Rear ended at controlled left turn.

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    Hey Neanderthal,

    I crashed labor day last year, knocked out, 3 broken ribs, broken clavicle severely beat and bruised and C5/6 disk rupture. I just realized while reading your account that I had the PBA crying thing. I hid it from anyone and it just finally went away. I get flashes of anger, rarely, and I just push them away, Left pointer finger is still numb. Its maybe 50% of the finger, the end. That has been coming back super slow. Incredibly slow.

    This labor day I was pretty much all healed up and fine! But it was a tough road back. My thing was just a physical pain mostly. I'm okay as far as anyone can tell, only I know I am not really 100% the same. But its fine. 95%

    You are only 7 months into recovering. 6 months in I was still in rough shape. You will get better, slowly, slowly. Maybe you are at 70% now. Take it easy, man. It will happen. It will get better.

    I still have a bit of trouble sleeping. I have been occasionally using melatonin. It works okay. Not perfect, but I get through the night. As I say, I sometimes feel a bit confused here and there like when I am doing spreadsheets at work, but that might be just being age 54....generally, I am fine. I do whatever I want to do, including riding.

    I think you will get there pretty soon, You have to look at it as a road back. A long and winding road back.
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    Yeah it's a very up and down process. Not fun while you're gong through it.
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