Rider Mode 2-Up Adjustment Challenge

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    I have tried multiple times to go-in and set the DSS for 2 riders (select 2 helmets) in the Urban and Touring modes. I select it, scroll through and select "memorize" then exit. I start-up, select the mode and there is ONE helmet in the display. It didn't memorize.

    My goal was to simply choose 2 rider but leave the settings as default for that given rider mode. Is it not recognizing the 2 rider mode since I don't change out of the default settings in the other elements (DWC, ABS, etc)?

    I have read and re-read the manual and searched only but can't understand why it's not remembering.
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    I assume this is on your MTS Enduro, and I'm not sure if that is the same as the non-Enduro version.

    Compared to my 2016 MTS S, it sounds like you are pulling up the 2 up settings as to how you want them, but you still have to choose that load in the mode you want. I haven't changed my settings lately, but I'd say to check your manual again !

    I need the bike in front of me to be sure I describe it correctly. :shog

    Ok - Menu button - hold down arrow until the choices come up. Press the down arrow until the choice is highlighted, then hold the down arrow in.
    This is done while stationary, and best if no load is on the seat. :lol3