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Discussion in 'Americas' started by Guevara, Dec 29, 2007.

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    Dec 28, 2007
    Puerto Rico
    Hi all,

    this is my first post on the site, and I really hope I am posting in the right place. Im from Toronto, but have been riding in the dominican republic (mostly sport) for about 6 years. Im back in Toronto now, and traded my sportbike for a kawasaki versys (hardly qualify, I know, but still, its great fun to ride).

    Now to my question. I visit puerto rico quite a bit, and was wondering if there are any riders on the site from there. Reason is, everytime I go there, I regret not having any friends that ride there, because it seems to me to be such a great island to ride on. If there are any members from Puerto Rico, let me know, I will be heading that way in a few weeks, and was wondering if I should find a place to rent a bike, or maybe even buy one, depending on which is the most financially feasible option.

    Anyhow, even though I just joined the site, I have enjoyed your photos and stories for some time now, and am honored to be part of such a forum. Thanks for the constant inspiration.

    (by the way, I tried the search function, just couldnt find what i was looking for)