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    Hey inmates,
    Long time lurker, first time poster. I have had a KLR650 in the past, LOVED it minus the power and the fact that it burnt oil like a mother. I decided I would go and try a more reliable and modern machine and went to the F800GS. Done some pretty good adventure rides through California, Utah, Neveda, and Colorado. The F800GS is GREAT and reliable, however I'm realizing it's too heavy and it's weight to power ratio is lacking for the type of riding I'd LIKE to do.

    I'm pretty convinced i'm going to sell my F800GS and get a 2018 KTM 690 Enduro R. Would like to hear some of the pros/cons, especially involving reliability and problems on the KTM.

    Thanks again,

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    Did you ever figure this out?

    Current 2016 F800GS owner here. Interested in picking up a 2019 690 Enduro when they're released. Not planning on replacing my GS with it, but rather my Yamaha XT250. I would like something much more comfortable on a long highway trek to trails, but only be barely heavier than the little 250.
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    I have an 07 650 Dakar and an 08 690 enduro. I still have both and they are two very different machines. The Dakar has Yz front suspension so it is very good. It is a great bike on road and road allowances. As it gets into tougher stuff it is more difficult. It is capable but it is just tougher. I would say it is very civilized.
    The 690 on the other hand is more of a beast. Not near as civilized on the road. But, when things get tougher, it shines and actually likes to be pushed. I was once on a dualsport ride that had a deep sand section that was a kilometre or so long. There were small bikes lying in the sand and others wallowing through the sand. A guy on a Ktm 500 commented on riding through the sand and saw me blast by him with full luggage on my bike! Many were impressed by the 690 that day.
    As far as reliability, The BMW has been flawless and has required very little attention other than maintenance and valve checks. The Ktm, on the other hand is different. I have spent a fair bit more time on it. Never anything major but mostly preventative maintenance and general tinkering. Cam chain tensioner, fuel filters and some preventive maintenance on pump and injectors. Valve checks are easy and I’ve changed the rockers each season just to be sure .... the latest are supposed to be the best. I figure the cost of rockers is part of yearly maintenance. I figure the 690 is a dirt bike so I maintain it as such and keep and eye on things.