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  1. danbrew

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    Nov 1, 2003
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    I leave for the west coast in a few minutes. I'll post pics and ride tales along the way. Intermediate destination is San Francisco. Then north and eventually over to Glacier NP. I know about Pashnit.com - but it's tough to figure out where those specific roads are without looking at a map. Yeah, I'm lazy...

    Any cool roads in N California that will (eventually) get me from N California through Oregon, maybe Nevada, Idaho and Wyoming? No particular time line in mind.

    thanks - danbrew
  2. jocflier

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    Jul 7, 2001
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    Do not know if you are looking for dirt or not; But here is a nice paved route to think about..

    Hwy 101 north out of San Francisco to Lucas valley rd..Head west to hwy 1 (along the coast ) north..Take 1 north past Forth Bragg back toward the town of Leggett on hwy 101..Go 101 north to #254 Avenue of the Giants..Take that north untill it dumps you back onto 101..101 north to Hwy 36 ( the road you never want to miss a chance to ride on) Go east on 36 to Redding..out of Redding head north on I-5 for a few miles untill you get to Hwy 299..head east on 299 to 139 north..This will take you to hwy 395..395 north will take you into Or..once you reach hwy 20..You can head west toward inland Or...or you can head east toward Id..

    Good luck

    Joc :D
  3. Chonero

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    Mar 21, 2005
    I would second the choice to ride Hwy 36. Goes across the coastal mountains between Highway 1 on the coast and I-5 inland. Cool road.. just watch the hills/turns...you can get airborne easy on some; it is like a roller coaster for miles.

    If you go off I-5 out 97 to Klamath Falls Oregon.. Highway 58 will get you back to I-5 in Oregon. Some good camping around there..

    Thats my two pennies. Have a great ride.

  4. Guaglione

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    Feb 17, 2005
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    hwy 96 from 299 to i-5 is not to be missed.