Redclay Rally Oct 22-24 Clay City, KY

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    Redclay Rally (4th annual)
    Clay City, KY
    Oct 22-24th

    A TSD (time/speed/distance) format navigational rally.

    Previously exclusive to trucks/4x4s and the overlanding community. We are having a Moto Division and this is the first year!

    Im heading up the Moto side and want to let you guys in on the action!

    We will be camping in a static spot this year (Previously we camped along the routes every night in a different spot) This format will help us riders not have to carry so much gear.

    This is NOT A RACE !!
    It is a challenge of off road and navigational skills.
    For those unfamiliar with this style event, You are provided a .gpx file 24 hrs before the event of the routes planned.
    It is up to you to try and match the undisclosed Pre-ran time for the sections. You will know overall time for the day. Checkpoints along the way will score you. Every min early/late accrues points. Rider with the lowest score at the end of 3 days wins!
    Bonus sections and challenges will award negative points.

    This is not geared towards Novice riders. You are on your own. It will be challenging and long days in the saddle. You will however be rewarded with great scenery, fun routes and awesome people!

    There will be raffles and prizes awarded to 1st - 3rd place. Swag like patches and shirts for the rally will come with ticket purchases.

    The event camping will take place from an offroad park which will also be hosting a Hare Scramble event that weekend. Expect a great time at camp with many like minded people some and some live music im told.

    In the past we relied on ourselves for all food and shelter. Its a self sufficient event. Thats part of the challenge. However this year you can tote in your camp set up and we will leave from and return to the same spot each day.

    Bikes will leave before trucks everyday. In groups (so if you bring your buddies and for time sake) in 3 min intervals.

    Gas is where you find as well......

    Contestants are highly encouraged to camp with the event, no motels and crap....weve had people do that in the past and its really missing the spirit of the rally.....

    The rally has garnered attention from some big names in the 4x4 industry. Im already getting contacted from some people in the motorcycle industry so Im aiming to get some good prize packs together.

    Bikes must be street legal, there are transfer sections. There ARE NOT CLASSES.
    Again, thats part of the challenge. Bring what you think will suit you best.
    Yes, I know a crf300 is easier to ride single track on than an r1250gs.... but you are trying to match the pre-runners time.

    The prerunners bike will be a ktm990 adventure. I chose this as a "middle ground" of sorts. I dunno, dont crucify me, had to pick something I could attain....

    There will be paved, rock, single/double track water crossings etc.

    This rally has been an absolute blast in the past, I am really looking forward to introducing the motorcycle division!

    More Info on the rally can be found at
    Registration is $190 a rider and can be found on the site.
    There will be a limited amount of tickets available for contestants so by all means start making plans! The 4x4 division is almost sold out already!!

    Any questions please DM or find my personal information on my website

    Thanks guys looking forward to rolling out more media and sponsorship prize packs as we gain steam!!
    All the best, Y'all !
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    Hey there! This event has my attention, but I was hoping for a bit more information, if you’re watching this thread.

    Looks like it’s 600 miles over the three day weekend, so I presume we should arrive Thursday and not plan to leave till Monday. Camping is all good for those 4 nights?

    I’ve never done a timed rally like this, but it sounds like I need to get your GPX routes into my device, figure to end at your designated time, and ride the day how I see fit. I’m guessing there is no signage on the route.

    Should we carry enough fuel to ride the 200 mile daily route without stopping? I figure the trucks won’t stop, so if a bike were to run to a gas station and back to the route, they may end up mixed up with trucks. Or does the route go through towns every day, so grabbing gas isn’t going to take more than a couple minutes?

    I appreciate any info you can give. I’m just trying to wrap my brain around everything! I’d hate to register and drive the 4 hours to get there, only to learn I missed something important.
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    Jul 5, 2021
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    Hello !!
    Totally understand!! The first year I competed in the truck side was the first year of the rally and it was a huge unknown for everyone !!

    We will leave out first thing Fri morning ahead of the trucks so arrive the day/night prior, set up camp and hang out with the crowd! Most leave Sunday night but stragglers wait it out till Mon and that's fine. The mileage is approximate and stems from previous years. The trucks just mapped this weekend and they have not reported total mileage as of yet. They are cleaning up the tracks to send to me.

    Roadrunner Magazines editor in chief will be joining me for the pre-run in a couple weeks. From the looks of the pics and videos I was sent, the trucks had a hard time. We are highly suggesting at least 2 winches per tuck team and experienced spotters. Also being prepared to run into the night on a stage. We will see how this translates to the moto division. We expect to be a bit quicker in pace and not have the same hold ups as a 2+ truck team would have. Still some of the ruts/washouts would swallow 40" tires. Gonna get technical...and showcase some beautiful landscapes!!

    You will receive the GPX tracks a couple days prior to the event. This prevents pre-running and or planning. It is your responsibility to load them into your navigational device(s)
    [Redundancy is key you DO NOT want to get lost out in the middle of nowhere with no service]

    You will know overall time the pre-runners took for the day. HOWEVER that's NOT the key to achieving the best times. There are undisclosed checkpoints along the way. You are trying to match our SECTOR TIMES.
    You do not want to miss a checkpoint!! This keeps the competitors "honest" as you cant take short cuts or large "hot lines".

    Fuel: We will pass through towns and have chances to refill. Part of the rally is experiencing all that region has to offer not just the trails. Local business are very appreciative of the commerce it brings to the area. Still, know your bike and make plans. I will be on a KTM990 we all know they get crap gas mileage...Also Florian and I will have to eat and everything at some point during the pre-run. Also help unstick bikes and spot and/or assist each other.

    A bit of advice here is take the time you need, to do what you have to, but make it up in pace when you resume. In the past when I competed in the truck division the co pilot in each rig would feed the driver on route and help keep the team moving. So all meals were preplanned and accessible while moving. If we stopped to use the restroom or for fuel we made it back up. I never placed out of the top 10 so I guess that's a good place to start?

    On the website there is a forum. There is information on there. though we are just starting the building of the Moto side. Email works as well as Pm here on the forum. Any questions ask away ! I'm always here to lend advice. Also if you haven't already look into following @Redclayrally on Instagram as Zach just pre-ran the truck side this weekend and has been dropping little nuggets!!

    Ride safe !