Rider Valley MC, Open House Dec. 8, ABQ

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    May 29, 2002
    Decided this belonged here even though I am a customer, not the business.

    Gino Pokluda used to work as a Programer for Sandia National Lab. He got tired of staring at a monitor day in, and day out, and
    decided to do something related to his passion for motorcycles. (thus making him something of a hero to me)

    His shop, Rider Valley Motorcycles, is on hwy 14, just north of "Coffee at Dawn". Opened Early in October. He carries Ural and MuZ bikes, Twist-n-go scooters, A full line of Gerbings heated gear, Belstaff gear, and miscellanious tools and accessories....he also has a number of used bikes of assorted makes available.
    He's owned lots of bikes, and is very knowlegeable.

    Significantly, he is open every day but Wedensday, so now you know where to buy a tire etc. on sunday or monday.

    He is hosting a holiday open house on Sunday Dec. 8 (not sure about time) free food, special deals, door prizes, etc. If you haven't been to his shop, this would be an ideal chance to stop in and say hello....tire kickers definatly welcome.

    Rider Valley Motorcycles
    12159 N. Hwy 14
    Cedar Crest, New Mexico

    Note: Gino did not put me up to this. If you want to bitch about :spam Bitch at me, not Gino.