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Race the Ultimate Race

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by jim stanley, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. jim stanley

    jim stanley Adventurer

    Jan 4, 2004
    on the road or better yet offroad
    For those of you who don't know, I run moto tours in South America. One of the things we do is provide rental and support for the Vuelta a la Republica Rally in Ecuador.

    We still have a few spots left.

    This year's rally is October 1-8. All you have to do is show up at least a day or two before with riding gear and a check for $3500. We pick you up at the airport in Quito, Ecuador and put you on a brand new XR650R and provide full support throughout the race- chase truck, mechanic, lodging, breakfasts, dinners, transport, all other logistics. Yes, you must sign a waiver, even in Ecuador! About the only things not included arte lunches, alcohol, or broken parts.

    This is not a kick-your-butt rally like the Dakar or Pampas. It is Euorpean rally format- closed roads, mostly dirt, some pavement and cobblestones. You finish each day at reasonable time and get a good meal and night's sleep- the mechanics may not get to sleep much, though!

    For more info, go to andesmoto-tours.com

    Here is the schedule of events:
    30th Vuelta MOVISTAR a la Republica
    ECUADOR Moto Rally


    E= Liaison P= Special Stages

    Saturday October 1st.;

    Technical and Safety Inspection: MOVISTAR Building Parking Lot, Quito

    Symbolic Start: Av. De los Shyris, Carolina Park

    Super Prime: Tanda – Empresa Electrica (Cumbaya Valley) – Tanda

    STAGE 1:

    Sunday October 2nd.; LATACUNGA – AMBATO

    Tribuna Civica Latacunga, Meeting Point

    E: Tribuna Civica – Coliseo ISLU

    P: Coliseo ISLU – Quinta Locoa

    E: Quinta Locoa – Tribuna Civica


    E: Tribuna Civica – Pujili

    P: Pujili – Camal de Salcedo

    E: Camal Salcedo – Cuchibamba

    P: Cuchibamba – Parques del Recuerdo (Ambato)

    E: Parques del Recuerdo – TV Cable


    E: TV Cable – Totoras

    P: Totoras – _Mocha

    STAGE 2:

    Monday October 3rd.: RIOBAMBA – CAÑAR

    Estadio OlÃ*mpico Riobamba; Meeting Point

    E: Estadio – San Luis

    P: San Luis – Santa Cruz

    E: Sta. Cruz – AlausÃ*


    P: AlausÃ* – Capsol

    E: Capsol – El Tambo

    P: El Tambo – Cañar

    Tuesday October 4rd.: REST DAY 1 IN CUENCA

    STAGE 3:

    Wednesday October 5th.: AZUAY – EL ORO

    Puente Guanguarcucho: Meeting Point - PITS

    E: Puente Guanguarcucho – Casa Flotante

    P: Casa Flotante – Malima

    E: Malima – Zhina (Valle)

    P: Zhina – Cumbe

    E: Cumbe – Portete

    P: Portete – Sta. Marianita

    E: Sta Marianita – Giron


    E: Giron – San Fernando

    P: San Fernando – Leutag

    E: Leutag – Patapata

    P: Patapata – Santa Isabel

    E: Sta. Isabel – Pasaje

    P: Pasaje – Las Brisas

    STAGE 4:

    Thursday October 6th.: GUAYAS

    Club la Costa (Via a la Costa); Meeting Point

    E: Club La Costa – Transvase

    P: Transvase – Las Juntas

    Re - gathering

    P: Las Juntas – Transvase

    E: Transvase – Club La Costa


    E: Club La Costa – Quinta del Lago

    P: Quinta del Lago – Chongon

    Re - gathering

    P: Chongon – Quinta del Lago

    Friday October 7th.; REST DAY 2

    Transfer from Guayaquil to Quito

    Stage 5:

    Saturday October 8th.; QUITO

    Tribuna de los Shyris, Quito; Meeting Point

    E: Tribuna Shyris – Tocachi

    P: Tocachi – Jerusalem

    E: Jerusalem – Perucho

    P: Perucho – San Antonio

    E: San Antonio – Mitad del Mundo


    E: Mitad del Mundo – Calacali

    P: Calacali – Nono

    E: Nono – Av. De los Shyris Quito


    XXX Vuelta MOVISTAR a la Republica

    ECUADOR Moto Rally