Ride the Blue Ridge Rally, Morganton, NC Sep. 14-16 2017

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  1. Boatman

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    Mar 9, 2005
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    Thanks,, sounds like we might make good riding buddies,,, we should get together sometime.

    Maybe I'll stop by the event Saturday evening and see what's going on.

    I attended a dual sport ride when I first moved to the area,, it left from the Ingles in Mills River. When I got there everyone was standing around waiting for the "riders meeting" and I tried to make conversation with a few guys but really got the cold shoulder. Maybe because I was on a KTM and nearly everyone there was on BMW. :-)

    Lack of trail riding down here compared to the northeast is really depressing. Up north there are power line trails and class 4 roads.... nothing like that down here. I had a friend in Waynesville years ago that I would visit and he had a bunch of stuff over that way but I guess that has all been shut down now.
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    well i'll probably miss you all. Heading up to Brevard and play to stop over on the way to see if anyone is still around and wants to ride west towards pisgah forest. Plan to hit some river roads and forest routes provided they are open! best way to connect is call me on cell 919 605-4105 or text me a place to meet! again, will be in an adventure riding class (MotoMark) monday and tuesday so that is my destination... this is a stopover warm up ride for me. Can't wait!
  3. BrucePaul

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    Some of the guys are staying at the Sleep Inn, very nearby . check it out