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Withdrawn From Sale Rev'it Sand 3 Riding Suit (Jacket L, Pants Long XL, Back Protector) - San Diego, CA

Discussion in 'Gear: Stuff You Wear' started by BrontideRob, Feb 16, 2021.

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  1. BrontideRob

    BrontideRob Adventurer

    Jul 18, 2020
    San Diego
    Location: San Diego, CA.
    Price: $530- plus shipping.
    Description: I LOVE this suit and it is in great shape. It was used for three weeks while riding the TAT late last summer (See “TAT Tag Team Relay” post under the Forum “Ride Reports - Epic Rides”). I especially like the three layer system, venting, and pockets. It makes it perfect for long rides with widely varying weather conditions. Included here are the REV'IT Sand 3 Jacket (Size Large), Long Pants (Size XL), and RV-05 Back Protector installed in the jacket.
    Shipping: Free Local Pickup. There are 2 boxes. One is 10 lbs, 24” x 13” x 7”. The second is 7 lbs, 19” x 13” x 7”. (For example, shipping to New York is approximately $62.20 + $45.20 = $107.40.)
    20210207_131306_RGB_4117.JPG 20210207_131326_RGB_4118.JPG 20210207_131338_RGB_4119.JPG 20210207_131404_RGB_4120.JPG 20210207_131427_RGB_4121.JPG 20210207_131611_RGB_4122.JPG 20210207_131631_RGB_4123.JPG 20210207_131947_RGB_4128.JPG
Thread Status:
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