Rick's Rendezvous 2013, May 15-19, Hampton, TN

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  1. Cuttle

    Cuttle Seriously?

    May 17, 2008
    12th Rick's Rendezvous

    May 15-19, 2013
    Hampton, TN

    at the
    Black Bear Resort

    last years thread

    What's included?
    Dinner on Thursday,
    Breakfast and Dinner on Friday,
    Breakfast and Dinner on Saturday,
    Breakfast on Sunday,

    about 18 kegs of beer :beer
    plus a t-shirt, mug and sticker,
    door-prizes and a huge indoor area and covered deck (in case of rain)
    $75 - we know it's more than last year, but we included breakfast for 3 days

    let us know if you plan to arrive on Wednesday!

    This includes tents, hammocks, benches, chairs in front of the fire... basically if you spend the night and do not pay for a cottage or RV, you gotta pay for camping. Camping is near the creek $20/person for 3 days.
    Please note: the camping area is for motorcycles and tents only - no cars or trailers please! We do have limited parking for your rig next to the resort, however you will not be able to spend the night in your trailer.
    Keyword: limited - if we are out of parking space, you may need to park at the AT-trailhead and carpool to the resort

    Creekside Cabins:
    Shared Bunk-cabins for 2-4 people. Please bring a sleeping bag, since the cabins do not come with linens (a limited amount of linens will be available for rent). $35/person for 3 days
    Hillside Cabins:
    Shared bunk-cabins for 2-4 people with mini-fridge (bigger then Creekside Cabins). Please bring a sleeping bag, since the cabins do not come with linens (a limited amount of linens will be available for rent). $45/person for 3 days
    Bunk-room for 5 people next to the convention center (pictures see post #). Does not include linens - please bring a sleeping bag. $45/person for 3 days ​
    Camper for 3 people near next to the convention center - with bathroom and aircon. Does not include linens - please bring a sleeping bag. $55/person for 3 days.
    5th wheel:
    5-th wheel for 3 people (1 couple and 2 singles) No bathroom but air-con. Does not include linens - please bring a sleeping bag. $35/person for 3 days.
    Full hook-up spots for $40/per RV for 3 days.
    Since we rented the whole resort as a package deal, we are not able to pro-rate for shorter stays, sorry.
    Off site-camping
    is available at the
    Dennis Cove Recreation Area - approx 1/2 mile of the resort.

    Other random stuff
    We will bring basic tools, compressor, battery charger, tow straps, pickup truck and ramps etc., plus a basic first aid kit, including braces, and some painkillers for the mornings :augie

    Bring your fishing gear! The stream in front of the resort is stocked weekly with trout (we accept bribes in front of cleaned trout :wink:)

    Pets: well behaved dogs are welcome - as long as you pick up after your pooch :deal

    Linens: Cabins do NOT come with linens. There are a limited set of linens for the cabins available for rent - let us know if you need any.

    Showers: the resort has at least 6 showers available and prob a few temporary ones as well.

    Plates and cutlery: we provide paper plates and plastic cutlery. Bring your own if you want to eat in style (and hate waste)

    Fishing: for license information see post 1545

    Parking: there is only limited parking available for cars and trucks (and trailers). You may have to park in town and ride up to the resort.

    How to register?
    Please click on the "buy now" button and chose your option, once you paid, you will be redirected to the registration page for your shirt options - this also includes some kind of liability release, that we need you to acknowledged in order to put your shirt order in (we are sneaky this way). The price includes your paypal fee. If paypal does not send you to the shirt question thingy, just use this link. Please don't order your shirts before you pay... it screws with my head :D

    <form action="https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr" method="post">
    <input name="cmd" value="_s-xclick" type="hidden"> Registration deadline was 4/14! Sorry, no walk-ins at this location!
    <input name="cmd" value="_s-xclick" type="hidden">
    Sign up is closed.


    1511 Dennis Cove Road - Hampton, TN 37658
    do NOT use this address for your GPS - it will send up up the wrong road! (marked with a red X)

    If you are using a GPS set it for 205 Dennis Cove Rd Hampton, Tn. That will take you into town and to the blacktop. Follow the road until you get to the resort. You can't miss it..

    disclaimer: some of the Gravel may be a bit "bumpy"

    Disclaimers :
    We as organizer, provide only information regarding this event. However you join all events totally voluntary and at your own risk. We are absolutely not responsible for things that happen to you, or your gear. Neither at the event nor at the arrival and departure. In case of an accident, damage or loss you and the involved persons are fully responsible to each other. You accept this by registration for the rally!


    BDXMPL The Sheriff

    Dec 27, 2007
    This year's sponsors: :clap

    Some are new, and some are old. Please let them know how much we appreciate their support, by buying some of their stuff, (tell them Hunter sent you).:deal

    Want to be a sponsor too? Send me a PM.


    Wanna help out? Of course you do.

    I need cook's helpers and setup/teardown help. You will be provided with swag that others won't get. Such a deal! Send me a PM if you are up to the task.

    In the unlikely event I don't get enough volunteers, I will not hesitate to recruit some of you by coercion, public shaming, and general harassment.


  3. Cuttle

    Cuttle Seriously?

    May 17, 2008
    Please make your that your shirt size and lodging info is correct.
    f your name is in green, please fill out this form (it's for your shirt size).

    Rick's Family:

    Candy - cottage, M
    Henry - cottage, S
    Maggie - cottage, S
    Kyra - cottage, S
    SprinterRS - creekside 4, XL
    Debbie - creekside 4, M
    Karen - cottage L
    Jim - camping, XL

    Ride Leaders:
    ktmMike, L
    Kyle B - camping, L
    katoom119 - camping, L Wednesday
    strongmendieyoung - camping, XXXL
    knybanjo - camping, XL, Wednesday
    GlennR - camping, L
    advtenn - camping, L

    AVL-set-up/tear down crew:

    kennyanc - rv, XL, Wednesday
    PJ - rv, L, Wednesday
    _anatic - camping, XL, Wed
    HalcyonDaze - camping, XL
    BDXMPL - rv, L
    cuttle - rv, M
    Sean the Man - camping, XL?

    In and Paid list:

    Mark O - Hillside Cabin 7, XL, Wednesday :clap (first sign-up!)
    ToddW - Creekside Cabin 1, L
    Skyclad - camping, XXL, Wednesday
    Diamonddeb - Hillside Cabin 8, M
    cigars&scotch - Camper, XL
    freeatlast - Camper, XL
    Pridmore1 - Hillside Cabin 5, XXXL
    OldBMWMaster - Creekside Cabin, XL
    guitarhack - camping, XXL
    Graywolf - Hillside Cabin 5, XL
    Veesquared - Hillside Cabin 8, M
    BBQer - Hillside Cabin 8, XL
    gspdbill - Hillside Cabin 5, XL
    RetroRider2 - camping, Wednesday, XXL
    Bgdadddy - Creekside Cabin 1, XXL
    trentden - RV, XL
    trentedn - (RV guest), XL
    Pork Butt - camping, XL
    Hutch451 - camping, XL
    Visian - RV space[/COLOR]
    Sallydog - Hillside Cabin 5, XXL
    Boondoggle - camping, XL
    BARCODE - Creekside Cabin 2, L
    rmark - Hillside cabin 7, L, XL
    hscrugby - camping, XXL
    ktrout01 - camping, XL
    Mud_Puppy - creekside 2 - XL
    Gravey - creekside 2 - XXL
    Sangfroid - creekside 2 - XXXL
    6USMC6 - camping, XL, Wednesday
    Muffinmonster - camping, M, Wednesday
    HTSRocker - camping, XL
    Aarrff - camping, XL
    mtngal - camping, S
    JaxObsessed -camping, XXL
    biged242 - Hillside cabin 6, XXL
    big ed 242 guest - Hillside cabin 6, XL
    Syphoon - Hillside cabin 6, XL
    dosveeled - camping, L
    Thumper dog - RV spot, L
    roadragexx - RV with Thumper dog, XL
    spot on - RV with Thumper dog, XL
    Gaston Gagne - camping, XL
    gsweave - cottage, L
    Margret - cottage, S
    tomc407 - camping, XXL
    aceboxer - camping, L
    Turkey Run - camping, XXL
    Mr. Floyd - Creekside Cabin 1, L
    kahodina - camping, L
    barnyard - Hillside Cabin 7, XL
    patches - camping, L
    NC Rick - RV, XL
    Scott P - camping, XL
    x-factor - camping, XL
    gregsbro - bunkhouse, XL
    VStromNC - Hillside Cabin 7, XL
    cledus - camping, XL
    BMW Kurt - camping, XL
    Laconic - cabin, XL
    FluteSong - cabin, M
    Jrjoyce2007 - camping, L
    AlTuna - cabin, XXL
    Mrs.Tuna - cabin, M
    tonusmaximus - Creekside Cabin 1, M
    JonO - camping, L
    Sixkiller - camping, XL
    EvanADV - camping, XXXL
    flashbackmac - camping, XL
    Icecold Dan - camping, XXL
    librarian - camping, XL
    Voluhzia - camping, XL
    zildjian - camping, L
    lgajohnymac - camping, XL, Wednesday
    Roadtrip22 - camping, M
    Bobby Ginger - camping, L
    Bobby Ginger's GF - camping M
    POCO RDR - camping, XL
    1upyorn - camping, L
    future 1upyorn - camping, M
    dbarale -camping, L
    zcajun - camping, XL
    zcajun2 - camping, M
    Paratrout - camping, L
    XCRider803 - camping, XL
    b00t - camping, L - last year as a bachelor!.... just saying
    Hawk - camping, XXL
    HappyCRNA - bunk, L
    Go PD - camper, XL
    BobJinPA - camping, L
    racerron - camping, XL
    Mrs. racerron - camping, L
    bk brkr baker - camping, XL
    Johnny West - Hillside Cabin 6, XL
    MARKNC - camping, XL
    motordude72 - camping, XL
    Meathead - camping, XXL
    H14 - camping, XL
    RedBud - camping, XXL
    RobinBud - camping, XL
    strombony - bunkhouse, XXXL
    RememberTheFallen - camping, XL
    deejmeister - camping, XL
    Duranged2001 - camping, XL
    Blinker152 - camping, XL
    Lori - camping, L
    Ducky149 - camping, XXL
    stevelinc - camping, XXXL
    Boojum - camping, XL
    1MarkA - camping, XXXL
    John Wedge - camping, M
    Jackaroad - camping, XL
    Jake Mountain - camping, XXX
    Mig - creekside, L
    SLiP210 - camping, L
    Land - camping, XL
    phatd 1- camping, XXL
    moto-overlander - camping, L
    RoadRanja - camping, L
    Center-stand - camping, XL
    nod - amaping, XXL
    BTU - camping, XL'
    TravelGuy - camping, XL
    Captain jon - camping, XL
    Mrs. Captain jon - camping, XS
    OldWeeRider - camping, XXXL
    breezed - camping, L
    wattner - camping, XL
    Eickey - camping, XL
    HappyRiding - camping, XL
    Mental GS - camping, L
    Devil Dog - camping, XL
    FeWoman - camping, M
    FeMan - camping, XL
    SquirrelyGrl - camping, S
    #23 - camping, M
    Chris A - camping, L
    Matt S - camping, XL
    Bernie - camping, XL
    Mr. Blank - camping, M
    bandy - camping, L
    bandywife - camping, S
    dirtysouthjacket - camping, L
    dirtysouthpants - camping, XS
    Lippy - camping, L
    sobrider - creekside cabin, L

    other "in-folks":

    Furtledurt (Thursday night only)
    Eddie Bolted - camping L
  4. ktmMike

    ktmMike Long timer

    Aug 10, 2005
    General information about RIDES:

    Ride leaders: Please don't schedule your rides to meet/depart at the exact day/time/place of any other ride (that's chaos). Please pick a SPECIFIC meeting place inside or outside the resort such as "party central" or "all the way in the back" or "the front parking lot" or "the Shell Station in downtown Hampton" for example.
    There are no official rides for the Eastern Rendezvous. We have individuals who go on rides and welcome you to ride along.
    No part of your attendance fee has anything to do with any rides. All riders are responsible for their own actions. Above all, ride safe.
    And this year, unlike Laurel Springs, we have LOTS of ride leaders who live locally.
    Please do not post descriptions of other people's rides.
    Instead, all ride questions should be referred back to this page (page one)
    for the list of ride links which contain all info.


    UPDATED 4/21/13 in order to balance out the type of rides available each day.


    post 32 = _anatic's Buffalo Mtn DIRTY RIDE . . . Thursday 10AM @ party central, pavement straight to all day dirt.
    link= http://www.advrider.com/forums/showpost.php?p=19448872&postcount=32

    post 9 = Strongmendieyoung . . . . . . . . . . . Friday 930AM, meet in front parking lot, pavement/gravel ride.

    post 7 = AdvTenn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Friday 945AM meet in front of tent camping area, pavement/gravel ride.

    post 10 Kyle B . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Friday 9AM, all twisty pavement AND Saturday BIG bike TRAIL ride, meet in front of tent camping area both days.

    post 11 = GlennR's 2 DIRTY RIDES . . . . . . Friday AND Saturday 9am, meet in front parking lot, pavement straight to all day dirt.

    post 6 = Knybanjo's Late Train . . . . . . . Friday AND Saturday 10:30-ishAM meet in front parking lot, pavement/gravel ride.

    post 5 = KTM Mike . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Saturday 930AM @ front parking lot, UPDATE: ALL TWISTY PAVEMENT

    post 8 = Katoom119 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Saturday 10AM @ front parking lot, pavement/gravel ride.

    post 1079 = Fe Man's 3rd Annual Mindless Wandering . . . . . . . . . . when he gets around to it:posermeet in area 52:scratch
    Maybe Friday, maybe Saturday:dunno, but probably Friday, just ask Fe Man when you see him:lol3.


    We also encourage members to explore the area on their own. I will be posting info BELOW :deal on some nearby off-road parks including, Buffalo Mountain and Doe Mountain, for the dirt-bikers with or without trailers (it looks like we will have a few organized rides to this type of destination).

    Directions to Doe Mountain Off-Road:
    Take US 321/67 northeast out of Hampton. Stay with 67 toward Mountain City. About 20 minutes after crossing Watauga Lake, turn right on Harbin Hill Road, and look for Doe Mountain entrance on right.

    Directions to Buffalo Mountain ATV Trail:
    From Hampton, take 19E South a couple of miles. Take Right on 361 about 7 miles to end. Take Right on Okalona Rd about a mile. Take Left on Milligan Hwy a couple of miles. Take Left on 321/67 about a mile. Take Left on 67. Then take 3rd Left onto Sinking Creek Rd to end. Take Left onto Dry Creek Rd 3 or 4 miles to Buffalo Mtn ATV Trail on Left.

    Also, there are 19 miles of connected gravel through roads in the immediate area of the rally site, and from there you will have to hit the pavement to get to more gravel and dirt.

    Check out these links for area attractions:
    Todd's Thread:

    Buffalo Mountain Trails: http://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/cherokee/recreation/ohv/recarea?recid=34966&actid=93++

    Doe Mountain Trails News: http://www.knoxnews.com/news/2012/jun/04/nature-conservancy-and-state-charting-new-path/

    Johnson County/Doe Mountain: http://johnsoncountytn.org/ .

    Mountain Trail Riders Association http://mountaintrailriders.org/


    Some of our ride leaders use the following

    (Thanx to KnyBanjo for his suggestion of posting a single set of standardized rules.
    These rules were developed for rides including steep gravel with 60 - 70 turns.
    YOUR ride leader MAY choose to use these rules, OR his own depending on his route).

    1. Please show up to your ride with a full gastank.
    2. Please show up to your ride at least ten minutes before departure time.
    3. In order to avoid delays during the ride:
    a. No passing others in the group regardless of whether they are moving or standing still. If the rider in front of you stops, YOU STOP WITH HIM. That means that everyone behind you will stop too!
    (Suppose the rider in front of you slows down because his bike is breaking down or because he has a flat tire. If you continue past him, the leaders see you coming and procede further and further from the problem. Confusion like this makes for a long day). If everyone stops, the leaders will return shortly.
    b. If you want to swap places in line, please do so during a stop.
    c. If you want to split early/mid-ride, stop and tell the sweep what you are doing so we don't spend time looking for you (and make sure you have the maps to find your way back to camp).
    4. Ride at your own pace:
    you don't have to try to catch up to riders in front of you. Continue straight ahead. Someone will be waiting for you at the next left or right turn.
    5. Safety:
    Please leave plenty of room between yourself and the rider in front of you. When he has to slam on his brakes, he doesn't need you crashing into the back of him and ruining EVERYONE's day. Also, there is nothing worse than having to change the way you ride all day because of what's going on in your mirror. If a rider keeps getting too close behind you, flash your brake lights repeatedly as a reminder to BACK OFF.
    6. Tire repair:
    a. All riders with tubed tires should carry a spare tube the size of their largest diameter tubed tire,
    (NOT just a tube patch kit, which takes longer).
    b. All riders with tubeless tires should carry a plug kit.
    c. Bring tire-pump if you've got one.
    7. Cash:
    Carry cash for gas please. Rural gas stations often do NOT take credit/debit cards.
    8. No whining.

  5. ktmMike

    ktmMike Long timer

    Aug 10, 2005
    UPDATED 4/21/13 in order to balance out the type of rides available each day.


    (This Spring has had the worst riding weather I have seen in a long time, but let's hope for the best)

    This ride will be all twisty pavement, all day, like this:
    (You may have to wait about 20 seconds for video to appear so you can click on it)


    Standard rules apply. Safety is first.

    Departure: We will leave THE FRONT PARKING LOT of Black Bear Resort at 930am Saturday morning. Be early please.

    Roads: All Twistiest Pavement, lots of hairpin curves.

    Bikes: Medium or large supermotos, adventurebikes, crotchrockets, or any quick-handling sportmotorcycle.

    Tires: Street or mostly street.

    Gas: Please have your bike gassed up before we leave. I think we should be fine if you can go 80 miles or more on a tank. Bring cash for gas.

    Lunch: Please bring plenty of snacks in case we are not in an ideal place to stop for lunch at lunch time.

    Riders, relay-men, & ride leaders with Friday-only rides, please feel free to join me 930am. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

  6. knybanjo

    knybanjo kinda slow

    May 8, 2006
    out in the clover patch
    The Late Train

    Departing at approximately 1030ish
    on Fri, Sat and possibly even Thu...

    Meeting in the main parking lot down by the camp store.

    Mix of twisty back roads and gravel, steep, deep and narrow. Big bike friendly IF you're experienced riding one off pavement and at a brisk pace.

    Standard rules will apply. Volunteers for relay riders accepted.

    I'll be running a spot tracker this year....here's the link that will be active during the RDV.

    I started doing a little scouting for this location back in June. There seems to be a distinct lack of straightaways in the area. :norton

    Scout reports added to and mixed in with all the other crap in my daytrippin' thread

    ...links below to where relevant pics started:

    HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE..............

    ...and of course they ramble on for pages and pages so you can try to sort it out as best as you can.

    Stay tuned.

    ...more details to be added to this post at a later date...maybe, maybe not. :D

    I'm going to go with a slightly more laid back approach this year....both in regards to mileage and pace...maybe.

    Tentative routes:

    Thursday: Lunch @ Hawg-n-Dawg via Beauty Spot TO FROM

    Friday: Lunch @ Sharpie's TO FROM

    Saturday: Lunch @ Farmer's BBQ TO FROM

    *note maps are color coded showing pavement in blue and dirt/gravel in red.
  7. advtenn

    advtenn Long timer

    Mar 30, 2009
    East TN.
    Departure Time: 09:45- In the parking lot, near the camp store.

    Roads: Lots of twisty narrow pavement and gravel.:D Up, down and all around. (I will be riding 2-up and others are welcome)

    Bikes: Any size Dual sport and motard style!

    Tires: The ones with air!

    Lunch: Bring snacks!

    Rules: Please read KTM Mikes STANDARD RIDE RULES:

    Teaser edited by various ride leaders: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=821514
  8. Katoom119

    Katoom119 Mmmm....Orange Kool-aid

    Jun 5, 2007
    Knoxville, TN
    KTM Mike, being our Fearless Leader, has deemed me worthy to lead a ride this year. This could either be an epic experience, the stories of which you will later regale to your grandchildren, or I could end up on your hit list, you'll kick my bike over, say mean things to me and fart in my general direction whenever you have the chance.

    That being said....

    SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY 10:00 por la maƱana at the front parking lot

    The ride:

    It will consist of pavement, dirt roads, small gravel, and then slightly bigger gravel, roughly in that order. I'm going to try and make this, for lack of better terms, an Intro to Gravel ride. There will be the ever present chance to haul the proverbial mail but if you've never ridden on gravel and want to, come on out.

    The bikes:

    I'm going to limit this ride to dual-sporty bikes, meaning you'll need some ground clearance. Some of the roads have rather large rocks and there is one road with slightly deep gravel. If you're on something that doesn't have a skid plate you're going to want to throw the bike off the mountain by the end of the day.

    R1200GS/A and smaller, KTM Anything and smaller :evil, Triumph Tigers and whatever that new monstrosity their coming out with, and any other bike of that style with really any type of tires are welcome.

    You do not have to have knobbies; I could ride this on Pilot Powers. It's probably 75% pavement, 25% off road.

    The requirements:

    I'm still working on how far you need to be able to run between gas stops, but figure on around 100 miles. That'll be a safe figure.

    You must have the tools and parts for your bike, period. See Mike's post about stuff you need to bring.

    If you've never ridden off road, that's fine, I'll be more than happy to teach you. However, you MUST be comfortable on your bike. The reasoning is that if you're still trying to be comfortable on pavement, you may wind up hating life by the end of the day off road. It takes all your concentration, so you shouldn't be thinking about riding the bike; it should be second nature.

    Other Stuff I Forgot:

    We'll have fun.

    The fast guys will go fast and the slow guys will go slow.

    We'll wait on you.

    We'll use the relay system so that everyone can ride at their speed and comfort level.

    We may even find Jimmy Hoffa; there's no telling.

    We will leave at the Black Bear Resort parking lot at 10:00 am. By 10 I mean that at 10:05 I'm putting the bike in gear and saying, "Hey ya'll watch this."

    A preliminary route on Garmin BaseCamp shows the entire trip at 211 miles. This may change depending on weather, speed of the group, and Velociraptor attacks.

    We will stop in some places for you to take pictures of scenery that would lead men to become poets. I think. I'm not a poet. Huked on fonix werked fer me.

    We will pass go. I'm not giving you $200.

    We will be back in time to be first in the beer line. Or, depending on the number, ability, and badass-ness of the group, we can make the ride longer to where we stagger into camp after dark with bikes covered in mud, 1 or more people bleeding, saying "Man you should have seen..."
  9. strongmendieyoung

    strongmendieyoung KLR Lover

    Apr 5, 2009
    The Not Quite Mike Ride

    This ride will leave the Black Bear Resort Parking lot at 930 AM Friday Morning...

    This ride will be much the same style ride as the legendary KTM Mike Rides of the past. Don't expect your leader to have the same skillset as Mike, but do expect plenty of deep gravel, steep gravel, twisty pavement, and awe-inspiring views. EDIT:.......Due to the bad health of my KLR, this ride may be a little more street oriented. I'll be on my bigger, faster bike, which I don't have as much gravel time on.

    The ride will look a lot like this:


    We will not hit the BRP. If you want to hit the BRP, I will give you directions and you can ride 30mph behind a line of mini-vans until your head explodes.

    Ride will follow the rules laid forth above by KTM Mike. We will use the relay system. No rider will be left behind. We will have fun.

    This ride will be small adv bike friendly, big adv bike friendly, supermoto friendly. Tires (or rider capability) should be gravel/street ready. Fuel range should be at minimum 75 miles (just in case). We will use the relay system. No rider will be left behind. We will have fun.

    I will plan on making a couple of gas stops where folks can do things like get gas, pee, grab snacks etc. The ride will be planned to see and ride as much of the beautiful local scenery as is efficiently possible. I do like to eat, so a quick stop at a burger/BBQ joint may be in order, but it will not be top priority. We will use the relay system. No rider will be left behind. We will have fun.

    More later......

  10. Kyle B

    Kyle B "Dirty Jobs"

    Aug 13, 2010
    Lost in the hills of SW VA/ Winter in SW Florida
    Friday - Big Bikes, twisty pavement ride with a spirited pace! NO GRAVEL! (Wimpy bikes OK too. We'll wait for you to catch up at major turns.) 135 miles and about 4 hours. (Short day) I'm thinking it will be early enough to hit Ridgewood BBQ after the ride! Best in the area!

    Saturday - Big Bikes trail ride. We'll try to make it challenging, but will help pick up bikes where needed. It's all about FUN!
    (May even stop for some prime photo ops.)

    9AM departures both days! Meet in front of the tent camping area! Don't panic if breakfast runs late...We'll wait if that's the case.

    Ride trip picture thread.http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=821514

  11. GlennR

    GlennR Chasin' my tail

    Nov 4, 2010
    Sugar Grove or Denver, NC
    This ride will begin at 9:00 on Friday and Saturday. We will meet at the Front Parking Lot.
    {Both days will be to the same area, with Friday being an intro to the trails. We'll ride down the harder stuff before deciding which to climb. Saturday's route will be based on rider input from Firday's ride, assuming we cover most of the mountain on Friday. If there's a lot more left to show everyone after Friday's ride we'll just attack the mountain from a different entrance and keep exploring new routes. }

    This will be a fast paced trail ride for experienced riders on lightweight (under 300 lbs) off-road oriented dual sports (plated), with fresh knobbies or trials tires. (I'd recommend knobbies in case it's wet, which is very likely up here.)

    (Note: March 3rd update below)
    The ride will begin with a morning warm up ride in the new Doe Mountain OHV trails. We'll go directly to the steepest, most technical single track trails there. Be ready for roots & loose soil on the new trails and plenty of chunky rocks on the old hills. Pack plenty of water & snacks for lunch on the trails. We'll break for lunch up by the Kettlefoot Fire Tower, and climb up for an incredible 360 degree view of the surrounding area.

    We could spend the entire day at Doe Mountain, but there's a lot more riding to discover up here, so we'll head "UP". The trails will be rocky, steep, and at times will likely be going through a flowing creek for 100 yards or more....unless the harder route is still open, in that case we'll be riding down the creek instead. ( While we're up there I'll point out a descent which is too difficult for a group ride, but you're welcome to return and attempt it later. )

    If there's any time to kill before happy hour we'll take the scenic ride across the mountain back to camp. Most likely we'll be taking the quickest route back.

    March 3rd update: I just attended a meeting about Doe Mtn OHV and progress has been slow there. Between the wet & snowy weather and normal organizational politics the opening date of early April will probably be delayed. When it does open, it will be a "soft opening", meaning few new trails will be open by then. Also, the daily permit fee is set at $18, which seems a bit steep (IMO), but the annual permits are reasonable at $60.
    I believe Doe Mtn has a lot of future potential, but will not be ready for our rally. Don't worry though...We'll just skip the "warm-up" ride there and head directly to the big hills. Instead of lunch at 3200' we'll be having it at 4200'... :wink:

    I will be going on a number of scouting rides, from now until the rally. PM me if you would like to ride along. If you have the time, that will be the best way to learn the trails I'm familiar with and also explore new ones.
  12. advtenn

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    Mar 30, 2009
    East TN.
    yie yie yie live action!:freaky:clap:deal
  13. ktmMike

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    Aug 10, 2005
    That went fine.
    Thank you all.:clap
  14. Kyle B

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    Aug 13, 2010
    Lost in the hills of SW VA/ Winter in SW Florida
    Good to see you're on board!
  15. Cuttle

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    May 17, 2008

    you guys rock!!!!! :clap
  16. ktmMike

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    Aug 10, 2005






  17. Cuttle

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    May 17, 2008

    and in case anybody does not want to wait as long, we have a small gathering in October in Hot Springs, NC: the Nottarally
  18. LadyDraco

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    Dec 10, 2007
    Some of the best roads in the east..
    To early to tell....:D
    What Spring holds....
    Put HB & LD IN for what else... maybe...:norton :rofl
  19. Al Tuna

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    Moran Nation
    The Tunas are IN.

    Nice team work gettin the in list and ride post in order. :clap
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    I'm a Maybe. My oldest daughter graduates HS in May and I don't know the date yet.