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    This route and track was created by Jan Bennett and posted on Ride With GPS. I have not ridden it but I thought it was worth sharing.

    Her goal was to ride a mostly gravel/dirt route on a "gravel" bicycle across the west following the original Pony Express route (similar concept to the Great Divide).


    I compared her route to Cannonshot's and the two rarely overlap because she takes dirt/backroads as much as possible. His route ends in Wyoming. She continues to Sacramento (in her write-up she ends in San Francisco). Countdown has tracks beyond Wyoming. I did not look at those.

    In her write-up she mentions taking pavement due to bad weather etc but I believe the tracks are all planned/scouted/pre-ridden and not actuals from her end-to-end trip. In other words, the tracks are the maximum gravel plan.

    There are sections she mentions that will have to be bypassed by motos:
    A private ranch in Wyoming.
    Single-track near Tahoe.
    Rail-trail through Sacramento.

    She does not mention it, but she might have used bicycle paths in other cities.

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