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  1. fronton

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    Dec 3, 2008
    Boise, ID
    A friend and I are opening a membership based shop downtown Boise where you can work on your bike and/or store it month to month indoors. It will be upscale but affordable and a place for bike enthusiasts to socialize. The shop will have a fabricator and a machinist both on site for hire if you want to do more than change your oil. We'll be hosting shows, rallies, tech days, rides, etc in hopes of becoming the Treasure Valley's motorcycle happenings venue.

    To get in early on promotional use/membership rates, check out the kickstarter here:

    Some of the finer details of the business are still being ironed out such as hours, liabilities, and exact pricing, so we are open to feedback, suggestions, and advice either on this thread or private message. Thanks and please support our efforts to house and grow the shade tree biker community of Boise!

    Fair questions, thank you. Location is on Idaho Street in downtown Boise but the lease won't be signed until I confirm there is at least some market for it. We are not doing this to get rich, just hoping to break even in providing a place for bikers in garageless situations to have a place to securely work in a climate controlled space and bring the local moto community together.

    Attached to the building we are looking at is a motor machinist has been there 40 years. The fabricator is a mechanical engineer who just showed a custom bike at The One bike show in Portland last weekend. Tools the fabricator and machinist include 3 phrase lathe, TIG welder, presses, mills… we may also have the ability to CNC, powder coat and much more but not on-site.

    Memberships don't cost a grand or two, they start at $25 as detailed in the rewards descriptions. What you get or a grand to two could be saving you much more than that if your needs for this type of space are long term. Futhermore, Kickerstarter only charges your pledge amount IF the fundraising goal is met in 30 days. If it is, the shop happens and you get whatever reward you 'donated' for. If it doesn't you are trusting us to refund your money, read more details on their site.
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  2. Hambino

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    Oct 29, 2015
    Portland, OR
    I have some touratech aluminum panniers that need some dents/bends removed and brought back to original shape. They don't need to be 100% back to dimensional spec though. Any recommendations on a shop that works sheet metal in the Portland area? Welding might be required for one of the boxes. Thanks!

    Mason's in Canby might be able to help you out. They have a welder next door that can jump in and help. 503-266-3333
  3. Simonhantler

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    Jun 11, 2013
    Waiheke island New Zealand
    kiwi wants to rent an adv bike for june in the PNW area. any recomendations?

    Try these guys:

    They have a company located inside the dealership that rents ADV bikes. Have fun in the PNW!
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    Sep 1, 2005
    Sunny PDX
    There is a place on Alberta that changed my tires for $20/wheel, unmounted. However, they punctured one of my tubes (I provided tubes and tires) and I had to buy one of their crappy tubes to replace the one THEY punctured.
  5. JayLo

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    Feb 12, 2016
    Seattle, WA
    **Posted this in the official Vendor Thread and then noticed that there was this Regional PNW thread. I'm reposting this here since it really pertains to the PNW and not surrounding areas.**

    I responded to another thread where an inmate was asking for short term storage, so figured I'd introduce myself here.

    With the help of some friends and like minded moto-companies, we are kicking off MotoShed later this week. Website will go live with all final pricing for the communal garage portion, but Storage itself will be $65/month. Unlimited drop off and pick up during business hours. We have room for about 40 or so bikes. We are striving to be open both Saturday and Sunday (as well as "normal" hours during the week.) Feel free to come by and visit, though this week will be a busy one as we have an event Tuesday and need to pick up some equipment etc for the shop.

    We are on the north side of Queen Anne hill at Nickerson and QA Ave N. If you get a wild hair and decide you are willing to work Saturdays, give us a shout about getting involved.

    As for me, I'm just getting the ADV bug and picked up an '85 R80G/S. Stop by and teach me a thing or two.
    [email protected]
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    Apr 30, 2016
    Alberta, Canada
    Fully inclusive packages (and we mean everything!!) and a chance to tour the amazing backroads of Alberta's Rocky mountains
  7. peterman

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    Jan 2, 2006
    Springfield,,,,like the Simpsons,,,orygun
    got a couple guys here, hansi, but I don't know of anyone down your way,,I think Wibby has re-built his dirt-bike forks,,he is GrassPants area.
    Gotta be some ADV family near enuff to loend a hand,, it ain't that hard to do,,the only real rule is keep everything " hospital surgery clean",,sacrifice some old sheets to cover a table for the assembly process,,you can do this!,,,hiya Kate!:wave
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    Oct 12, 2013
    Hillsboro, Oregon
    Not really a vendor, but this seemed the best place to make this not look "spammy." It's a kickstarter to create stickers and patches for all 53 Oregon State Parks. I'm not affiliated with this, but came across it on another site. I like the idea of collecting them as I visit them, and I just so happen to have a bunch of empty room on my panniers!
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  9. dr350maniac

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    Jun 12, 2006
    Spokane, WA
    I'm in the Spokane area, just barely north of town.

    I've been running a part time online business for many years - since 2002.
    I don't have a store, I just run it out of my house and occasionally attend shows and events.

    I carry:
    LED Lighting for trailers, vehicles, RVs (interior and exterior)
    I can get nearly any automotive accessory you'd find online, such as floor mats, performance parts, etc.
    Rigid Industries LED Lighting products and mounting bits
    Lifetime LED Lights dealer

    I also carry LED flashlights on this website of mine:

    Condor Outdoor tactical gear. Their mid-sized backpacks work great for the riding I do. I use their medium modular pack, item # 126

    I'm an Amsoil Dealer - easiest way to get Amsoil products is to use my store link and order on your own. Link is located top right side, in the navigation bar at my website

    My stores:
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  10. F/51 LRS

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    Nov 18, 2010
    I provide a service of sales focused business consulting based on my 10 years+ of sales/management experience. I focus on the SMB (Small-Medium Business) market helping to recruit, train, and develop sales teams.
    I also have experience with building comp plans/programs, managing budgets, and management training.

    The main areas of my focus are:
    -Building a sales force from the ground up.
    -Sales coaching of sales teams.
    -Growing and strengthening an existing sales force.
    -Guiding a current sales force through process reform and skill development.

    In the dynamic world of sales and sales management, struggling to find the proper path can happen to anyone. Contact Evergreen Consulting today and let us help take your business to the next level.

    Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

    [email protected]
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  11. TanukiPDX

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    Jul 29, 2016
    Well what do I have to offer?

    I am an artist, and have painted a couple of motorcycle paintings on canvas lol. I can also paint on bikes and helmets, but I am awaiting a new airbrush in the mail any day now.
    IMG_2409.JPG 6F258A7E-5061-4537-90B2-55564167488E.JPG A0BC5873-E03B-479B-8514-53BFC98E5259.JPG

    ALSO I make some really awesome bike covers. They are prototypes currently, but I will bring one to something sometime to show you all.
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  12. TimTyler

    TimTyler Makes MOTOTREK

    Oct 8, 2011
    Olympia, WA - US
    In search of a small machine shop in the Olympia, WA area.

    I need to add an additional support bracket to a pannier rack. Drilling, maybe a little welding.

    Not concerned about finish. I can buff and paint when I get home.

    Would like to find somebody who's comfortable doing the work while I supervise, but you can yell at me if I get in the way :)

    I had a kickstand shortened and welded at Ziegler's Welding downtown -- I'm happy with that limited work and they have been around forever.

    I work near Capital Machine on RW Johnson in Tumwater. I haven't had them do work but I spoke with a friendly guy there and they usually have a 1950s or '60s car parked out front. That has to be worth something on the credibility side of things.

    Thanks, Gootch.
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  13. Scott_PDX

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    Oct 18, 2010
    Portland...the newer one on the left side.
    I'm not a vendor but just had a good contact with one that I though I'd share. Warm & Safe heated gear in Milwaukie Oregon. I took advantage of their trade up program to trade in my older Gerbing Jacket on a new Warm and Safe one today. The price was good, but the best part was that since they are local, if you call ahead you go right to their shop and try the stuff on to see if it will work for you. And they have an inmate discount (20% ish)!
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  14. RobR

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    Apr 2, 2010
    Helena, Alabama
    Looking for a recommendation for a certified Yamaha shop in Spokane that can do warranty/recall work.

    My buddy and I stored our WR250R's near the Spokane airport after finishing the CDR last fall. Both need the stators replaced due to the recall. Westside Motosports is near the storage unit, but wanted to see if anyone had strong feelings about them or any other vendor (negative or positive).

    I'm headed there in 2 weeks for a work trip and I'd like to get both bikes serviced while I'm in town.

  15. Blissed

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    Dec 6, 2014
    I am looking for a machine shop or steel fabricator in the Seattle - Redmond area (Eastside preferred).

    I need a custom-made bracket for mounting a hydraulic remote preload adjuster on my bike.

    Two potential designs:
    Single stainless steel plate, ~1mm thick, cut, drilled, with one bend, finished.
    Two-piece - solid aluminum machined, U-shaped bracket, drilled, with 4 screw threads cut, finished, ideally anodized.

    I'd provide the technical drawing.

    And as
    Give these guys a call

    Thanks, will do!
  16. rubber_band

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    Feb 27, 2011
    Portland, Oregon
    19 pages is a bear to sort through and a quick search didn't yield anything. My apologies if this has been answered.

    I'm after a good tailor or seamstress versed in motogear; mainly zippers and straps. @Scott_PDX I see you made mention on one in the Klim warranty thread. Is your guy/gal worth a call?

    My wife might have a co-worker with a heavy duty sewing machine who is willing to hem my pants. If not, I'm going to contact who specialize in leather MC gear but also do fabric.

    I’m not sure if you all in the Portland area have a EAGLE LEATHER down there but we have one up here in Tacoma. The gals in there do incredible work. Had my leather pants and KLIM pants worked on and the prices where great.

    Through a contact at my wife’s work, Ive got a master seamstress over in roseway by the grotto lined up for the alteration. I’m going to mark the length myself seated on the bike and drop the pants off later this week. I’ll be back with an update soon hopefully

    That's the recommendation I also received, elsewhere. Keep us posted on how it turns out.

    Seamstress wasn't comfortable doing her first MC alteration so they are currently over at leathersewing.pdx. Expected 1 wk turn around.

    1 week and done. Look completely factory.
  17. dune raider

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    Jun 13, 2005
    Portland, OR
    Any recommendations for a shop in the Portland area who will mount a new set of tires on my BMW R1150 GS Adventure wheels? A friend of mine generously sent me a new set of rubber, I just need to find someone who can mount/balance them without scratching up the wheels. Any suggestions?

    Months later I've got the same issue, needing tires I was gifted mounted and balanced. Did Cycle Gear work out?

    I’ve had tires mounted at cycle gear with no issues.

    Had a couple of TKC80 s mounted on rims from Jim at Top notch service , East of Duvall in the sticks .

    Thanks guys, appreciate the advice. I’ve been traveling for work (aluminum and carbon tube mode) and am now just getting back to getting some new hoops done.

    Any recs for suspension work local to Seattle Area besides Konflict? I'm gathering quotes right now, for some possible tuning later this fall or winter.

    KFG Motorsports in Auburn specializes in suspension work. They service or replace.

    Super happy with the work done by John at MotoPro in Woodinville

    LT Racing in Port Orchard.

    Anyone know reliable shop for doing fork/shock rebuilds in the Portland area? Pro-Motion in Vancouver who was previously recommended is transitioning to a new shop and said they're not taking on new work at the moment.


    Tom Watson in Hood River ... if you get out here much.

    thx! that would work if I can arrange transport out/back, I don't have a truck

    Never used them but I have heard good things about Suspension by Design in Newberg.

    (503) 538-1758

    Kreft in Bend does amazing work. If you’re willing to go to Bend.
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  18. One Fat Roach

    One Fat Roach honey badger

    Mar 23, 2013
    Midnight Madness Sale Saturday March 30th, 8pm to Midnight.

    Helmet giveaways and more.

    Free food and dranks. Plus I'll be wondering around trying to look busy...

    Smokey Point Cycle Barn

    15202 Smokey Point Boulevard
    Marysville WA

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