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  1. Pyndon

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    Feb 4, 2006
    Somewhere on two wheels!!


    Well, here it is, the long overdue announcement of my next big challenge. I've been planning it for a while as you can imagine but now I can go public. Question is, where to put the thread, Ride reports or Racing :D It seems this is appropriate with a link to the racing thread for the various races.

    So, here goes, this is a very quick overview / launch, more to follow in the coming weeks.

    After successfully completing the toughest and most arduous race on the planet (The Dakar Rally) in 2013 it was time to look for the next challenge. It was difficult to identify what could ever beat such a huge undertaking and still deliver an enormous sense of achievement. What project could I put together that would satisfy my personal ambitions and also capture the minds of those individuals who wish to follow? What would make a great story, tie together everything that I am about, but yet be something like nobody has done before? Many months passed and a convoluted thought process progressed with a lot of dead ends and ‘not adventurous enough’ conclusions but eventually, the penny dropped and the answer was there. Timing is never perfect and big changes are never easy but opportunities that are close should definitely not be missed.

    Expanding my focus from Races to Places I will set off on an adventure like no other. I will leave my place of work after 17 happy years, sell most of my possessions and ride my motorcycle around the world longitudinally and laterally, unsupported. Sticking to the unbeaten track, I aim to travel over 100,000 miles, over 50 countries and cross 6 continents. To make it even more of a challenge, as the opportunity arises I hope to compete in various races in different places on the same bike that I am travelling on. An adventure like no other, Races to Places is guaranteed to be a challenging and life changing experience for me and a fun experience for all of us.

    I am delighted again to be part of the Adventure-Spec Team for this challenge, where there is a purpose as well as an adventure. This time I will be working in partnership with them, focusing my efforts on developing and testing the ultimate gear with a view to provide even more certified Adventure-Spec product to the market for you people to enjoy.

    You can find out more and follow my progress through planning, preparation and the adventure itself at my new blog www.racestoplaces.com, which will develop more in the coming weeks. You can also find me on the usual social networking sources:

    Follow me on Facebook by liking my page: www.facebook.com/LyndonPoskittRacing
    Races to Places blog: www.racestoplaces.com
    Twitter: @LyndonPoskitt

    An adventure like this cannot be rushed, it will not be short and for me it will become a new way of life for quite some time. I am excited to share my plans and I hope you will enjoy being part of it. Standby for some interesting posts including an an all new bike build, it would not be a Pyndon project without that!



    Why I chose the KTM 690 Rally over the Enduro for Races to Place

    Races to Places Gallery Posts:

    Gallery 01 - Building Basil Bike
    Gallery 02 - Basil Stretches his Legs
    Gallery 03 - The ride from the UK to Greece through Europe
    Gallery 04 - Hellas Rally Raid Greece
    Gallery 05 - Greece
    Gallery 06 - Turkey
    Gallery 07 - Georgia
    Gallery 08 - Azerbaijan
    Gallery 09 - Russia (First Entry)
    Gallery 10 - Kazakhstan (First Entry) - Ships in the Desert
    Gallery 11 - Uzbekistan
    Gallery 12 - Tajikistan
    Gallery 13 - Kyrgyzstan
    Gallery 14 - Kazakhstan (Second Entry)

    Gallery 15 - Russia (Second Entry)

    Races to Places Video Episodes:

    Races to Places Trailer

    Season 1, Episode 1 - Building Basil
    Here we see an introduction to Races to Places and what it's all about as well as inside video footage and interviews from my garage back home in the UK where I prepared Basil the bike for the upcoming adventure.

    Season 1, Episode 2 - Basil Speaks
    After a long and arduous 36 hour buildathon in my garage, Basil the bike finally barks into life.

    Special Feature - The Genesis of Basis Bike, the full time-lapse of the build

    Season 1, Episode 3 - Basil stretches his legs
    After hours of building and preparing the bike for this massive adventure, it was time to stretch the bikes legs at Fat Cat Motoparc near doncaster where Graham Jarvis and myself went head to head, not only in a go-cart but also on the bikes!

    Season 1, Episode 4 - The Grand Depart
    After months of planning and preparing for some 24 months on the road, the departure date sure did come around fast and after 17 years of going to work every day and living a relatively normal life, leaving everything behind for 2 years on the road was never going to be easy.

    Season1, Episode 5 - Dust to Glory
    After leaving the UK and riding all the way through Europe to arrive at Nafpaktos, Greece to take part in the Hellas Rally Raid, my ride to finish strategy was blown out of the window when I found myself in the top 10 and pushing for a result rather than a finish. The inevitable would happen, albeit a small fall the consequences were not quite as desired.......

    Season 1, Episode 6 - When in Turkey, do like the Turks
    It really was a whistle stop tour through Turkey but an essential one nonetheless. The trip planning with big brother (Walter Colebatch), the crossing onto the Asian continent and the cultural experiences along the way, here it is.

    Season 1, Episode 7 - Rolls with no holes
    With the border crossing into Russia closed due to a landslide, we were forced to spend a week longer in Georgia in order to get an Azerbaijan visa and take an alternative route into Russia. So with some extra time, we chose to ride off-road across the mountains from the west to the east of the country. Caught out by the back-end of the winters snow fall, we were determined to be the first people across the pass this summer.......

    Season 1, Episode 8 - Don't judge a book by its cover
    As we come to the end of Georgia and cross into Azerbaijan, we were surprised by the hospitality and the amazing off-road tracks available to us. Guns, chocolate spread, sausages and mechanical breakdowns, this episode was full of surprises.

    Season 1, Episode 9 - Pull up and Party, Russian Style!
    Our arrival in Russia was one that will never be forgotten. Picked up by a member of the border police, we were hosted in true Russian style for our first night in this vast country. Through Dagestan and Chechnya we rode some amazing trails and met some amazing people.

    Season 01, Episode 10 - The Cars with no Curves
    We investigate the history of the cars with no curves, an attempt at a little sight seeing proves that Lyndon needs to improve his knowledge of history. Luck strikes in Saratov with an amazing home-stay, an unsuccessful night cruise on pedal power and Basil gets out of his depths and goes for a swim.

    Season 01, Episode 11 - The Travel Companion
    In this episode we introduce Lukas, Lyndon's travel companion for a part of the trip. There's a thunder storm in Kazakhstan, some trading of tyres with the locals and bikes getting thrown on the. Curse words censored!

    Season 01, Episode 12 - Ships of the Desert
    As we bring Season 01 to a close on Races to Places here is a bumper episode including the very remote Aral Sea crossing in Kazakhstan and the shenanigans that went with it. Breakdowns, difficulties with the police, a shopping spree in the middle of the sea, horse meat and crashes, this episode has it all.

    Season 02, Episode 01 - Octane Hunters
    Season 2 of Races To Places kicks off with the Team back at Adventure-Spec HQ getting Lyndon and Lukasz resupplied with essentials for the tough ride that lies ahead. A stressful but successful emergency shipment completed is certainly a cause for celebration!
    The action picks up where it left off with a ride through Uzbekistan. The target for this ride is the Rally Mongolia starting in Ulan Bator in a few weeks time. Once again the guys are welcomed in by the locals they meet and find incredible hospitality in this beautiful country...

    Season 2, Episode 2 - Riding Solo
    In this episode the dynamic duo Lyndon and Lukas part company due to technical difficulties leaving Lyndon to tackle the epic Tajikistan Mountains solo!

    Season 2, Episode 3 - A Wheel that Carries Water
    Lyndon continues his solo exploration of Tajikistan. Carnage in a tunnel gives an unforgettable if scary experience and he meets yet more friendly people to stay with.

    Season 2, Episode 4 - Wetter than an Otters Pocket

    As Lyndon continues his ride through Tajikistan, he tackles a road block, takes out a car wing mirror and gets wet in some fast flowing water.

    Season 2, Episode 5 - Engine Blocks Abandoned in the Rocks. Closing my tour of Tajikistan an episode with more truly spectacular scenery and an interesting encounter with a lone cyclist.

    Season 2, Episode 6 - Boats 'n' Yurts. Including a cool little overview of my favourite country so far, Tajikistan and then more great riding, this time through Kyrgyzstan. Meeting friends, staying with the locals and eating some truly incredible fresh food in the mountains. It really is a whole different world out there.

    Season 2, Episode 7 - Farewell to the Shepherd After staying the night in a Yurt with a friendly Shepherd and his family next to Lake Song- Kul Kyrgyzstan. Lyndon and Lukas pack up and head for Lake Issyk - Kul where they plan to camp next to it.

    Season 2, Episode 8 - Lyndon Goes Nuclear Join us for another episode of RACES TO PLACES where Lyndon and Lukas leave Almaty heading across Kazakhstan. En route they discover a disused nuclear testing ground so begin to investigate!

    Season 2, Episode 9 - Lyndon Goes Nuclear Part 2 Part 2 of Lyndon goes nuclear where the Dynamic Duo decend into a nuclear bunker at Kazakhstan's nuclear test site, a large area of land which hides a sinister past of nuclear testing seriously affecting over 200,000 local people. The day is rounded up with food and drinks at one of Walter Colbach's friends Yana where a hedgehog also attended.

    Season 2, Episode 10 - Road Hogs Leaving their friend Yana in the Altai Mountain range Lyndon and Lukaz will move North East away from Kazakhstan en route to Mongolia they will briefly pass through a Southern point of Russia where they will visit the Denisova Cave located in the Bashelaksky range of the Altai mountains.The cave is of great paleoarchaeological and paleontological interest as bone fragments of the Denisova hominin, sometimes called the "X woman were found here. Two pigs bathing by the road side also catches Lyndon's attention and gives us the name of this weeks show!

    Season 2, Episode 11 - The Russian Ricky Matin Full of onboard action and lots of river crossings, this episode is action packed. Leaving the Altai Mountain range, and heading into Chulychman Valley where I just had to stop and take in the moment, simply spectacular!

    Season 2, Episode 12 - The Super Benyi I treat Basil to some trail maintenance, try out a new machine and get the hammer down, hot footing it across Mongolia in time for the FA Coat International Cross Country Rally of Mongolia.

    The International Rally of Mongolia - Special Feature Length Episode See exactly what happened as the race unfolded. It's been a long time in the making and I'd like to thank Adventure-Spec and Mikey Lonsdale (video editor) for all the hard work and time that has gone into editing my self filming to make this 1hr 36minute special. While it is hard work to capture the moment self-filming on the rally, it's equally as hard to piece it all together and it's taken months of us working together to make it so. I hope this gives you a real insight into what it can be like to race an international cross-country race. Grab a coffee or a beer and enjoy it and if you like it, please do not forget to share it. #racestoplaces

    The International Rally of Mongolia - Onboard Commentary Ever wondered what it is really like to race an international cross-country rally with navigation? Well here is your chance to take a closer look as I take you onboard with me and talk you through some of the key things that can and do happen.
  2. BlockPass

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    Sep 20, 2011
    Scottsdale, AZ
    Fantastic idea, this should be one hell of a ride. Looking forward to hearing about bike choice and planning for such an incredible journey. Thank you for sharing.
  3. The Dogger

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    Dec 29, 2011
    Great Britain

    If you're still in the UK on 18th/19th July there's Dirtquake III , and whatever bike you're on , there'll be a race class for it

    Classes for Choppers :eek1 , Inappropriate Road Bikes , and Street Tracker types


    Good craic , and some interesting characters :1drink

    Cheers good luck ,

  4. GB

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    Aug 16, 2002
  5. Banksbird

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    Oh ya, I day dream about stuff like this all day at work. Looking forward to this ride report, Good luck and safe travels to you.
  6. Y E T I

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    Apr 26, 2007
    San Diego
    :eek1 :eek1 :eek1

    This is gonna be epic!!

  7. Vicks

    Vicks gets stuck in sand

    Oct 4, 2006
    Very eager to see the build.

    Good luck Pyn.
  8. Pyndon

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    Feb 4, 2006
    Somewhere on two wheels!!
    So the bike is now built and I have filmed a complete time-lapse of the build to share with you all. I leave on my trip in about a weeks time. Details of the trip here:


    Some basic bike build details here (video blog to follow!):


    I've never been as busy preparing for a trip as I am with this one, but then again, I've never planned to be on the road for 18 months before :-)

    Enjoy, once I hit the road there will be much more detail.


  9. young1

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    Jan 29, 2007
    Taranaki New Zealand
    When you get to New Zealand we have spare beds here if you need one (live in New Plymouth, west coast North Island).
  10. Vicks

    Vicks gets stuck in sand

    Oct 4, 2006
    Pyn, any reason you have left out the rear cross brace for the luggage racks ? They are quite necessary to prevent twisting movement when loaded with luggage as you know from the 9x0 Adv luggage racks....

    an oh, if you intend to do the AbuDhabi Desert Challenge next April, you're always welcome at my place.
  11. TBR

    TBR One Life ~ Live It...

    Jan 31, 2013
    Cruisin' China since '89..
    Lyndon, have a safe and enjoyable ride, best of luck during Races to Places and get in touch in case you make it to China one day ~ it's a small world...
  12. bush pilot

    bush pilot Long timer

    Jun 23, 2006
    Very impressive bike prep, have ya given her a name yet? La Negra? Night Rider? Black Beauty? Blackie?

    All kidding aside, have a super ride, or rides. If you see me I'll be the guy on a dirty sun bleached green KLR drooling.:tb
  13. JoeyBones

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    Tampa, Flatistan
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    Sep 21, 2003
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    Pacific NW
    I will be following along with much enthusiasm. very nice bike!!
  16. gagnaou

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    FLint Hills
    In :deal
  17. swissarmybike

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    Feb 25, 2008
    Sweet bike:thumb:lurk
  18. zaTTaz


    Jan 20, 2014
    Tāhuna o Te Waka a Māui
    What a trip! Look forward to following :D
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  19. Motorfiets

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    Southern California
    Well?? Saw on facebook you met up with my man Lukas! :clap
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