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Riding in Finland...or actually a month in Norway

Discussion in 'Ride Reports - Epic Rides' started by MyTime, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. MyTime

    MyTime Been here awhile

    May 12, 2015
    We do like riding in the North, Viivi and I. Our previous 12-part story is here https://advrider.com/f/threads/davás-to-the-north-in-finland-and-in-norway.1415882/
    But now will start a ridereport of this years month in the North, again 12 parts and some extra parts. Each part in a new comment. As English is a foreign language, I will write short and add some pics -if you want to read and see more, there's always link to our blog - it's in Finnish but there is a translator on upper roght corner of each page.

    A month in Norway: Prologue

    We had planned to ride Norway from South to North, which means we should have rideen trough Swede first. Because of the bad Covid-19 situation in Sweden at that time, we had to ride from Southern Finland to Northern Finland, then accross the border to Norway, then South and the back North.
    When riding trough Finland we visited first the Centre of Pessimism in the world, Puolanka and their new House of Pessimism. I guess it's something that can only exist only in Finland... a country that is said to have the happiest people. Of coures we deny it and say that all the other places are better despite any facts.
    The we visited Rovaniemi, which wasn't yet quite opened eventhough Covid-19 was gone at that time (it came back this Fall).
    The to the last frontiers in Kilpijärvi, we stayed in a glass-igloo. During the Summer the Sun dosn't set at all and the light in the night is so beautiful.

    In the next part (part 1) we''l cross the border.

    The whole story and all pics are here: https://www.vanhamoto.net/2020/10/kuukausi-norjassa-prologi-puolangan.html (in case you are an open minded person, please, go ahead and you may open even the hidden pics but if you get offended easily, don't - like in the sauna Finns are usually naked and in our opinion that's only natural)

    Some sample pics here:

    Suomi = Finland, Ruotsi = Sweden



    In Finland we have reindeers, a lot of reindeers!


    The rain got us


    A northern pizza - reindeer and a special northern cheese on it.

    The road to the glass-igloos



    In the middle of the night there was some raining...

    ...but in the morning it was nice to have a cup of coffee and see sky getting blue!