Quick Trip up Mt. Evans Colorado

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    Jun 1, 2008
    Littleton, Colorado
    Sunday 9/14/08

    Summit Lake

    Looking 90 degrees to the right

    It was a nice ride. [​IMG] It is very chilly up there!

    I got startled on the way up there. I'm cruising about 50 mph on 103 between Evergreen and Mt. Evans Road. On this two lane road (one each way) I think I'm seeing an apparition. While on a left hand sweeper an '8 KLR is a foot off of my starboard stern. I think I'm seeing my differently hued doppelganger in my mirror. I raise my left hand to acknowledge him and he quickly passes me on the right. I never saw him again, he was moving.

    I would heartily recommend Witter Gulch Road. Nice pavement for quite a while, then steep well maintained dirt all the way to 103. Nice path from Evergreen to Evans.

    Mt. Evans road can be pretty daunting. Sheer drop-offs making it feel pretty vertiginous. It is much narrower than I remember Pikes Peak is. You can get through for free or pay $1.50 (half off) to use their facilities (parking lots, restrooms, etc.).

    It was nice putting on some more challenging miles on the bike. My earbuds are working well and my confidence in handling the bike has increased. It is truly a great bike...

    Route 103 Somewhere...