Request for a specific photograph at UAF building or dorm room

Discussion in 'Alaska' started by Mastery, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Very unique request here. I'm writing a book about my previous Alaska adventure and I am looking for a specific photo to put into the book. We stopped at the University of Fairbanks place to use their summer dorms when we went up there to go to the Arctic Circle but never got a picture of of the building or any of the dorm rooms I contacted UAF and they are willing to take a specific photo for me but has contracts and stipulations about using a photo they provide. I've got over 100 pictures in the book and managed to get usage from a number of people without signing all kinds of contracts. If the book were to ever to go through a revision, I'd have to then do more contracts.

    With some research, I found out I can use anybody's's a picture of something in the public view, that is available on Google Maps (but I can't screenshot that due to their licensing stipulations).

    I'd like to get photo of the Skarland Hall, Hess Commons, Residence Life office entrance off Yukon drive. Maybe angled to capture that entrance and the building to the right of it, where the summer dorms for motorcyclists usage is. A good vantage point might be across the street near the speed limit sign. If there was a motorcycle or two in the picture that would be awesome...but I'll take it even without bikes. OR....I'd take a picture of one of their summer dorm rooms if you have that from your own trip.

    Anyways...I doubt this book will sell very many copies but it keeps me busy while it's -10 here. But if you provide a photo I will use, I'll be glad to credit your name in the book :D I did find a source that would take a pic and email it...for $100. That's half my book creation budget. I figured somebody has to have a picture of this location or would do it for a lot cheaper.

    I don't NEED the picture...but the two pages I wrote about the UAF experience...has a lot of text and a picture would like nicely right in the middle of it all to break it up :D

    So...anybody have a photo of this place to share?
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    You may have some luck if you go to Google and look at the images not copyrighted of the UAF.

    If I apply the "Labeled for Reuse" filter there are a few photos of the uni. Not many though.

    I'm sure many inmates have taken some shots so you shouldn't have any problem getting what you need.
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    Sure Huddy has some....
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    Nope. Mastery and I have already talked and if I have what he's looking for, then I cannot find it.
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    Look through my ride report linked below. Pretty sure there is dorm room shot and maybe one from the bike parking looking up

    Well hell, ride report not linked anymore. Hold on
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    do you still need a picture?