Preemptive final drive parts gathering

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    My 2004 1150GS (39,000 miles) has just a tiny bit of play in the rear wheel. It’s barely perceptible but I don’t think it was there before. I change the lube every 3-4K miles when I change engine oil and I use 75W-90 full synth. The magnetic plug shows no chunks but there is a grey “dust” that accumulates on the magnet. Is this normal?
    I would like to purchase the bearing, seal and o-ring now in order to be ready in case of a failure while I’m on an upcoming trip. All of the dealer sites I’ve looked at pretty much tow the line with pricing. Is there a better priced source that still provides a quality product? I’m not opposed to spending money to get good parts, I just don’t want to spend more than necessary.
    Thanks all.
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    Your rear wheel play could be the swing arm bearings.
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    Sounds like your crown bearing is worn. Mine went out on my hexhead at about 50k. Same symptoms. Play in the rear wheel and fine metallic particles in the oil. Try not to take it to the dealer. It’s a lot cheaper that way. But if you do, I recommend removing the FD first to save some money. Good luck. Let us know how it goes.
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    Hands on the wheel around 9 and 3, a millimeter or so of play is normal when cold, should be gone when warm after a ride. You might want to look into the actual bearing replacement procedure. It's not simple and requires careful shimming. Not something I'd want to attempt myself on the road and would not expect to find an experienced rebuilder near wherever failure might occur. You might consider packaging a complete used FD (ebay, and leaving it with someone who can ship it to you if needed.
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    @lkraus is correct about the 9 & 3 play, but that's not the one to be concerned about. It's 12 & 6 that needs to be checked. There should only be just the slightest bit of play, barely even enough to feel when cold. Any more than that and it should be replaced.

    As to the grey dust on the magnet, I'd say that's your sign it's wearing faster than it should.
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    Good Advice. It is what I did to give me piece of mind with my LT. I had a 6 mile reworked FD boxed with a tool or two I did not want to carry and left it with my sister. It would have cost a small fortune to get to me but I would not be stuck.

    Never needed it.
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    The first source of play in an 11xx rear wheel is almost always the FD pivot bearings, pissy tiny little overpriced things, but not a biggie to change, they are not a show stopper, can ride any distance with some play, they won't collapse before you get home. If your problem is the pivot bearings forum member Mothfullofflake makes an aftermarket bushing replacement for the pivot bearings he calls them "Nushings" due to being a bush made from Nylatron. I have a set of these tucked away for the next time the pivot bearings wear out on my 1150. Re the "big bearing" in the final drive, strangely BMW dealers whether official or independent seem to have the best price, it is a very hard bearing to correctly source at bearing shop. From my own experience i'd be suspecting the pivot bearings are your #1 suspect.:*sip*