Plastic Coating on Pinion

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    Dec 7, 2010
    First time I've posted a question here, thanks in advance for any and all replies.

    Bike is a 2001 R 1150 GS with about 40,000 miles. Completing my first time greasing of the rear splines (along with clutch slave replacement), the spline alignment was giving me a bit of a hassle upon reassembly. I expected a bit of learning curve so was patient, taking my time and not forcing anything. Pulling away the FD to check the alignment after an unsuccessful alignment, I noticed on the nose of the pinion (plain section before the splines) some crumpled up gunk. It looked a bit heavy for lube, and I couldn't swipe it away with a rag. Upon closer inspection it was a plastic coating that had bunched up, keeping the pinion from sliding home into the drive shaft.

    I inspected closely and the plastic coating extends down onto the splines. I did not want to disturb this area, so I carefully cut away the crumpled portion, leaving the splines undisturbed (think cutting away the capsule on a wine bottle!).

    I am not too worried about hurting the bike, as the splines are still covered (clearance not disturbed), but I have not come across any posts about this plastic coating. Do all the rear drive shaft pinions have this? Should I be more worried about the "peeled back" and cut away portion? Can the plastic coating be replaced? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

    Just to clarify, the splines in question are on the "rear part" of the drive shaft. I took a closer look at this part, and you can see a plastic drip towards the U-joint left there from manufacture.