Random thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for a profitable motorcycle shop

Discussion in 'Alaska' started by JagLite, Nov 15, 2014.

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    If anyone is seriously interested in opening anything at all in that cabin, or has ideas for me, I am completely open to talking!
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    Here is a good idea, A motorcycle shop that actually cares about customers and doesn't lie to them. I'm leaving the state for a 10,000 mile trip this summer and need to have some maintenance done to my bike that is beyond my skill level, but since I live on the peninsula Fairbanks is a long haul for some bike work. Unfortunately the moto bike shop has treated me so poorly the last couple years it is no longer an option for me. I just had lunch with a friend and we were just discussing how many of us won't do business with them anymore. It is sad since they sell brands that we like and is only 230 miles from us instead of 580 miles to Fairbanks.

    Honesty and having character will bring customers back more than a cafe with girls and place to sit and sip coffee in my opinion. I am all for leaving my money in state with local businesses but not if they don't deserve the business. I will continue to buy online for oil and parts and my next bike will most likely be purchased in Fairbanks or the lower 48.
    We stop at Barbs most times we roll through the big town and usually buy something we didn't even need. Barb and her staff treat everyone right. No ass kissing- just honesty and with respect. I have never left AK leather with a poor experience. I only wish that she sold bikes and had a full service center.
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    You and me, and probably 80% of the rest of us here feel the same way.
    All the other shops could learn a lot from Barb and how she runs Alaska Leather. Two thumbs up and 5 stars for Barb and her crew :thumb:thumb
    If she had a lunch counter I would be there several days a week, and probably buy something in addition to food every visit.
    A few chairs, a couple tables, and even a limited sandwich menu would be brilliant.
    But I don't think there is enough room in the store for that unfortunately.

    Sell bikes? Maybe select used ones on consignment with realistic prices, a few custom bikes on display is nice and vintage bikes would be perfect.
    Buying a dealership is huge money but a shop that specializes in used bikes, buy, sell, trade, and consignments could be an excellent place to stop in and see what's available while eating lunch and buying a few items that we were going to order online...

    A service department? That's a tough one because of the cost to have really good mechanics who actually know what they are doing and care about it means the hourly rate would have to be very high. I do my own work on my bike because of complete dissatisfaction with the dealer service departments. Independent service shops are a tough business to be in.

    Ah, well, "You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one..." :ricky
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