Question on passenger travel going south

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    Sorry if there is a better place in ADV R to post but I have a question about where people travelling south down PAN AM toward Panama (4 wheelers) and those looking to be a paying passenger heading the same direction could meet. I know AR and Horizions Unlimited but have never seen this.


    (a) Bill and Shirley (40s) are driving south from El Paso to San Jose Costa Rica, leaving about May 1 in a 4 door Tacoma. Willing to take one passenger for a reasonable fee to help cover some expense. Will be stopping each night at medium priced hotels.

    (b) Roger (55) is seeking travel south to Panama City around May 1 and willing to pay reasonable expense fee and do driving to help out. Can meet at border gateway.

    (c) Julie (62) w/ slight handicap that required wheelchair seeks options for overland travel south to San Jose CR. Can ride in any reasonable sized vehicle. Wants to stay in quality lodging each night that is wheelchair friendly. Willing to pay reasonable fee for travel and assistance.

    Any thoughts for best places to check out and/or post?
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    I'd guess prolly craigslists, facebook or some such?
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    Kind of a neat idea of overland rideshare of sorts.