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  1. wrmbrnr

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    Jun 20, 2009
    Hey folks, I run a custom cabinet and general woodworking shop in Olympia WA and I thought I would post to try and scare up some work, the bubble pop heard around the world knocked the wind out of my business and I've been scraping by ever since. I run a "green" business, shop time is $45.00 and hour (compare to $50-$100 for most others) and I put customer satisfaction above every thing else. The link is to my some what outdated portfolio but it gives you a good idea of what I do. Thanks for your time. I also do all phases of remodeling and other general carpentry. Tom. 360-705-8843.
  2. BMWMoto

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    Nov 20, 2013
    Can't post this as a response to the thread sadly but here's a place to meet folks who ride dual sports (and sport bikes and touring bikes and scooters and dirt bikes and sidecars and other weird contraptions).

    <a href="" title="Untitled by jessicadally, on Flickr"><img src="" width="386" height="500" alt="Untitled"></a>
  3. Faustus

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    Oct 31, 2005
    PNW...Motorcycle Nirvana
    Just picked up a nice tire machine to swap tires out of my garage.

    Hofmann Monty 1520emx...oh yeah!

    Anything you've got on two wheels this machine can handle and won't damage your wheels. Harley's, Goldwings, BMW's you name it.

    El Swap-O's moto tire biz is ready to put some new shoes on your ride!:clap

    Bring your tires/wheels to me and I will swap them for you at $25 per wheel mount/static balance plus small disposal fee for old tires and you save yourself shop rates to remove/install.

    I live in Mill Creek but we could possibly meet in Seattle for pickup/delivery depending on schedule.

    PM me for any questions or to schedule service!


    [email protected]


    Yeah I'm a bit out of your way but I have great hours since I swap tires out of my garage. M-F evenings and anytime on the weekends. I am located in the Mill Creek area.

    $25/wheel off the bike for mount and balance.

    Let me know if I can help! Was just out mtb riding at duthie today too bad I didnt see your post and we could have hooked up...



    425-773-9317 cell/txt
    [email protected]

    Just wanted to drop in a post saying that Faustus changed a set of tires for my and his service and communications were EXCELLENT!

    I highly suggest using his service to change your tires when needed.

    Thanks again Faustus!

    A bump for Faustus (AKA Santiago). He put a new PR4 on my Bandit wheel with some good conversation on the way.

    Nice work, I'll be back.

  4. tims01

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    Mar 21, 2014
    Hi all,

    I have been stalking around this forum for a long time but haven't really posted much on here usually just reading the build and bike threads, but i am now on a new adventure and well here goes


    Hi all,
    my name is Tim and i have just stepped out into this big world as a small business. I have been in the community here since 2009 and have been plumbing since 2003.

    I learned my trade in the United States Air Force from Dec 2002 - Dec 2006. when I got out I went to seattle washington and worked as a plumber for a few companies, during that time i honed my skills towards service repair, and remodel plumbing work.

    I service the Clark County area with 10 plus years of experience. Veteran owned and family operated. I am just a one man shop

    I do both Residential and Commercial plumbing. If you have an emergency I can handle it. I am knowledgeable in drains, drips, clogs, water heaters (replacement and repairs), toilets (replacement and repairs), sinks, kitchen and bathroom faucets, bathtubs, rooter service, water pressure adjustment, water line repair, broken pipes, leaks, garbage disposals and more.

    please feel free to visit my page on facebook <------ facebook page

    you can contact me at (360)-524-2771
    or email [email protected]

    or you can find my adds on craigslist by searching my WA Lic # ROWEPPD868J3

    I serve the Clark County area. (Amboy, Battleground, Camas, La Center, Ridgefield, Vancouver, Washougal, Woodland, and Yacolt, Washington)

    I look forward to hearing from you soon

    also mention this add and get 5% off

  5. wsdbikes

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    May 8, 2007
    Pawcassopets offers a special service of pet grooming in your home striving to give your pet the best grooming experience possible. With personalized attention in the environment of their own surroundings the grooming process can be significantly less stressful.
    We have years of experience with all breed bathing and grooming.

    We bring all equipment and supplies needed for your appointment, all we need is a space in your home.

    Providing services from just nail trimming, ear cleaning, pad and sanitary clipping, brushing to full service grooming which includes a bath and style.

    Our pets know when they are clean and looking nice. When pets are groomed regularly they are healthier and happier.

    Visit for an appointment or more information.

    Serving Freeland Wa. and surrounding area.
  6. qvasic

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    Feb 28, 2013
    Any vendors from Seattle area who buy used bikes?

    The situation is: I'm a guy from Ukraine, right now I'm in Florida, I'm going to buy a bike here and in August ride thought all of the US to Seattle. And there I will need to sell the bike before flying back to Ukraine. Obviously, at reduced market price for quicker sale.

    There is a chance my friend will join me, so it can be two bikes, probably DR650, KLR650 or DL650.

    Talk to Dave:

    That's what Google suggested me first, I have already mailed them using their site, but to no response. :(

    Ride Motorsports in Woodinville always has a large supply of used bikes they might buy .

    This looks promising, thanks!
  7. Thinc2

    Thinc2 Paciugo

    Apr 15, 2004
    I live in Issaquah and need to have a tire mounted on my DR650.

    Looking at Google, I-90 motorsports seems closest.

    Anyone have any recommendations on where to get a tire mounted?


    (I know I need to learn how to do this myself, but now is not the time - I'm in between houses and just want to get the bike on the road.)

    I-90 has rates that are competitive (or cheaper than) with other bike shops; Just take the wheel there to have the new tire mounted.

    No affiliation . . . . . .

    Your welcome.:wink:
  8. Thinc2

    Thinc2 Paciugo

    Apr 15, 2004
    Anyone have a suggestion on where I can get a trailer hitch installed on my RX350? Lexus dealer wants a fortune...

    Edit: Sorry - this is Eastside Seattle area - Bellevue/Issaquah.

    I used these guys for an install of a Curt Hitch on a Toyota Venza. The work was sound, and they stand behind their product. Probably not as slick as the Toyota factory kit, though, which usually installs into the wiring harness very cleanly. the Curt kit is pretty basic and runs direct to the battery.

    No direct experience, but I was impressed with what I saw from these guys at a bike expo a couple of years ago. Worth a call, I'd say.....

    You might check with Uhaul. Some of the bigger shops do trailer hitches.

    Just make sure whoever does it uses a harness that plugs in like the Toyota/Lexus harness. I've seen places use scotch locks and it can screw up your ABS, cruise, and anything else associated with that ECU.
    I worked on a Highlander once that the cruise would accelerate then shut off when the turn signals were turned on. ABS light would come on as well and there would be a code stored. It was because uhaul spliced into the rear harness and it screwed with the ECU.
  9. Shocktower

    Shocktower Long timer

    Jul 27, 2009
    Oregon City Orygun
    Bike shipping, I may need to ship a motorcycle to southern California, anyone know someone, here locally. Thank you for all the help

    I might be able to help. PM me the details.

  10. k9companion

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    Apr 30, 2012
    Tri-Cities, WA
    Anyone know a good BMW mechanic around the Tri-Cities area of Washington?

    What do you need done? Possibly one of us local BMW guys could help (as long as it's an R bike in my case). Prosser just got a BMW dealer. I have no idea how good they are.
  11. BlackdogADV

    BlackdogADV Long timer

    Oct 31, 2008
    Puget Island WA, The Dalles OR
    Probably too far for you but I mount and balance tires here in The Dalles Oregon. I charge $20 per tire (wheele off bike). Only down side is you have to listen to my war stories while I'm working.

    I found an interesting shop in Aberdeen that did the mounts and balances for $25.00 ea.

    I assumed he had a machine, but figured out afterward, he did not. A little of the paint on the wheels flaked off from the levers. Other than that, I think he did a decent job. I didn't know he was going to balance them as well. I put both wheels on my static balancer, and they're spot on.

    I'll recommend him if you just cant get the tire done yourself, but if you're particular about your wheels marring, the next lowest price I found was CycleGear Tacoma at $40.00 per wheel with a 24 hour turn around...

    Alfie's "Hobby Shop"
    108 S K St, Aberdeen, WA 98520
    <table class="ts intrlu" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td valign="top"><nobr>(360) 533-6638</nobr></td></tr></tbody></table>
  12. TrailCruiser

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    Jan 15, 2009
    Bend, OR
    I'm restoring a 70's vintage BMW airhead and need a shop to paint my body parts. I live in Yakima but am willing to drive anywhere in Washington or maybe Oregon, or maybe ship the parts. Any experience advice on decent paint shops?
  13. NorWestSuspension

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    Sep 21, 2014
    Hi Inmates,

    I recently opened a suspension services shop here in North Idaho, I am a former suspension tech for Race Tech so I know their product line better then and other shop in the PNW and have brought some new suspension companies into our product line. Regardless if you are a do it yourselfer or someone that just wants it done for them NorWest Suspension can take care of your suspension needs.

    If you know of a bike night that is reasonably local and would like to see a suspension tech at the bike night to perform suspension adjustments then by all means let me know. I have been to the Cycle gear bike night in Spokane and plan on returning later this month.

  14. jtostenr

    jtostenr n00b

    Aug 1, 2015
    Marysville, WA
    For owners of late model BMWs in the greater Seattle area, I am offering basic diagnostic services for a small fee.

    I will provide the following:
    - Read ECU info
    - Read fault codes
    - Clear fault codes
    - Clear Check Engine Light
    - Provide electronic copy of fault codes

    I am only charging $20 for the above services. Any dealer will charge you much more than this and will take much longer.

    Depending on the model, additional services are also available, such as:
    - Service reminder reset
    - Reset adaptation values
    - ABS pump activation for bleeding brakes
    - Many other services depending on model
    - Prices for these services will vary

    Please contact me through the forum if you are interested.

    - Jeff
  15. obrianmcc

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    Jan 11, 2007
    Boise Idaho
    Mike here from OBR ADV Gear. We're located in Boise Idaho (Meridian actually) and are currently focused on US Made soft luggage for "Enduro Touring" .... hope to have some ADV specific gear sometime in the future ....

    More information on our website -

    We also have a running thread in the vendor section ....

  16. FreshBrew

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    May 24, 2015
    30 min east of TSF
    Heads up for the race guys, If you are looking for race gas in Vancouver/portland area we have Trick and Sunoco race fuels. We offer it by the gallon or by the drum. We generally always have a barrel of 114 and 119 leaded fuel in stock and can order 101 or alcohol. It doesn't matter if you race cars, bikes, boats or snowmobiles, we can get the fuel you need.

    Contact me here for our info.
  17. Sancho Panza

    Sancho Panza Thundering Shire

    May 11, 2007
    Near Hood River OR
    I need a good mechanic in the greater Portland area, brake issues and low grade general service on a TDM 850 Yamaha, any leads would be appreciated. If possible a mobile mechanic would be fantastic, bike is in Newberg OR!!! Thanks!!!!

    Mike Cardenas @ Cardenas Motorsports isn't too far away from you in Tualatin...great guy.
  18. Michel77

    Michel77 Island Time

    Mar 11, 2008
    Orcas Island
    Long shot, but anybody making regular trips between Portland and Seattle (or further North, Bellingham/Anacortes area) with room for a bicycle? I'm looking to buy a new bike and all the cool ones are in Portland.. I'd pick up but my KTM is my only transport right now.
  19. xrcrasher

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    Aug 21, 2013
    Portland OR
    Starting a winter restore or rebuild ,
    Moto , Auto, ect.
    Get the cleanest slate available!
    Pick up Delievery ( in Portland metro area )
    We can also hook up your PowderCoat and painting needs with swift reliable services!
    Call or Text
    image.jpg image.jpg

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  20. Hambino

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    Oct 29, 2015
    Portland, OR
    Is BWW of Western Oregon the only game in town (Portland) to get quality work done? Any independents in or near NE Portland?

    Well, if you're still looking (you asked a month ago) Cheshire at SE Division and 50th specializes in BMW's and Ducati's.
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