Points of interest PT # 2

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    I have my Cross Canada route planned out for next year and I'm trying to find additional points of interest for photography purposes, as I am a photographer by hobby and teaching. My journey will begin in Toronto, and take me through to Sudbury TO Sault St. Marie To Thunder Bay. This is the Ontario leg portion of the trip, Now we get to the Manitoba/Saskatchewan portion of the Journey and I'm looking for some spots/points of interests to see in these locations along my route.

    5.Winnipeg, Manitoba
    6. The Pas, Manitoba

    7. Nipawin, Saskatchewan

    8. Prince, Albert, Saskatchewan

    Since, these are the stops on my route if anyone has passed through here and can recommend some great places in terms of scenery to photograph that would be awesome.

    The route I have is several pages long so I will break it down in several different threads but for now I want to break it down according to province and towns/cities and areas I will be going through so that I can have some insight as where to take the best pictures I can along the way.

    Thanks again

    L J R
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