Proven GPS maps of Costa Rica

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    We offer a GPS Map for Costa Rica and the surrounding countries at an affordable price. The Costa Rica map is updated almost monthly with the latest road conditions and points of interest.

    Costa Rica GPS Map

    Here is the update history for 2013.

    Costa Rica GPS Map Update History

    v 5.5 | Sept 2013
    • Added 396 km of new roads.
    • Improved Highway 27 - added interchanges.
    • Added 16 km of oneways.
    • Added name to 71 km of roads.
    • Added more forest polygons.
    • Added Radial El Coyol - more direct route to airport from Hwy 27.

    v 5.4 | July 2013
    • Added 13km of new roads around La Fortuna.
    • Added road names to La Fortuna.
    • Added POI's in and around La Fortuna.
    • Added website, phone, email details to POI's.
    • Added building polygons in La Fortuna.
    • Realigned Lago Arenal shoreline.
    • Improved accuracy of roads around Lago Arenal.
    • Improved navigation.

    v 5.3 | March 2013
    • Added 632 km of new roads.
    • Improved navigation and routing in San Jose.
    • Added roads in Nicoya peninsula near Malpais.
    • Added 85 km of oneways in San Jose.
    • Added names to over 500 km of roads.
    • Added 17 new POIs.
    • Added more buildings, parks, lakes, and rivers.
    • Added Chinatown in San Jose.

    v 5.2 | February 2013
    • Improved accuracy for over 400 km of roads.
    • Added over 200 km of new roads.
    • Added 2 km of oneways in San Jose.
    • Updated airport locations.

    v 5.1 | January 2013
    • Added 1,011 km of new roads.
    • Added 5 km of oneways.
    • Added 147 new POIs.
    • Added more airport POIs.
    • Added roads to Venado, Ciudad Quesada, La Cruz and surrounding areas.
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    fwiw i've seen some terrible reviews of gpstravelmaps.
    that said, the fact that they're on this forum is rather impressive.

    i'm going down there next week and i'm trying cenrut. we'll see how it goes.
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    Hi Terry.

    I always ride without any maps at all, you can use your smartphone to get main locations, and then ask locals for directions.

    Let me know where you wanna go, and I´ll help you out. Mail me (cus I dont check this forum very often)

    Ride On!
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    shwaz, please send a trip report to Cenrut so we can keep improving the maps! (Contact info is on the English page)
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    The A-1 Tourtech dealer in San Jose recommends Navsat for Garmin GPS maps, says it is the best one. is the road maps we use and they are pretty accurate, they are also waterproof. You can pick them up in any tourist town and many larger gas stations.
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    saw your dated post. Having loys of trouble with Cenrut download. Downloade keeps aasking me to burn a disc? Can i not just dowload to mapsource then on to my zumo to a Sandisk
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    You download the actual map file, and just copy it into your Garmin. No need to go through Mapsource. If you need specific help, send an email to the Cenrut site, David will answer quickly.
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    @ppx 2 years later... reviving this thread. Just got on board with the whole GPS thing. Downloaded from the web and uploaded on the Montana. Cannot wait to see if this helps me to get lost less or get more lost.

    FYI Thread instigator: tried to DL the topo maps and got a failure the both times I tried. Expected?
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