looks great from ten feet away, but the looks fade quickly as one gets a little closer to the bike.

    At her previous owners home.

    All loaded up and getting ready to move this ride to her new stable.

    And this is the first picture of this bike taken at her new home. Scenery hasn't changed much, since it's hard to get away from trees when living in North Carolina.......

    Here is a sad picture of my 1997 Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport. This bike has been sitting idle now for a over ten years. (She was sitting under a tarp outside in the woods for seven years before I bought her in 2017). I serviced and had her running perfectly three years ago, which was also the last time that I had her running. Although she needs a full cosmetic restoration, she still has a lot of potential.

    Partially disassembled now with parts of her laying all over the place.... Every now and then I'm thinking of maybe just finishing up the mechanical restoration and leaving her body exactly the way that I found her. Maybe sometimes leaving something that shows how unloved a motorcycle once was could also be the right thing to do..... It's almost that the bikes owner would allow the bike to tell her story..... Something like: I was ridden hard and written off by my original owner a long time ago, yet here I am! I'm getting older, and I know that my body is scarred and dull, and my looks have faded a long time ago; however, my bones and spirit are strong, and I will keep giving all that I have to someone who appreciates and takes care of me....... I know, I know..... It's a little cheesy, but I like the metaphore! :)

    And this is what she could look like, but then again, I already have two perfect yellow 1997's sitting in the stable, so maybe she should be different from the crowed?