Queen Charlotte Islands

Discussion in 'Canada' started by redseca2, Apr 25, 2005.

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    In a burst of "because it's there" trip planning, I seem to have booked round trip BC Ferry tickets from Prince Rupert to Queen Charlotte Islands for me and my GS. This is an extension of my "linger in the all the places you race through on the way to Alaska/Yukon" summer vacation.

    I have three days on the islands, ferry to ferry. Any recommedations about where to stay, things to do, and regular things like that? I tend not to ride muddy logging roads when I'm all by myself alone, so I will have ample opportunities to experience the one paved road.
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    Jan 19, 2005
    Never been there but have thought about it. Take a lot of pics. Like to see what the island looks like.
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    Was there in the summer of 89, spent a couple of months there. Been too long, I'm sure any data I have on places to stay are invalid.

    One thing: On the north island, at the northeast tip, is Rose Point. A t low tide, I used to go out on the sand bar, which went a really long way out. At it's tip was Rose Spit, where the Inland Passage went right by. You could watch the whales from there, without the need of binoculars, though they would be handy for better viewing. Watch the tide! You can get caught out there really easily, trust me.
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    My wife & I did a couple of weeks of sea kayaking there in the summer of '95. Amazing place...I think it deserves to me called the "Galapagos of North America". Lots of Black bears, Bald eagles EVERYWHERE.......Sorry I can't help you out w/ land based adventure, but it's a place we hope to return to someday (soon).
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    please do a report on your trip, the islands are one of my like to see places but most likely won't.
    cheers, ed
  6. I was there in 99, and it's beautiful. There are a couple of motels to choose from in Skidegate on the north island. Keep in mind that the south island is a protected sanctuary and has less accessable roads.

    Ride up the east coast and find the shipwreck in Naikoon Park, which is about an hour and a half of walking along the beach to the skeleton of an old wooden lumber ship that wrecked years ago. It's huge, and there's still a lot of it left.

    The north coast is cool because you can see the Alaska panhandle on a clear day.

    We were there in May, and the Grey whales were returning. You can watch them from the shore, as they swim no more than 50 yards away. The depth drops straight down.

    Finally, the ferry can be very rough, so make sure your scoot is well secured. We took the ferry from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert and then across. On several occasions the ship's propeller came out of the water...and this is a 410' ship!

    Good times, not many Canadians have ever been, so go for it.

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    Look up my little brother in Prince Rpert
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