Raleigh, NC to Logal, UT

Discussion in 'Americas' started by Tsilatipac, Nov 8, 2020.

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    Aug 29, 2007
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    Not an epic trip to be sure but I could use some advice. I'll be riding from Raleigh, NC to Logan, UT during the first week in May for my son's graduation and USAF commissioning ceremony. I plan to make the trip there in 3-4 days so it will be long days of super-slab. I will likely be taking I-40 W. Take I-24 W, I-64 W, I-70 W, I-29 N and I-80 W to US-30 W in Sweetwater County. Take exit 66 from I-80 W.

    I like to camp along the way. I'm looking for recommendations along the route, National / State forests, Parks. I like to be at least a mile from the freeway but less than 30min detour when I'm just making time.

    After a few days in Logan, a buddy will be meeting me and we will be riding up to Glacier, NP. I understand the reservation basically has the East entrance closed. Hopefully that situation will change by then. I know that May is going to be cold and parts of the park will not be passable. Does anybody have experience / recommendations for sites to see in Spring in that area?

    After a week around Glacier, I'll be heading back to Raleigh through Badlands, NP.