Planless on Iceland - revisited

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    Nov 21, 2016
    I was with them in 2018, and had a great time. Chris kept messing with me and telling me all the time that the Tiger will fall apart halfway through, and truth be told we did manage to break the chain guard, but I got even by not having any unfortunate naps. :photog:lol3 There's of course a certain limit how far you can reconcile 'adventure' and 'organized tour' due to their basic nature, but with that out of the way I think Chris does a great job. :) I might go back to Iceland in 2022, if I can get a spot on the special route he is organizing.

    Glad you made it back from Morocco in time. I understand a couple folks had some problems and delays with that one. :/ I almost got stuck in Colombia myself around the same time. Well, in retrospective not really, because there were enough repatriation flights (both public and private) to get everyone who wanted home, and I have folks there I could have stayed with in the meantime; but of course you don't know that in advance ...

    Oh, I can definitely understand that. I found myself going over old photos, and working on a number of trip plans, quite a number of times ...

    Thanks, will do. :) Or perhaps we'll meet 'on the road' one of those days. ;)
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