Polar Bears to Penguins expedition

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    Apr 22, 2012
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    Ok I'm feeling really good about this. The "polar bear to penguins" expedition. Starting in roughly one year. Ride to prudhoe bay alaska the top of north america (unless I can find a road that goes further north) turn around and ride continuously to ushaia Argentina the bottom of south america, and to ice the cake hop on an expedition to the south pole while my bike gets shipped home. Maybe try to start securing sponsorship, start working the details, start learning spanish. I also want to set up a nonprofit and start getting pledges for a cuase... say each person pledges on a per mile basis. Maybe something for cancer or feeding hungry south American kids... would be cool to have a cuase.
    I wouldnt mind having a buddy or two for the whole thing or partial. Also if yall want to just start brainstorming ideas of things to do or see along the way, tips and tricks, suggestions, etc.
    Thanks and happy braaaping!