Requesting suggestions on some Routes - Califronia - Sierras - Carson pass to Ebbetts Pass

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    Hey All!

    MOD - Not sure if this is in the right section... I am a NOOB.

    So I am planning a trip and we are setting off next week. Very excited. Have it all dialed in exept one small part. Id like to cut over from the carson pass ( heading east ) to Ebbetts pass if possible. See the map below.....

    FYI - Three of us, Two r1200gs's and one multi 1000 air cooled.

    Route is all in orange and we are headed east in this section on the carson pass from Mormon Emigrant trail. Id like to find a road (fire road/forrest road type for us 90/10 guys) that takes me in the direction of the red arrows south to ebbettss pass so we can do the back side into the Monitor pass. I had orginally routed down the blue line and it seemed perfect but where the blue line goes blue green it becomes a 4x4 trail that is full of bolders. Now on my 300 Husky I would do this in a heart beat but would like to find a more casual road for us if possible.

    Let me know your thoughts or if its is just not possible.

    Thanks !

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    It’s been a few years. But I would not recommend the Blue Lakes toHermit Valley/4 road. Nothing else on east side cuts from 88 to 4. Too bad you can’t come east on 4 instead of 88. 4 is much more fun and way less traffic
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    I’m familiar with that area (live reasonably close) and have taken blue lakes through recently on a small dual sport and also in a Jeep. It’s challenging to say the least. I wouldn’t suggest any big bikes on it.

    There isn’t anything good that connects the two but 88 to 89 to 4 is a pretty nice ride and a smaller set of highways. It would be pretty fun on a bigger adventure bike. Also Grover hot springs is on that route, could be a nice stop.