Reinstall 2012 Zumo 660 or just buy a new GPS

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    Dec 3, 2007
    I have a Zumo 660 which I bought in 2012 or maybe in 2011. Has a 2012 map on it. Don't have map updates so I'd need to buy a new map.

    Have had over a year off biking, but a BMW turned up on my drive this afternoon which I need to put a GPS on it.

    I'm in Europe. A map plus speed camera update costs GBP100 and I'd need to buy some more RAM parts although I still have the old Garmin powered mount. An entirely new Tom Tom Rider 550 costs GBP299 including all the mounting gear and power supply.

    I remember 8 years ago when I last updated the map, the Zumo was almost out of storage, but at some stage I put a 32GB SD card on it (I'm listening to 8yo Taylor Swift songs on the Zumo now......). Just want to check:
    - Is the Zumo map update straightforward and can I force the map files onto the SD cars as they will not fit on any internal memory?
    - How does the Cyclops speed camera subscription work? Have never used that before; I previously used a PocketGPSWorld speed camera POI database.
    - Should I just buy a Tom Tom 550 which works out of the box for GBP299 and put the 8yo Zumo on eBay?