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    I had a seat done for my 1150 GSA a few years ago. Spent the day there. December was a slow time for him. He spent plenty of time getting it right. Rich is a little different but funny. I listened to him and he listened to my needs. Rode out with a great seat. Best single improvement I ever did to the bike. I would go to Rich again. Quality work. I can ride 10 hours a day for 5 days straight and never once think about my ass. Very comfortable.
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    I have had Rich do five seats for me over the years, Rich builds a comfortable, beautiful and expensive seat. You get what you pay for.

    My buddy has a 36 or 37" inseam and has had two seats don by Rich. Both involved moving the seat pocket back to gain leg room. He is happy.

    If you can't ride in to Rich's new shop then take a picture of yourself sitting on the bike with your hands on handlebars and feet on the pegs. Email it to Rich and then call him to discuss what you want done. If you don't like what you hear don't send him your seat.

    There’s my two cents for what ever it's worth.

    Good luck.
  3. Carl Spackler

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    Very pleased with my seat from Rich's. Five years old and feels good as new. Had a fun day hanging in his shop.
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    Rich has built 10 seats for my wife and I. I have finished two Iron Butt Rallies on his seat.His seats have been well represented, as have Rocky Mayer's (Bill Mayer Saddle), and Russell's in every IBR Parking lot.

    I have needed a few post seat adjustments on different bikes over time depending on the bikes mileage.

    I only do ride ins for seats, it is your comfort and air fares are cheap.

    I am tall 6'4' and my wife is short 5'4' so we are both outside the norm ergonomically.

    Rich has built a lot of seats and understands what works, If you have had a seat built by any builder and you don't fit get them to fix it. The inherent problems with not being there for the fittings are obviously more complex if you are outside the norm.

    I have seen seats being built at Rich's were the rider is constantly over riding Rich's design and opinion and those of us in for our 3rd or 4th seat know that disaster is looming. I also see riders who do not take enough time on the test ride, only take one and don't invest in their fitting by paying attention.

    Most of my wife's girlfriends who ride have had Rich do their seats.Women seem to have fewer after fitting issues because they listen, are not afraid to ask for small changes and have frankly more experience getting stuff to fit because they are better shoppers and buyers. These women are all high mileage riders.

    I suggest riding in, getting a room at the Rich's and getting it custom built.

    Speaking of seats two of the pickiest, most demanding riders I know swear by Corbin's ride in service and have finished multiple IBR's on custom fitted ride in appointment Corbins.
  5. Bill 310

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    Dec 4, 2002
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    -1,000 on Rich's seats. I wasted two whole days there (not to mention oodles of $$$) and ended up with a seat that was worse than the one I took in there. It's not even rideable for more than a few blocks. I've met several other local riders who had similar experiences. I've also run into happy campers but at the very least I'd say it's a risky spendy proposition.

    I'd vote for Rick Mayer or Mr. Ed's.
  7. KnuckC

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    I am in the highly recommend camp. Contrary to Str8lin's implication, Rich does send you out to test the seat and does make adjustments based on your feedback. Rich did a great job for me. I suspect that those that are unhappy are those that refused to take Rich's advice.
  8. LongWays

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    I've had a couple of seats done by Rich and would not hesitate to bring in another - which I will be doing shortly for the R100. Expect it to take all day and don't hesitate to tell him exactly what you think/feel about the seat fit through out the fitting and test ride(s).
  9. shu

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    Feb 23, 2010
    I agree. The seat Rich made for my F800ST is the best seat I've ever used. I test rode it numerous times the day I was there, each time I came back in with my report, he made adjustments to the angle, or height or width of the foam. When they finally put the cover on it, it was right for me.

    I made a tour out of getting the seat- rode to Seattle from Colorado to have it done. I don't think I'd send him a seat to work on- the test rides and feedback are what really made it work.

  10. Bbullitt01

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    I am very happy with my and my passenger seat on my GSA.

    I went there without my girlfriend (passenger) and had my and her seat done. She didn't like her fit because she was sliding forward more than on the stock set up. We made an appointment and two hours later and a handshake and we were on our way.

    My experience is that Rich does good work and stands behind his product ... even though my girlfriend wasn't there initially to get a proper fitting, he didn't charge for the alteration.

  11. smoky

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    I had the seat on my 1100RT done by Rich's a few years back, he did a wonderful job, and I loved the seat.

    A month later I did my 1000 mile Iron Butt ride. It wouldn't have been possible with the stock seat.

    My 1200RT stock seat fits my fat ass better, and I continue to use the stock seat. However, I wouldn't hesitate to get another done if needed.
  12. fishkens

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    So, it's settled then: half of All ADVrs should go to Rich and the other half should avoid him like the plague. Now if we only knew which half was which (and more importantly, which half I'm in). :lol3
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    IMHO, the point of this thread is that Rich has a higher-than-usual number of dissatisfied customers, for whatever reason. I'm one of them. I was a ride-in customer.

    He has done three seats for me. Triumph Thunderbird Sport, XR650L, and R1200GS. Only the R1200GS was truly comfortable, and that came with "drama".

    The first seat was for the Triumph. He told me to ride the bike with the new, uncovered seat as much as I wanted to to check comfort. I had him adjust it twice, so that means I rode it three times for a total of thirty minutes. When it came time to pay, he charged me $50 extra for the "additional" adjustments. I arrived at his shop when he opened, but I didn't leave until he was closing. During the day, he did a hundred other things that struck his fancy, many of them appearing to be a big waste of my time. All the while pontificating about his special knowledge and gifts. The seat worked better than stock (not saying much), but didn't look very good on the bike.

    The R1200GS seat looked and felt great, but he forgot to put in the heating element. Thought he was going to go through the roof! Kept trying to figure out how it was "my" fault, so he could charge me an additional amount. The "fix" wasn't as good as it should have been. Removing the leather, and cutting out a space for the pad left a permanent impression of the shape of the pad in the seat. Not attractive for $800.

    The XR650L seat works, but it isn't what I tried to get him to build. Obviously, I wasn't intending to Ironbutt the 650, but my seat looks like I can. He kept interrupting me when I told him what I was looking for, and explained I was paying for "his" expertise. Although it is very comfortable, other dual sport riders look at the seat and laugh. So do I. He shouldn't have put his name patch on it, but he charges $50 or $100 to leave it off. In this case, it is not the free advertising he wants.

    In all three instances, I had ride-in appointments. When I showed up, I was treated like an after-thought. Each visit lasted all day, although I stressed at the beginning I was pressed for time, as I did not want to encounter Seattle rush-hour traffic. The actual build time appears to be about three hours, but his unnecessary delays makes it nine or ten, or whatever he feels like. On one visit, I remember clearly when he stopped working on my seat, so that he could look at Ebay auctions for an hour. Said it was important to his business.

    I've been in sales all my career. There are thousands (millions?) of books and opinions about how to be successful. The one that has always worked fore me goes like this:

    Customers want: a) to be seen b) to be heard, and c) to know what they're saying matters to you.

    Rich doesn't get that.

    Peace out.