Question about thin red line vs fat blue line in kurviger pro.

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    Good morning riders! I am fairly new to GPX files and I had a question. When I import an existing GPX file into my kurviger pro app it shows a fat blue line and a thin red line most of the time traveling together but not always. Is The thin red line the actual route that the person took when he created the track? And is the fat blue line the route he is supposed to be taking? This is kind of confusing to me.

    I'm using an Android device and I also have locus pro app but they locus pro app seems to be to carry complicated either that or I'm not spend enough time trying to learn how to use it.

    Any thoughts on this? Thanks
  2. 919nick

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    The red is the imported track. The blue is the route that gets calculated in it's best attempt to follow the red track. Sometimes you have to tweak it a bit so it will more closely follow the track.