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    Mar 10, 2003
    Sydney Australia
    Here's some rides I'll be doing, if anyone wants to join me you would be most welcome.

    20 - 21 August - BMW GS 25th Anniversary Rally

    Yes the bike that started the whole Mega Chookie thing is now 25 years
    old and they are having a gettogether to celebrate. It's at Cundle Flat
    Farm 50km NW of Gloucester on the NSW mid north coast. Im going to be
    there, should be some tasty bikes to look at. Also it would be good to
    inject some HONDA classiness to the weekend .I'd
    like to be there for the bike show on sat arvo so I'll probably ride to
    Singleton friday after work and stay in a pub and then leave early and
    head through Scone and Moonan Flat, then head on the dirt over the top
    of the Barringtons by the tops rd or the Tomalla rd, anyone wants to
    join me would be welcome.There is a flyer with all the info about the rally at ,

    27-28 August - TTT Rally

    Thrasher's Terrifying Trek is on again, Its in some amazing county
    behind Wombeyan Caves approx 200km southwest of Sydney. The roads to the rally are a combination of some great scenic and good fanging dirt roads
    and then about 25km of easy firetrails. FOr Sydneysiders this is one not
    to be missed. The land the rally is on is surrounded by national park
    and catchment area. Its a back to basics rally with a glass of port (or
    more if your game) on arrival and some Pyrotechnics (come along and find
    out) wood and water supplied, BYO food and booze.

    Ride details ; -

    Where: Caltex Servo, Hume Hwy at Casula
    Time 8.30am for an 9.00 leave

    or you can meet us at the shell servo southern side of Mittagong at
    10am or the Wombeyan Caves Cafe about 11.30am

    Photos from previous TTT's at, http://www.craigsinclair.com/ttt.html


    29 - 30 October

    The Oz Adventure ridirs ( OAR ) are having their anual gettogehter at
    the Mulga Creek hotel at Byrock. It's a great pub approx 700km NW of
    Sydney and 100km south of Bourke. There's some great routes to get to
    byrock with some fun dirt. I'll probably leave Sydney on friday and head
    to Coonabarabran for the night, then to Byrock via the Warumbungles and
    as much dirt as I can. The pub at Byrock has a few beds and a great
    camping area, hopefully they'll do a campoven roast for us like last
    year !!!.
    More details TBA
  2. davorallyfan

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    May 2, 2005
    I'll be at the TTT for sure.
  3. davorallyfan

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    May 2, 2005
    [​IMG]pic from last year
  4. OldDog

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    Feb 20, 2005
    Gunnedah, New South Wales
    I'll definetly be at Byrock, in fact i'd say the leglessone and i will already be drunk by the time you blokes get there.............we'll leave the VB for you:D .