Recommend a biek for Puerto Rico

Discussion in 'Latin America' started by matt1833, Jun 27, 2019.

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    I currently live in the USA, but will be relocating to Puerto Rico in about 3/4 months. I am wanting advice on the type of motorcycle I should get. I currently am spoiled and have 2 bikes. A ducati monster 1200s (2014) and a 2018 KTM 1290 Adv R

    Goals: be able to do some trails, narrow enough to lane split, can go up on some curbs for city.

    I'd like at least 500-600cc so I can get on it on the highway if necessary and keep up

    The new KTM 790 Adventure R looks awesome, but the issue is with PR they tack on an extra 30-40% tax on vehicles.

    Any recommendations on used bikes. I am also thinking Honda, but the African Twin is a bit big (it seems) for lane splitting any anything more than fire roads unless you're a pro rider.
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    Congrats on the move! I'm in PR with work fairly regularly, and I'd love to transition down there full time. I'd go for something thin and either not use panniers or use thin soft cases. Splitting is fine, but traffic can be tight. You'll definitely want to get something that can soak up some bumps, as there are some pretty serious potholes, especially on side streets and up in the mountains. Where on the island will you be?

    If it were me, I'd try and find a used 650 or 700GS.

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    Watching this thread closely. I have similar long-term goals bike-wise, and live in PR permanently.

    Where are you relocating to?
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    Just a question...have you been to PR?, crazy drivers, I would not ride a moto if I was in the San Juan/Carolina area. Couple of things's hot! but you need full ATGATT the best you can afford , drivers there are different, no such thing as a "fast" lane on Hi-ways the passing on left does not exist or is not taught, so you get boxed in by slower drivers..Lane splitting..Good luck! It can be a free for all, cars using sidewalks to pass, you do not stop at red lights at night, police always drive around w/ sirens on (I guess so they do not get hit), streams of cars running the red light when the turn arrow is red (general rule 4-5 cars will continue to turn well after the light changes...Local cars resemble bumper cars with dents scrapes etc. Now with all that said it is an amazing country with really great mountain roads and a Hiway the circles the island, stunning scenery and beaches, great food. Max speeds are 55-65 mph..the offroading is mostly ATV's and can be very muddy...I would get a beat up Dr 650..Do not recall seeing any KTM dealers there...where on the island are you living? I go down there at least once or twice a winter (Rincon area). A very skilled rider may make it out OK but the chances your number comes up is much higher there even for the most skilled.***Note: I have not returned since Hurricane Maria so maybe at least the tourist traffic is down
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