rider database for help on trips?

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    Nov 21, 2004
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    this is probably not an original idea. is there already, or could we create a database of advriders who are willing to help others who are travelling?

    i'm thinking members could list their city and what help there can give. for example: a yard to pitch a tent in; a guided tour of the roads or nightlife in the area, etc.
    not that i want to let you maniacs sleep in my living room all year long, but if someone from the site came to nyc, i'd be happy to show them around.

    has this been done? should it be done?

  2. FormerInmate 081920

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    Nov 16, 2001

    there's a behind the scenes list going. we're not going public with it. all you have to do is if you are on the road and have trouble is call a advrider friend and have them get on line. and the info will be shared behind the scenes via e-mail, PM's and phone calls

    I have 1/2 of it typed up. it keeps dropping off the priority list :lol2 but I have the information from those that have PM it to me. we have the states and canada covered pretty good.
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    Dec 11, 2001
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    This may happen one of these days. :nod