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    This is crossposted from my local motorcycle forum. I am adding some info to help those who aren't local to Birmingham, AL and surrounding areas.
    We have a couple tag games going over on that forum. After doing a little research and seeing that one of the the newest tags was as close as Montgomery (the capital of Alabama), and since I have a lot of extra time on my hands now, I decided to hop on the bike and go get the tag! I packed myself a lunch, grabbed some gas and got on the road.


    Since I had done a fair amount of riding in and around Hoover (a suburb of Birmingham) in the past couple weeks I decided to Reader's Digest the parts I had been riding through and take 65-S to just outside of town and hopped off at the Jemison/Thorsby exit and pick up 31-S. There is something I really enjoy about cruising through small, southern towns. It's like being in a time machine back to a slower paced, simpler way of life. Most of them still have awesome old storefronts and main streets which haven't changed over the years. I keep telling myself I need to stop and explore and maybe someday I will.

    Between towns the roads opened up and I bathed in the green fields and blue skies of rural Alabama. I was really able to stretch the bike's legs and maintain a really good clip making quick work of the distance between home and the tag. Crossing into the city limits I pulled over, mounted the phone on the dash and let google guide me to the Montgomery Zoo.


    The Montgomery zoo looked nice and I have never been but they were closed, pandemic and all, so I will have to go back another time. I set the GPS for downtown Montgomery to find a shady spot for lunch. I stopped in the riverwalk parking area and found some shaded steps to sit and eat on. The classic PBJ, chips, soda and a few Oreos did not disappoint. I took a few minutes to look around but didn't get too far from the bike. I did see this guy though. This is the Hank Williams memorial monument that stands downtown and walking distance from the Hank Williams museum.


    I took a quick look at the digital map to mentally plot my course back taking care not to retrace my steps. I navigated through the city to 231-N and was able to make really good time back to 280-W as there are less towns on that route. I was really able to let the bike sing!


    Jamming down 280_W I took a side-tour through Cahaba Heights (another B'ham suburb) and up to The Summit (a local high-end shopping area and outdoor mall) to grab a new tag. It is pretty much a ghost town right now. Here's an alternate shot that I thought might not make the location obvious enough. This is a smaller version of the Vulcan statue that overlooks Birmingham. It is the largest cast-iron status in the world. He is clad in only an apron and his naked backside looks over the neighboring city. :)


    After that I decided to mosey on back to Hoover but took a couple more alternate routes including past my childhood home and around a small lake near my neighborhood. All in all, I had an excellent day out on the road and saw some cool landmarks and some great back roads. I clocked exactly 235 miles. I hope to keep riding a couple times a week until this mess is over. The situation certainly isn't ideal but I am try to make the best of it. :)