Retrieved unlock codes didn't take - new computer.

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    Recently I went to install Garmin programs and maps on a new (replacement) computer.

    Basecamp download - no problem.

    Once Basecamp was installed, I was able to download the last version of MapSource from cnet since I already had a Garmin product installed.

    I went through the ritual of installing maps.

    I went through the procedure to unlock the maps.

    I tried Edge, Chrome, and Firefox and found that the plug-in from Garmin to communicate with the units related to the map unlocks wasn't supported.

    I then used Internet Explorer. Typed "ie" in the search box and it popped up.

    Internet Explored communicated fine with the units related to the locked maps. Each time I retrieved the codes from Garmin online I got a message that told me the maps were successfully unlocked.

    When I went to the software, they were not showing detail and still showed that they were locked.

    I went back to Internet Explorer. This time when I typed "ie" in the search box I paused for a moment to right-click on the IE icon to choose "Run As Administrator".

    When I ran IE as an administrator and then went through the unlock procedure the unlock codes were actually posted to my computer. I got the successful unlock message as before, but the codes wouldn't remain unless I ran as admin.

    After that the maps showed "unlocked" and worked just fine.

    Hopes this helps someone else. :D
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    Cool Bryan, that is just what I have been looking for; well, more like been pulling out my hair for! Now I will have to see, if I can do it. My copy of City Navigator has never been used. You may remember or not that I use MAC, but have a good PC for MapSource Road trip and other software. I will start from there.

    You always are there when needed! Thanks
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