Rich Mountain Rendezvous 2019 - 20 Years of Arkansas w00t!

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    Mark those calendars! Schedule that vacation time! Bail on your responsibilities and obligations and all the other un-fun things because

    THIS. IS. FUN!!!
    WHAT: Rich Mountain Rendezvous 2019
    WHEN: September 12-15, 2019
    WHERE: Queen Wilhelmina State Park, Mena, AR
    WHY: Supporting CASA of the Ouachita Region (and it's fun and we feed you as much as possible and... just come on up the mountain!)

    Starting in 1999, a bunch of riders camped on top of a mountain and thought, "Hey! We should do something to help children!" and that's how you get a Rich Mountain Rendezvous. Join us for great riding, excellent food, and above average people! All proceeds go to support CASA of the Ouachita Region. If you're not familiar with CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates, this is a nationwide organization serving children in the foster care system. A CASA volunteer is the voice of the child, giving that abused or neglected child someone to rely on when their whole world is upside down.

    Find us on Facebook, register online at, and come celebrate 20 years of caring!

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