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Richmond, VA -> Naples/WPB/Ormond Beach -> Minneapolis -> home

Discussion in 'Ride Reports - Epic Rides' started by KingOfIthacans, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. KingOfIthacans

    KingOfIthacans n00b

    Jul 17, 2018

    This took me about two and a half weeks total. Day one I left Richmond at around 6:30am and was in ormond by 11pm, having stopped a few times, ate a liesurely lunch, and was slowed by rain. I would have taken more time getting there but rain for the next three days along the coast made me just want to get there to my friends house.

    Going to Minneapolis I went up Alabama and through Kentucky and Tennessee, where I probably had the best riding. After that it was just FLAT and CORN. I also came across the hometown of the creator of Popeye on top of a mountain in Illinois. Ride the Mississippi River scenic highway for a while which was rather misleading a lot of it just seemed to go through flat farmland. The best riding up there seemed to be in the rolling Wisconsin hills and along the river. I seen these cool dams and river locks where ships come through. I kept my eye out for two fellas on a raft but didn’t see em.

    After getting to Minneapolis I rode back through to see Chicago, something I always wanted to do. Listening to Sufjan Steven’s Illinois! Album and seeing the skyline for the first time was incredible. After that I just made my way back through and stopped in Pittsburgh, went to a crazy cigar shop and made it home that evening to my fathers house in West Virginia.

    I think this year I’m gonna head north to Maine or New York. I’m through with the flat lands. Unless I have a destination like the Grand Canyon or the west coast the flats are just such a drag, although seeing the countryside is nice.

    I ride on Arabella, the Honda 2001 vt750dc I bought in high school. It’s my third bike and although there’s many times I wish it was larger for stability on the highway and passing it does everything I need, is simple to work on (even if you gotta remove the fucking valve covers to change the top plugs) and is reliable as a tractor. It’s pulled me and some fat bottomed girls and my friend when he was stranded on the highway no problem and has never left me stranded. I plan on building some aluminum panniers this week and might post the results if they aren’t embarrassing, because the saddle bags I have are ugly as sin and don’t pack very well.

    As for my pack, I use a hammock and tarp setup, although I am considering switching to a tent. My gear is a towel which rolls my clothes up and double as a pillow, TOOLS, a propane burner, utensils, camp sneakers, a can opener, jacket and chaps, rope, knife, bungees, water jugs, and lighter fluid or kerosine or diesel.

    Sometimes when I can’t find a place to stay I sleep behind churches. My logic is sleeping on church grounds is the least likely place to leave you shot for trespassing, although with all the tragedies of people shooting up houses of worship sometimes I worry I’ll be considered a terrorist or something and have swat team called on me.

    Love this forum, it made it possible for me to have a place to stay in Chicago and many other places.