Planned Alps trip... comments on tracks welcome

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    May 21, 2012
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    I've planned an Alps tour with a GF, thanks for the ideas from Trip Planning.

    Links to Google Maps tracks...

    1 München Ostbahnhof to Lienz

    2 Lienz to around the Sella Group

    3 Sella Group to La Rösa

    4 La Rösa to Landeck

    4a Landeck/Perfuchs side loop

    5 Landeck to Stanzach short way

    6 Landeck to Stanzach long way

    7 Stanzach to Stuttgart

    The idea was to allow ourselves some short cuts and extra roads to use, depending on how the trip goes. We may also take an extra hour to ride into Lichtenstein, just to say we were there.

    Looking forward to any comments, must-sees, etc.

    *.gpx files available by email. I'll post the actual tracks after we return.