Project: Aux tank for Super Tenere

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    I know this has been covered before but IMO the more info out there the better for the next guy. Also, everyone does it a little different.

    I want an auxiliary fuel tank for 2 reasons. One, I just want to go longer between fill ups. I want to make it all the way through the work week without having to stop either on my way home or on my way to work.
    Two: I have been doing a lot of IBA rides lately and time stopped is time wasted IMO.

    I looked into my options and one of them was WAY over my budget so that was a no go. Beautiful tank, great guy, just out of my price range.

    I decided to go with 5 gallons of fuel and use the JAZ drag race fuel cell
    and I also bought the mounting brackets.

    I got A TON of help for EricV on the ST forum and his help was heaven sent. He was incredibly patient and a ton of knowledge.

    I have seen a lot of guys use aluminum square tubing to make a mounting frame. While that is a great I idea tio save weight and be able to bolt tube thing together I decided tio go with mild steel square tubing. I thought about this for days and it kept me up at night but was my decision. I know how to weld and I am gonna paint it anyway so WTH. I ordered some 2" square and 1"x2" rectangular tubing. Both are only .083 walled.

    While I'm waiting for my tubing to arrive I bought some foam board to figure out my mounting plate. The mounting plate will be 3/16 aluminum 6061 grade. I cut out 2 designs.
    20191102_120434.jpg 20191102_122526.jpg
    I haven't decided which once on going to use yet. Neck I might even change them who knows. It's a good starting point. FYI the aux fuel tank is 13x13" .

    I have a good idea of what im going to do, I think Haha. I do know that I am gonna try to mount the tank with the sump facing my back so I can get all the fuel out of it. I have seen a lot of people mount the tank sideways and have the ball valve mounted so they can open it with their left hand. This doesn't really concern me. I know I can open it if it's directly behind me. It won't be so close that it will bother me, at last that's the plan.

    Anyway, these are my thoughts and plans. They may change so don't hold me to them. More updates as I make progress.