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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Infracaninophile, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. Infracaninophile

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    Sep 27, 2001
    Rhode Island, USA
    In about 2 weeks I'll be heading into Canada around Niagara Falls and making my way north and then west to come across Canada all the way to about Winnipeg and then south and back to Colorado.

    We'll be in the car.

    If you've got any good recommendations on things to do along that route please let me know. We're totally flexible on time and direction. Just not sure how much there is to do from Sault Saint Marie and west to Thunder Bay and then more west.


  2. Ontario GS

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    Feb 2, 2004
    Peterborough, ON, CA

    There is lots to offer, Niagara on the Lake - Wine Region, Toronto is filled with things to do, ferry from Tobermory to Manitoulin Island, Agawa Canyon above the Sault (simply beautiful) and then up, down and around bedrock to Thunder Bay. :rofl

    It really depends on what you enjoy. When traveling afar, we always acquire the CAA (your AAA) state travel books and pick out the 5 star attractions that interest us. Have yet to be disappointed...

    If you need anything, just pm.
  3. ZZR_Ron

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    Nov 4, 2004
    Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
    As OntarioGS mentioned, it's all what you like. I think the drive from
    the Sault to Thunder Bay is incredible, other people say it's nothin' but rocks and trees. One thing is, you're not seeing it all on the main highway.
    As previously mentioned, Agawa Canyon is nice, then there's Ouimet Canyon.
    Wander in to Neys provincial park, and the beaches will blow you away.

    Take some of the walking trails out in the Sibley Penninsula, theres some very cool places out there.

    Stop in at Serendipity Gardens in Rossport(an old fishing village) for lunch.
    Well worth it.

    Make sure you see Kakabeka Falls, the "niagara of the north".

    Instead of staying on Highway 17, turn at Shabaqua(11/71), then up through to Atikokan, and from there, take the Highway 622 to just outside of Ignace, where you will rejoin the Highway 17 west. It's a much nicer, and more remote drive. Watch out for wildlife!!!

    (I'm in Dryden , PM me if you like)

    When you get to Manitoba, instead of going directly to Winnipeg, grab
    Highway 44 , just after you get over the Ontario border. It's a more interesting road. Run all the way across to Gimli, stop at
    Chris's fish and chips for pickeral cheeks, they're really good.

    Then head to Winnipeg, although, Grand Beach, or the beaches in Gimli,
    are a good place to spend a day.

    Now, this routing is if you're more into the more remote way of getting there.

    Hope that helps.